Partners in crime gun down Zim thug in Jo’burg

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A ZIMBABWEAN armed robber based in South Africa was shot dead in a nasty shoot out following a misunderstanding between gang members on how to share some loot.

Quiet Mpofu (26) of Shaba Village under Chief Gampu in Tsholotsho was shot once in the head and once in the chest by a fellow gang member on Saturday.

Another accomplice, alleged to be a Zimbabwean, was injured and is hospitalised in South Africa following differences when it was time to share the loot between the gang members made up of Zimbabweans and South Africans.

The shootout occurred on Saturday night in Hillbrow, Johannesburg where all five gang members allegedly lived.

Mpofu was alleged to have last visited Tsholotsho last month and during the visit he is alleged to have moved around armed with a pistol, threatening to shoot some villagers.

A source close to Mpofu’s family said all the gang members fled from the scene following the shoot out, leaving Mpofu for dead.

The deceased’s father, Mr Mtshumayeli Mpofu, said his son was pronounced dead upon admission to Hillbrow General Hospital.

“It is sad to lose a child in such a manner. I know my son was a gangster down in South Africa and as much as it is sad that he was shot, I am not surprised this happened. He has his brothers there, but Quiet led a different and dangerous lifestyle. Such a life is even more dangerous in South Africa because the thugs there do not value human life,” said Mr Mpofu.

“Right now, I am busy running around with my ward councillor who is assisting me to ensure that I get identity documentation for my son as he didn’t have even a birth certificate. He also did not have a funeral policy or whatever and I am in a tight situation to make sure the body comes home for a decent burial.”

Mr Mpofu said he had six sons and he had lost his fifth born child whom he said had died like a dog.

Ward 16 Councillor Patrick Ngwenya, who is assisting Mr Mpofu to ensure that the body is brought home, expressed concern about people from his area dying due to violent crime in South Africa.

He said Mpofu last visited Zimbabwe last month and during that time, he threatened to shoot some people.

“Every now and then, my ward loses a child, relative, friend or parent in South Africa due to shootings, gruesome murders and road traffic accidents. He was here just last month and during that time, I must confess, I received a lot of complaints from villagers who claimed to have been threatened by the young man. He was always armed with a pistol and threatened to shoot many people whenever he visited home,” Cllr Ngwenya said.

He urged youths to shun crime and concentrate on their studies to get decent jobs.

“It is very embarrassing to always address a funeral where everyone is well aware of the deceased’s gangster lifestyle when they are outside the country,” said Cllr Ngwenya.

He said they were not sure when Mpofu’s body would be brought home for burial as he did not have identity documents.


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  • Msongelwa

    I think he was even dangerous to the community and he should have been reported to the police when he threatened people in his home village, and a lesson to others when u live with a gun u will die with it, umfundiso iqala ekhaya mdala Mpofu kwakumele umtshele umfanawakho ukuthi umhlaba uyahlonitshwa, khonamanje senikeza abadala umthwalo wokumletha ekhaya.

    • Mzingeli

      For what really , if he was my relative l would leave that dog ibolele emotuary. Lezinja yizo ezibulala abafowethu for nothing in and around jorburg.

      • zibulo

        and if we condemn you now for your trepasses and say uyinja, asisoze sikungcwabe , ungezwa kanjani? ulezono lawe, ezinengi esingazazi, lawe sikuyeke e mortuary ????


    You should have reported him to the police for carrying a firearm and he could be at correctional service instead of being in the mortuary

    • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

      Both men and women are guarded, suspicious and not wanting to get close enough for fear of being hurt.

  • Ntshompi

    Good riddance to rubbish

    • phathumuzi

      libizo bani

  • bhongozvozvo

    If you were to study deceased Quiet Ncube’s path from Tsholotsho to Jozi, I can assure you that along the way, that pistol/revolver must have been used in a heist(s) within Zimbabwe and the NI Highway so that he could generate bus-fare back to his den of sin. Where is ZRP’s crime intelligence in all this? As more police details are manning the lucrative road block cash cows and less officers are deployed to listen around and generate crime intelligence to pre-empt possible heist, more of these Jozi thugs will be bringing their unlicenced weapons for use here in Zimbabwe to rob service stations, money changers and drinking places because they are seen as quick cash makers. Come the festive season, may the ZRP Command re–focus and deploy more police officers in public places, re-activate their informer networks if they still can pay informers at all and ensure visibility at all times and points within cities, towns and rural business centres. All the very best.

    • bhongozvozvo

      Quiet Mpofu rather and not Ncube

    • Quiete Ncube

      Quiet Ncube??? Kkkkkk. Anyway Bhongozvozvo, u know no policeman likes chasing armed gangsters. Doesn’t pay. Better tollgate/roadblock somewhere.

  • Zi

    Good News, 1 down, around 2000 to go.

  • Guest

    Send children to school

    • Cetshwayo kaGodlwayo

      Uzama ukuthini kahle kahle wena slimandini

    • zibulo

      are your children not in foreign lands too ? who does bank card scams, who steals money thru computers , who bombs other countries , who steals your wealth here in Zim, who kills opposition people; are all these things not done by the educated? How many degrees does our Prez have? and how many innocent souls has he directly and indirectly slaughtered, yet educated. Bantu baseZimbabwe ligcwele ubuthutha, you are refugees all over ngenxa ye educated president, yet you rush to condemn some and leave the untouchables.

