MduSevan ready to release debut double album



Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
FOR the past seven years, Mduduzi “MduSevan” Ngoma has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to stand on his own, learning the ins and outs of the music industry with stints in South Africa at renowned stable SoulCandi.

During that time, MduSevan has been hard at work producing music and this year, he wants to release a 30-track double album, his first, titled Power Surge.

The former Mzilikazi High School pupil said he has been working on the album for the past four years as he wanted it to be perfect.

“Power Surge has 30 tracks and will be a two disc album. It’ll be a mixture of deep house, dance and soulful house music. It took me so long to release it because I wasn’t ready,” said MduSevan.

“The title Power Surge is a metaphoric expression on what I’ll be letting go — my years as an amateur producer and the power and zeal to do what I love.”
He said his musical journey started in 2010 when he left Bulawayo the previous year to study Chemical Engineering in South Africa.

“I went to South Africa and was supposed to study Chemical Engineering at Tshwane University of Technology. However, the lure of music was too strong

for me and I ended up aborting the engineering course and joined SoulCandi Institute to study music production.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make because I’d defied what the family wanted and there was a fall out. However, I sacrificed and followed my heart’s desire,” he said.

After gaining invaluable knowledge from SoulCandi, MduSevan further developed his sound engineering studies at Emedy School of Sound before setting up his own record label. While at Emedy, he met renowned DJs, Bexta and Clock who mentored him and showed him the ropes.

“In 2013, I started my own record label, Silent Noise productions which was based in Polokwane. During that time I worked with Insane Melodies – a grouping of DJs in that city. I was trying to make my name and that’s the time I met other renowned house DJs such as Problem Child, Ally Gee and De Capo, who helped me fine tune my skills,” said MduSevan.

From the vast knowledge he gained, MduSevan returned to Bulawayo two years ago and managed to set up another record label which he named Sol Native MusiQ.

“I now know the ins and outs of the music industry and how important it is to have a target market and present yourself as a brand. That’s why I’ve managed to build a team of good producers and even managed to put deep house on radio. I’ve been studying the local market for some time and know that house music can and will thrive here,” he said.

Esteemed in local DJ circles, MduSevan has worked with award-winning DJ Skaiva and Kead Wikead during the DJ Festival –Producer edition that is held annually.

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