June examinations


The much anticipated time for June examinations is finally here! With the Examinations kicking off on Monday June 5, 2017, the Examiner would like to publish the General instructions for the Examinations as well as the Ordinary and Advanced level timetables. We take this opportunity to wish all the candidates the best of luck!


1. Time Allowance for Question Papers: The time allowed for each paper is shown against the name of the paper and NO EXTRA TIME IS TO BE ALLOWED. Any time allocated for reading through questions, studying maps, etc is already included in the total time shown.

2. Centres please note that the time-tabled examination dates (as appearing on this time-table) take precedence over all examination dates quoted elsewhere in any other documents from ZIMSEC, viz:- statements of entry, attendance registers, etc, unless otherwise advised officially by the Council in separate correspondence other than documents quoted above.

2.1 Papers included in the same session: Where a candidate is offering two papers of the same     subject which are time-tabled for the same examination session, a short break should be allowed between the two papers.

2.2 Time-table clashes: If a candidate is entered for two or more papers that are time-tabled for the same examination session, both papers must be taken in the same session.  A  time-table deviation application must be submitted to ZIMSEC before the examination.

Please note that in all instances where a time-table deviation occurs, candidates starting an examination other than at the scheduled time must be kept isolated from candidates who have already taken the paper.  For further information regarding time-table clashes, please contact ZIMSEC.

3. *Indicates that an additional session may be held in the morning or afternoon of the same day.  In the case of Biology (5008) 3, 4 no communication should be allowed between candidates who will have written papers 3 and 4 and those who are still to write either of the papers.

4. The attention of all candidates must be called to the DIRECTION TO CANDIDATES AND CAUTION PRINTED ON THE BACK PAGE OF THIS TIME-TABLE.  Candidates are not permitted to have a copy of the time-table while in the examination room.

www.zimsec.co.zw or pr.infor.co.zw or WhatsApp 0772 148786 or Facebook: Zimbabwe School Examinations Council-Zimsec Public Relations


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