Farm houses attract rentals

From George Maponga in Masvingo
THE government has started charging new farmers rent for occupying houses on more than 6,200 farms countrywide allocated to them under the land reform programme, we can reveal today.

On average, occupants of the farmhouses will pay between $400 and $1,000 per annum depending on the size and condition of the houses.

These new rentals are over and above the $5 per hectare farmers are paying to the government annually as land rent.

The Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement has already deployed teams of valuators countrywide to determine the value of the farmhouses vacated by white former farmers.

However, farmhouses taken over by the government departments and converted into makeshift schools or clinics among other utilities are exempted from paying rentals.

Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Douglas Mombeshora yesterday confirmed that his ministry had started collecting farmhouse rentals throughout the country.

Mombeshora said those interested in leasing the vacated farmhouses were supposed to formally apply for consideration.

“We give priority to government departments to take over these properties (farm houses) and we have the Estates Department that handles those issues,’’ he said. “In cases where there are no government departments who are prepared to take over the properties we then lease out the buildings to individual farmers who want to take over. The individuals should make an application and their application is then assessed but the size of the rentals differ from one area to another,’’ said Mombeshora.

According to a joint United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement, Project Action Plan for 2014 to 2016, 6,240 farms were acquired for resettlement purposes by the government since the inception of the land reform programme.

This means the government is going to collect rent from the over 6,200 farm houses dotted on farms.

The collecting of farmhouse rentals from beneficiaries of the land reform programme is being spearheaded by the Estates Section that falls under the Department of Acquisition in the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement.

The rentals would be paid to the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement for onward transmission to Treasury.

There are mixed feeling on the new government approach, with farmers saying the rentals would be a burden.

The government last year said it had set a target to raise $22 million from land rentals aimed at developing infrastructure in the resettlement areas and also compensate white farmers who lost their land.

A1 resettled farmers pay $15 land rental per annum while A2 farmers pay $5 land rental per hectare.

Over 300,000 people were allocated land under the A1 and A2 farming models.

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  • Mpisi

    I cannot wrap my head around this. The govt. of the day kicks out a citizen out of his property. Gives the property to another citizen and ask the new citizen to pay rent to the govt. There is something wrong with this picture no matter what angle approach the picture. We need a new govt, we cannot let Mgodoyi keep urinating on us!

  • Mpisi

    “The Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement has already deployed teams of valuators countrywide to determine the value of the …..”

    In my entire existence studying the British English for many years I have never encountered the word “valuator” it does not exist in proper British vocabulary or English use. The proper word is valuer . I have seen valuator on Internet in poorly written articles. George Maponga you need to brush up on your use of English as a journalist.
    I was watching Joice Mujuru assassinating the English Language, saying she returned the money because she did not want to eat it……lol!
    And she wants to be next president, go figure! Give me strength !!!!!

    • World Citizen

      -_____- because speaking good english is the hallmark of a good president??? Your logic leaves a lot to be desired for such a distinguished member of this forum Mpisi. What has Bob done for us with his excellent bourgeoisie english?

      • Mpisi

        The ability to put points across, the ability to understand , the ability to express oneself , the ability to articulate issues in a clear manner, the confidence when one is engaged in a discussion and very important matters is one of the many requirements of a leader. Picture a situation where one is in talks with leaders of the free world , if you think you can be taken seriously if you cannot put together coherent facts and statements you will be kidding yourself. That goes with any language. Gaddafi was known for his very incoherent speeches and the world never took him serious. They took him for a looney. This is why most leaders have to be scripted and not off the cuff, or use TelePrompters when they speak for such reasons. In cases where proficiency in a common language is deficient then there is the use of interpreters, but one still have to be proficient in the other language for the interpreter to be able to get the message to the other parties. So in Zimbabwe where English is the medium of business this is imperative. True Robert Mgodoyi does speak English , he is not a leader , he is disaster in every aspect of the word. Joice is a waste of time, let some one give her a platform and an audience , she will destroy herself in no time , just watch her.Elizabeth Tsvangirayi is another public person who no one takes serious…lol! Donald Trump who is vying for US presidency is under attack for lack of depth and ability to articulate sophisticated issues. He is riding the wave because he is good entertainment.!

  • Ghost of Sparta

    This regime is a joke; a bad one at that.

  • Department 6

    so who owns the house?

  • man


  • case

    Team of real estate evaluators instead of Agricultural support team that will ensure we retain our bread basket status…..this regime is a joke.

  • chinos

    Makes sense. Harvesting where u did not sow

  • Mgoli

    Wish to read MakhosiXamu comment on this one kwaaaaaaks. …..zanu pf r thieves thugs robbers n morons to say d least….n d same one eyed Bob mugabe Ws saying no compensation to former white farmers sokutheni now selifuna ukubabhadala..thoz whom u once labeled thieves of yo motherland..chronicle reporter layer trying to b diplomatic kkkkkk jus say t plainly mugabe has changed course n duped h’s foolish stupid followers