Cde Chinx burial on today

The late Cde Dickson "Chinx " Chingaira

The late Cde Dickson “Chinx ” Chingaira

Herald Bureau
Liberation war hero and musician Cde Dickson Chingaira known as “Cde Chinx” who died last Friday will be buried today at Glen Forest cemetery in Harare.

Cde Chinx who succumbed to cancer a week ago.  He was 61.

Family spokesperson Mr Dick Chingaira (Junior), yesterday said the decision to bury the musician at Glen Forest cemetery was in consultation with Government.

“After consultations with the State, we decided to bury him at Glen Forest and we are on the same page with the State,” he said.

Cde Chinx joined the liberation struggle in Mozambique in 1975, where he led the Zanla Choir.

Music played a crucial role in the fight against the brutal Rhodesian regime led by Ian Douglas Smith as it mobilised people on the cause to prosecute the war.

It inspired guerillas and the masses into successfully waging a war against the Rhodesians. Through music, Cde Chinx protested the brutality of the Rhodesian regime while motivating the oppressed blacks to take arms and fight the injustice.

Even after independence, Cde Chinx actively participated in the decolonisation of Zimbabwe during the Third Chimurenga (Hondo Yeminda) when Government embarked on the land reform programme.

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  • abbie makiwa

    It is really embarrasing to note that with all the praises and positives that come from all the people of zimbabwe,the supreme body of the party has thought it wise to declare Cde Chinx a Liberation War Hero.Surely among those that are in government at the moment,how many have been to the struggle earlier than Cde Chinx except a handful of them.Its only a few that are in the government who could talk more about the liberation struggle otherwise they all belong to the young generation who only assumed the names comrade after people like Cde Chinx had brought the country from the colonial regime.

    Rest in Peace Comrade.

    • Ntulo

      Kkkk but bafo lesicamarada yiso esabulala ilizwe . When l hear about warvets l want to vomit coz lezinja nopatron wabo yibo ababulala ilizwe

  • Ngwenya

    The truth be told most of the so called war verts are only what they say,Cde Chinx we have footage to show without any doubt that he is for real.Hameno kana Politiburo ine zvimwe zvavaka svora .But above all Zimbabwe has once again missed an opportunity to honour one of its true gallant son.Its also a rude reminder that some of those who are sitting in meetings deciding the fate of others might themselves fail to be given even the most basic recognition when their time comes.

    • DeTroy

      Well said Cde.

  • 1975

    Zanu-pf made a big mistake by categorizing the burial status of all the gallant fighters of the liberation struggle. there is no such thing as a provincial hero. that is nonsense at its highest level. every woman and man that fought for our freedom and for zimbabwe to be free is a national hero/ heroin. whoever coined the titles provincial or national hero surely made one of the biggest mistakes in zimbabwean history and such a person or persons does/do not respect the sacrifices made the gallant fighters. As for me all the people that brought about the freedom of this country by engaging in battle with the rhodesian forces is a national hero. when the war ended the ones that were never in the battle front now want to call themselves national heroes shame on you mugabe and your rotten zanu pf for failing to accord all the gallant fighters their rightful status and that status is they are all NATIONAL HEROES.