Khupe free to leave: Chamisa

Thokozani Khupe

Thokozani Khupe

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
MDC-T president Advocate Nelson Chamisa yesterday said his estranged deputy, Dr Thokozani Khupe, who on Sunday announced her split from the opposition party, is free to leave.

Dr Khupe leads a breakaway faction in the MDC-T consisting of the national organising secretary Mr Abednego Bhebhe and national spokesperson Mr Obert Gutu among other members.

Addressing a rally in Bulawayo on Sunday, Dr Khupe announced that she was parting ways with the Adv Chamisa faction but will retain the MDC-T name.

The split follows power struggles pitting Dr Khupe and Adv Chamisa that have rocked the MDC-T since the death of their founding president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai last month.

The differences have resulted in violent skirmishes and court challenges.

Dr Khupe said she can no longer be part of the Adv Chamisa-led MDC-T accusing the other faction of being violent.

In an interview, Adv Chamisa’s spokesperson Mr Luke Tamborinyoka said the MDC-T will not stop Dr Khupe from leaving.

“We would have loved to work together but if she has taken a decision to walk away, then so be it. This is not a faction, this is the party,” he said.

Mr Tamborinyoka said Dr Khupe’s issue has nothing to do with Adv Chamisa but the party’s organs that elevated him to lead MDC-T.

“This is now not a bilateral issue between her and president Chamisa. It’s an issue between vice president Khupe and the organs of the party. The organs are the national council and the national executive and they have already taken a position regarding this issue. This is an issue between Madam Khupe and the party,” he said.

Mr Tamborinyoka said Dr Khupe failed to heed the party’s calls to shape up in the stipulated seven day ultimatum.

“Now you are telling us that she says she is walking away. It’s up to the party but the party has already pronounced itself, it gave her seven days to shape up,” he said.

In announcing her breakaway, Dr Khupe said she would soon join a coalition with like-minded political parties while Mr Gutu said their outfit was going to join the Dr Joice Mujuru led People’s Rainbow Coalition.

Mr Bhebhe said Sunday’s rally was a demonstration that even the minority and the vulnerable had a voice.

The MDC has since its formation in 1999 been synonymous with splits whenever party members disagree.

In 2005, the party has its first split after its president Tsvangirai opposed some of its senior leaders’ decision to participate in senatorial elections leading to the formation of MDC-T and another MDC now led by Professor Welshman Ncube.

One of the founding members, Mr Job Sikhala, later split from Prof Ncube to form MDC-99.

The MDC-T split again in 2013 after the main opposition party dismally lost the elections, with members blaming Mr Tsvangirai for their loss and calling for a leadership renewal.

The split resulted in formation of the Mr Tendai Biti led People’s Democratic Party while Mr Elton Mangoma formed the Reformed Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ).


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  • Ndlela Zimhlophe

    You shouldn’t have joined tribalists like MT and Chamisa in the first place, they believe in Shona superiority.

    • Fire against fire,back to send

      At least now she is free to join Ndebele tribalists who do not believe superiority!

      • Ndlela Zimhlophe

        we tired of gukurahundists and blood thirst murderers who murdered Mthwakazi’s 20k children in cold blood

        • Mugabe

          Khupe an idiot prostitute who opens her legs to Bhebhe and Gutu kkkkk a sell out and descendent of Lobengula

        • worried_zimbo

          You always insulting, your lips and finger tips are fool insults and vulgar, it’s like you were brought up in a one room (lodger child)

          • Ndlela Zimhlophe

            Saying you and your kind are blood thirst murderers is a fact, where is the insult gukurahundist?

          • worried_zimbo

            wena you are sick shame, arguing with you, its waste of time and energy, its a pity nothing will change, go stay somewhere, if Zim its a problem for you

    • In life think and think fast

      Khupe is a liability. A sellout given money at Mugabe blue roof mansion to cause chaos in the party.Now she is a goner!Let’s see who has the people.While she was addressing less than 600 diehard lost souls at Bulawayo Amphitheatre ,Chamisa was addressing a filled-to-capacity Mukoba stadium of people yearning for change! Video evidence is there on youtube for every doubting Thomas to see.In this world you live once.And in that life it’s either you are lost or you move along with others!Mangoma,Gwisai,Ncube,Biti,Sipepa- Nkomo etc are clear testimony, once you leave MDC you are lost and risk being irrelevant. The MDC is an idea and not Chamisa.Politics is about numbers that’s why a person with the highest vote wins.Popularity and politics are like Siamese twins!If you don’t have the numbers then try running a chicken or cabbage farming project with your few clueless members .It saves time and energy!