  • musa

    you live by the sword you die by the sword

    • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

      No. I was a bed-hopper in my late teens and twenties and I settled down at thirty.

      • Mutushe

        What made you stop hopping beds? Weight loss perhaps?

  • xovizwe

    Minus a problem..good riddance of bad rubbish..

  • Gxabhashe

    Yahambinja…..gud ridance ….

  • Question Mark?

    Am surprised the father feels pain for losing an armed robber of a son. Even lamenting ‘he died like a dog’. What of the victims of his armed robbery crimes??? Did he not waste them like dogs?

  • Mlambapheli

    Mtshumayeli Mpofu the father of the deceased Quiet Mpofu, is the one who should be blamed for the way his son has turned out. How does he fail for 26 years to get his son a birth certificate which is given out for free. He should be arrested for that, now that his son is dead he running around like a headless chicken trying to get a birth certificate which he was meant to have got a few days after the birth of his son 26 years ago.

    Therefore one would assume that Quiet did not attend any form of basic education and neither did he write the grade seven examination meaning they was no way he would have done any education beyond secondary school as a birth certificate is a requirement for all those. So as a father Mtshumayeli failed his son and his son turned to what he is resulting in him being caught up in this lifestyle and drastic death.

    • Sigidi

      Your assumptions are correct. The boy probably skipped the border when he was 12.

    • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

      My own father is an electrician but with determination and the support of friends I’ve avoided becoming one myself.

      • Mlambapheli

        And am sure your father must have ensured you got a birth certificate which has and still plays a critical part in your life going forward..Quiet’s father never saw that importance, he is only seeing it now as he tries to repatriate his son’s body back home!

        • josefa chinotimba

          It all goes on to show that these rural guys do not value education at all,and the only thing they will be thinking is to go to South Africa and coomit crimes.

          Now Quite is gone,all because his father did not play his fathers role.Shame.I blame you Mr is very important.

          • zibulo

            the important thing is to love thy neighbor as thy self, not your irrational judgementalism , are you holy because of education? Rural guys , heh? so you say since all africans originally come from there, we are stupid ???? do you have money, do you queue for nothing, do you to happiness in this land of the so-called educated? are you not a refugee here in Mthwakazi? IF YOU CAME FROM THE eAST YOU ARE ONE, like it or not.

    • zibulo

      your foolish assumptions that because akafundanga, thats why he was a thug show ukuthi you are too judgemental, and foolish of course. How many uneducated people understand and live a life of ubuntu? All our forefathers were never “educated” yet basizala siright, wena you might be paper-educated but which textbook//subject taught you to be judgemental like this? Zim is ruled by so-called educated president and ministers but is in shambles !!!!. His being a thug is not related to not being educated. why doesn’t the educated Govt use its resources to go to such villages which are deliberately impoverished by its Unfair Policies of wealth distribution. Shonas dominate in all state jobs in the province. both our educated and the uneducated have always gone South because of this “educated’govt, which you do not even see that it is to blame. Uyadelela

  • njelele

    Quiet didnt live a quite life.Mr Mpofu the blame lies on you also hw could your son get to 26 years without a birth certificate chances this dog of yours couldnt attend school because he didnt have proper documentation.i also blame the government of zimbabwe for not providing opportunities for zimbabweans a case which makes most of us relocating to south africa where most survive on crime and prostitution.yekani ngithi fahla fahla njegomunthu in peace Quiet .

  • qondani

    Threatening villagers, wayesebizwa yikufa

    • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

      Usually once two people of the opposite s.3.x become friends any kind of attraction goes out the window because it becomes a brother/sister type of relationship

  • Saddam Kalifa

    Honest truth guys Tsholotsho akutshiphanga these boys once you snitch on them bayakubulala strait away so that’s why most people betshiya kunjalo..

    • ndoda mdara

      they were supposed to make anonymous reports to the police that he was armed

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Why did he not have a birth certificate? Anywhere isotsha lifela ebusotsheni. Makalale ngokuthula (Quite).

  • josefa chinotimba

    Mr Mpofu should be crying bitterly,because when Quite would come back home in December for Xmas holidays,you would tell your neighbours that “umthanami usebuyile,uyasebenza e Goli”khonapo ebulala abantu.

    Now u Quite usehambile all because he was taught wrong things.shame sibili!

    • zibulo

      awuphilanga ekhanda lakho, making fun of someone’s death as if wena ungcwelengcwele. we all have faults, and the father Mpofu admits what his son was , and shows regret . How do you know if he boasted to neighbors, as you put it. I could insult you but then siyobe sesifana. Udinga usizo.egoli or here, jails are full of thugs , robbers, etc. why single out Egoli workers ?

    • Chimbulumbunde

      His ridiculous name was ‘Quiet’ and not ‘Quite!’

  • bulawayo born

    at least one criminal gone