Six shot in fight for gold-rich mine


George Maponga in Masvingo
Six Mashava men are battling for life at Masvingo General Hospital after they were allegedly shot and seriously injured following a dispute over the control of the gold-rich Lennox Mine, at the weekend.

Lennox Gold Mine is at the centre of an ownership wrangle between Mr Edgar Mashindi and Mr Tinaishe Hove.

Mr Hove and five of his workers escaped death by a whisker after they were allegedly shot by security guards deployed to the mine.

Mr Hove sustained facial and chest injuries together with his five workers namely, Messers Polite Mawela (28), Godfrey Mutangira (38), Emmanuel Chadzamira (43), Hahlani Muzamani (40) and Mr Farai Mutsiga (32).

The six were shot during the disturbances at the mine on Saturday morning.

Mr Hove and his workers are said to be in a stable condition in hospital where they are recuperating.

Acting Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa, said police were investigating the incident.

He said two security guards at Lennox Mine have since been arrested for attempted murder.

“The suspects will appear in court soon and investigations are currently ongoing,’’ said Asst Insp Dhewa.

Allegations are that on the fateful day, Mr Hove and his workers reported for work as usual at Lennox Mine where they found two security guards manning the entrance into the mine.

The six tried to get inside the mine shaft but were allegedly blocked by the security guards who told them that they were not welcome at the mine.

A scuffle ensued between the security guards and Mr Hove and his workers, resulting in the former opening fire at the latter.

Mr Hove and his workers sustained severe injuries on the chest, face and hands resulting in their hospitalisation.

A report was made to police leading to the arrest of the two security guards.

More details are expected to emerge as investigations continue.

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  • Maluma Makhovula

    we are degenerating into a lawless country God help us

  • theza

    we are headed for much worse gold wars, remember it only started with light incidents now guns are involved, the Mines people should always attend and say who owns what or the gangs are made to share the claims and then monitored. Still fresh in our minds is the SA murder of 14 miners

  • Gxabhashe

    so exactly all 6 were shot ??in the face and chest??akuzwakali lokhu….

    • mwana

      sure, this is confusing

  • voice of a prophet

    the first case was that of a man called Friday who was shot in Esigodini and it was said he was axed and no arresst were made although the police were suspected to know the murderers

  • Sonde

    Northerners..How can you try to challenge a man with a gun when you are wearing Roli Manyatelas a Parrafini hat armed with an AXE which the Guards can see from miles away? Might be Tonde is part of the group with young Junior.

  • Dennis mudzingwa

    Deputy mines Minister Fred Gandiwa Moyo is mining illegally in Mashava despite court and ministry orders to vacate. As a senior government official, he is probably entitled to grab something, either land and/ or a mine.
    Unlike Donald Trump, our politicians grab assets of value that are available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies.
    Very soon, peoples houses will be available for grabbing and the one with the gun will ultimately prevail!

  • uBhonklanti

    This Fred Moyo chap destroyed Bindura Nickel Mine and led to the sorry state that the workers of Hwange find themselves in…. This is a chap we have entrusted to run the mines ministry…. Sisadlala

  • nsingo

    if these war lords are not controlled then we are headed for chaos