      • Marufu Chihwandire

        Mkoba stadium was full of bussed people from all over the country. Some came from as far as Chegutu on gonyets (pictures are available). Khupe’s supporters came on foot without youthies pushing them. So who has real support?

        • Robby

          mmm not true. We never saw that. I stay along highway btwn KweKwe and Gweru, but I never witnessed that.

      • Sandura1

        She can stick to that constitution which she claims to understand so much and proclaim herself leader. Let’s see if that constitutional document is going to vote her.

      • Marufu Chihwandire
      • Khalabemgeza

        I really agree with you . Thank you .

    • Robby

      Who doesn’t bafo?

      • Ndlela Zimhlophe

        i don’t believe in the superiority of a people that are responsible for the demise of Zimbabwe…they single handedly destroyed Zim. nothing good has come from Shonas leading the country. One thing they do best is steal, loot, nepotism and that’s why the country is on its knees. Even this new Gukurahundist EDiot most of u are happy to see lead is a thief as well. Shame on u people…

    • Khalabemgeza

      Angivumelani lawe Ndlela , when MDC was formed , advisors were there and the advise was to have a rainbow/united opposition party.
      Nkomo was one of those advisors to the likes of Gibson Sibanda .
      Remember during the time when the party was opened it wasn’t as easy as you think to operate against ZANU PF , Tsvangirai suffered and stood a his ground to pave a way for the opposition parties to exist in Zimbabwe , he fought against a one party state rule of ZANU PF and that was a brave fight and that is the reason why today we have got more that 100 useless opposition parties . For you to just whaffle about MT might be a sign of being mental disturbed , think again .

      • worried_zimbo

        Well said and on point, this Ndlela is a tribalist, if it wasn’t for MT, no one could have opposed Zanu, but MT was prepared to die for what he believed in.

        • Ndlela Zimhlophe

          Niyavumela zinja shame, I will never agree with murderers, thieves, corrupt people, promoters of nepotism..never

    • Bth

      NOT TRUE

    • Elder K

      If its tribal then why is Gutu following her who also happens to come from the same rural area as Chamisa ?? Also why is she insisting on using the MDC – T(Tsvangirayi) acronym if it’s really a tribal issue?? Why cant she just form her own political party ??

      • Ndlela Zimhlophe

        Go and ask them, why ubuza mina wena Gukurahundist

        • Elder K

          You need help that’s all i can say to you…”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

    • worried_zimbo

      Wena you like tribalism too much, it’s like you get paid for that, tribalism it’s a cancer, our kids and grandchildren must leave in a country without tribalism, manje wena you always promote tribalism, you must change for the good, I know you going to insult me because you are good at that as well, you graduated very ngehlamba.

    • Mzanzi for Sure

      The reason why I married a South African woman. Ndebeles and Shonas same whatapp group.

      • Ndlela Zimhlophe

        Manje thina singenaphi ukuthi uthatha bani?

      • worried_zimbo

        You are correct, you won’t be stressed by these tribal fights everyday, from sunset to sunrise, ndebele this, shona this, no constructive ideas, always fighting on tribal lines, both shonas and ndebeles are the same, you right same WhatsApp group

  • Tinowaziwa

    First things first; Mam’Khuphe must fire Nelson and Morgan Nkomitsho.

    • Pilate Mhlanga

      Yaaah, Thambolenyoka, that lousy spin doctor, must also be sacked…

      • Khalabemgeza

        Baba Mhlanga indoda ekhuma itshukela phambi kwabantwana yisiwula sendoda , lawe ke ungabi yileyo nhlobo yendoda uzoba yisiwula phambi kwamanye amadoda – Khuphe was evicted by court from the Bulawayo MDC T offices as a sign that she was illegally occupying the offices and operating with her faction , then where is she going to have powers to sack Thambolenyoka ?

