Dokora to wield axe on headmasters

Dr Lazarus Dokora

Dr Lazarus Dokora

Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief
THE Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Lazarus Dokora has said his Ministry will wield the axe on headmasters whose schools have recorded zero percent pass rates in public examinations.

In an interview on the side-lines of the commissioning of a Form Three classroom block and the donation of 22 000 books worth $10 000 to Sarah Bata Senior School in Gweru yesterday, Dr Dokora said Government does not employ people to underperform.

The Minister also said those who have been abusing school funds would be dealt with.

“We have schools that have recorded zero percent pass rates in Zimsec examinations both primary and secondary. We are very worried about that and as a ministry we want to warn such school heads that they risk being either demoted or even fired for poor performance.

“We don’t employ people to underperform and it is important for these headmasters to start working hard to improve results or risk being demoted or fired, “ he said.

Dr Dokora said headmasters involved in maladministration and embezzlement of school funds also risk being fired.

He said the ministry was worried that most of the schoolheads embezzling schools funds were  acting.

“There are more than 8 000 headmasters in Government schools and about half of them are acting. Most of these acting school heads are the ones embezzling school funds,” he said.

Dr Dokora said some of the culprits had been fired while others were facing disciplinary hearings following audits at their schools.

He said because of bottlenecks in the promotion of headmasters, his ministry was now forced to take back retired school heads.

“Our system and its promotion mechanisms are not keeping pace with some of the realities on the ground. There is a need to speed up the process of confirming those that qualify for promotions,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Dokora took a swipe at people he said were abusing social media to criticise him.

“This is not new (selling goats and cattle to pay fees). Our parents used to sell cattle to send us to school. What is so unusual about selling goats to send your child to school? This is not extremely exotic to our societies we have been doing that. Now the social media is now awash with cartoons of me and my long beard,” he said.

The Minister said people were also crticising the new curriculum on social media .

“They are asking why we introduced the new curriculum but we don’t run ministries or the country on social media. We are practical people. People spend so much time on social media and by so doing one becomes disconnected to the reality of what is happening in the environs,” he said.


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  • Doctor Do little

    Really Minister? People that sell stuff sell it for money and they use it for what they need. The statements that came out in the papers was that people could now pay their school fees in goats. Now if the shops introduce a similar policy can you imagine people dragging their goats to TM Hyper and using them to purchase groceries? Preposterous.

    • Zuze

      T.M Hyper would have to change from tills to kraals KKKKKKKK.

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    • Zuze

      I really wonder if you pay advertising costs for this platform which is for discussions and comments. Someone is sleeping at the Chronicle.

      • Dr Fayke Phd

        I think she saw Dokora’s picture and thought it was an Islamic platform Kikikikikiki

        • Peace


      • Jojochenjera

        You’re correct. The Chronicle censors a lot of my comments, but this scam artist gets free advertising on a daily basis.

    • Jojochenjera

      Strange that a Muslim is ‘getting’ a loan from a supposed Christian company. Needless to say, this a scam from the last century.

  • Giyani Giyani

    Does someone know the principle of variables here?That you can control some and others are not controllable in pursuit of one’s desired goals?Is basic infrastructure ,for example ,standardized for all schools to perform equally?
    And ,secondly ,why stigmatize people in acting capacities as non-performers when these very papers have reported of massive maladministration by people in substantive posting?
    Lastly,if the promotion matrix is complex when do you begin to start engaging on its simplification?Another 37 years?
    Assist on strategies to rebuild the economy in the absence of archaic political rhetoric and people will be too willing to pay school fees in cash.Livestock are for other purposes ,not wholesome sale for school fees purposes.Selling should be a choice,and not a requirement.
    Akeni sibe serious ,kukhulume inkalipho hatshi izikhundla.

  • makhosi

    Dokora you wield that axe, then you promote exam leaks. mark my word.

  • Bongani

    This guy talks a lot of nonsense. I wonder where he was educated. If a holder of a Doctorate is actually an idiot, no wonder he can’t get even a teaching job in any 1st world country. Too many idiots are running around with advanced degrees yet they cannot produce any tangible product or system. They are just as good as the so called uneducated man on the streets. Implementation of policies is actually out of his depth. The only thing he can do is shout a lot of meaningless and ill-conceived and irrational threats.

  • Jojochenjera

    The Mullah strikes again.

  • martin makanza

    Doc Dokora you are not serious with your axing threat, are you? First find out the reasons behind the poor results, it might turn out to be your fault after all. The solution is not in axing it is in appointing the right people and giving them the tools to do the job because one text book per multiple pupils is a recipe for disaster. This in itself might not be enough if teachers are going to spend hundreds of teaching manhours standing in bank ques to collect their inadequate pay and it takes them more than one bank visit to do so. Your perm sec recently threatened to close under subscribed schools in Matebeland South because of viability problems. Matebeland has always been sparsely populated and even the horrible white men left these undersubscribed schools running. You were recently reported to have encouraged parents to pay school fees in goats. Did you go to the same post graduate school with a Dr Made and are you in anyway related to one Donald Trump of the USA? His gaffe is similar to yours, it might be hereditary. Next time you address a gathering get someone more mature than yourself to write you your speech and stick to the script. Always remember that not everyone at these school events is a “pikinini” so keep your cool head.