Man ‘rips’ open neighbour’s stomach

Mourners arrive at a funeral of a man who was stabbed to death in Mabutweni suburb, Bulawayo, yesterday

Mourners arrive at a funeral of a man who was stabbed to death in Mabutweni suburb, Bulawayo, yesterday

Prince Sunduzani, Chronicle Reporter
A MAN from Bulawayo’s Mabutweni suburb died when his neighbour allegedly ripped his stomach open with a knife leaving his intestines protruding after he told his attacker that his wife was involved in adulterous relationships.

Spencer Mpofu, who was in his 30s, died after allegedly being stabbed by his neighbour Sdodo Ncube who is on the run.

The incident occurred on Wednesday at about 4PM.

The deceased’s father who only identified himself as Mr Mpofu said his son died over a petty issue which he did not state.

He said his family was shocked by his son’s untimely death saying the brawl was not supposed to lead to his death.

“We were very shocked as a family when we heard the news. How can someone kill a fellow human being like a dog. We hope the police will find him and the criminal will be brought to book. Sdodo is our neighbour and he should have tried to solve the dispute in a civil manner but his behaviour demonstrated that he was a criminal,” said Mr Mpofu.

A source said Ncube allegedly stabbed Mpofu for informing him that his wife was having extra marital affairs at the shops in the suburb.

The misunderstanding between the two started in the morning and turned fatal in the afternoon.

He added that when Mpofu told Ncube that his wife was a prostitute who was having numerous affairs with other men in the suburb, this did not go down well with the latter.

Ncube left and came back a few minutes later allegedly brandishing two knives and a knobkerrie and warned other revellers not to interfere before ripping his victim’s belly open with a knife leaving his intestines protruding.

“The fight started at around 11AM when the two were drinking. At first it was not clear what the two were fighting over because Spencer was beating up Sdodo and provoking him. Sdodo tried to avoid the provocation and was apologising,” said the source at the shopping centre who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“Later at around 4PM Mpofu came and they had another fight, that’s when he said “yikho bekudlela umfazi” (your wife has sexual relations with other people) and Sdodo got angry. He went out and came back in a few minutes carrying two big knives and a knobkerrie. He warned everyone against restraining him and stabbed Spencer in the stomach leaving his intestines in the open.”

Sources said an ambulance came two hours later and Mpofu died upon arrival at Mpilo Central Hospital. — @PrinceNkosy102.

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  • Masuku Zikode oweBhelingwe

    I can pick extreme provocation from this report.

  • Mahlabayithwale

    Whilist I strongly condone solving disputes using violence, such loose talk especially when it involves somebody’s wife is dangerous! It seems it is the victim’s provocative behavior that led to his death! May his soul rest in peace! Kuhambusathani koMpofu

    • Ras Ras

      Should read…I strongly DO NOT condone…

  • Madluphuthu

    Lala ngokuthula njandini

  • God of War

    Well, his loose tongue has cost him his life. People should learn to keep quiet if they have nothing to say.