        The point we need to ask ourselves especially at our region is that what are we going to benefit from Khuphe’s actions since she will only be supported regional , i don’t see her going to other provinces in Mashonaland/Manicaland and gaining any substantial support . Chamisa was recently having a rally in Matland -at Plumtree and he was fairly supported just because he is having the leadership qualities that we need , Khuphe failed to pack up the venue at her recently rally , people attended her rally only to understand her way forward and her intentions , now that they have got a clear picture of her destructive intentions , then let her call another rally and we will see her loosing even more support .

        • Bth

          TRUE MAN

        • worried_zimbo

          Well said, I think it’s high time we throw away this tribal card, it’s killing Zimbabwe big time, let anyone vote for any party not on tribal lines, How I wish MRP could be national not regional, they don’t see it that way.

          • Masvingo Zimuto

            Let MRP stay regional. They will eat that. Don’t waste time wishing that these uneducated idiots are part of the entire nation. They will always be regional and die regional.

    • Khalabemgeza

      Mam’Khuphe wakho lo yingulube nje , she is only hungry of power instead of uniting with the MDC Alliance for a democratic change .
      She must not act if Chamisa is wrong , that is incorrect from her , she started boycotting MDC T meetings while Tsvangirai was still alive .
      Let her betray the victims of the Gugurahundi by joining the murderous Mujuru .Yes we are Ndebeles but we aren’t fools , Khuphe is taking advantage of being supported regional , that is not going to assist the nation but only to make her pockets fat , PF ZAPU was regional supported during the 1980 elections but that was not enough to earn the presidency seat to Dr Joshua Nkomo . Khupe doesn’t own the Matebeleland people and she must stop this madness of misleading people regionally instead of working at a national level.
      Khuphe will soon go hungry , she can try to join Mujuru but that would be rejected by other people in Matebeleland based on the fact that there is no difference between Mujuru and ZANU PF .

      • Bth


      • makhukhisi

        On Alliance thing mam’Khupe was right, MDC since its formation it has been performing well in Matabeleland but dismal in Manicaland, Mashonaland provinces were mam’Khupe said that is the grey area needing alliances.

  • Mufaro Sibanda

    In MDC everyone wants to be a leader so the amoeba splits splits again. Its symptomatic of parties that are based on grievances and not ideas /ideology which drive policies that inform strategies. This time they will sing the same song. “”We have been robbed.”"
    ED is inviting everyone monitor the elections because the opposition is set for the heaviest defeat of their time. Dhau they are handing you victory in a platter. God had a reason to save your neck from the Rhodesian oppressors. You carried a gun as a patriot to liberate Zimbabwe not the former secretary who Ian Smith said correctly-”Robert never heard a gun fired in anger”
    Khupe is free to join her sister Mujuru. Defeat is certain but they will be some female voices in parliament. Khupe will win her constituency she has more experience than little Chamisa from Masvingo. As for Mutimhiri he is a ZIPRA cadre turned villager after his nephew resigned. Do we not have a robust democracy even nepotism anyone can lend you a cabinet post. Mutimhiri the party is over this umutha khamama thing is done. Merit counts! Even Smith did not have a relative in cabinet. Mzilikazi appointed Ndebele, Karanga, Kalanga, Tswana, Swazi, Sotho as indunas over ebezansi. Mugabe brand is disaster of economic ruin
    ED has invited everyone to see the 108 parties fight over one bone!

    Karanga, Kalanga, Tswana and Swazi Indunas, That is what what a nation builder did before the British defeat.

    • Simon Muziwendoda

      Very powerful piece. I concurr

    • clopas


    • Bth


  • Marufu Chihwandire

    Chi party chinongomwauka mwauka kunge hari yemavhu. MDC-Biti, MDC-Ncube, MDC-Tsvangi, MDC-Kamisa, MDC-Khupe, MDC-Mangoma, MDC-Sikhala99, MDC-Coltart ….. Eish madoda, khunzima emhlabeni

    • worried_zimbo

      Power hungry, nothing else

  • Vincent Notho

    These political Lilliputians have abhorrently divided us the electorate and shattered our dream of a new, different Zimbabwe

    • Truth

      kkkkkkk love it for the Liliputian