Suspected maid killer applies for bail

Mashudu Netsianda Senior Court Reporter
A MAN from Bulawayo who allegedly stabbed his family’s maid 10 times using a kitchen knife after she turned down his sexual advances, is seeking bail pending trial.

Vincent Chikowore, 24, of Gwabalanda suburb, has filed an application for bail pending trial at the Bulawayo High Court citing the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) as the respondent.

Chikowore, who claimed that he fatally stabbed Dudzai Hungwe after she had seduced him, argued that there were no compelling reasons to justify his continued detention at Khami Remand Prison.

“It’s accepted and conceded that the allegations against the applicant are serious but contended that this alone doesn’t justify denial of bail pending trial. Applicant prays that he be admitted to bail as there are no compelling reasons to justify his continued detention,” said Chikowore’s lawyers Dube-Banda, Nzarayapenga and Partners.

The lawyers argued that the ends of justice would not be prejudiced by Chikowore’s release and challenged the state to prove the existence of the reasons justifying their client’s continued stay in remand prison.

Chikowore seeks an order that compels him to deposit $100 as bail and to continue residing at his given address pending the finalisation of the matter.

As part of the bail conditions, the applicant is also offering to surrender his passport and to report at the Bulawayo Central Police Station twice a week as well as not interfere with state witnesses.

Sifiso Sibanda, the prosecutor, opposed the bail application, arguing that there was no guarantee that Chikowore would not abscond if granted bail.

“It’s respectfully submitted that the granting of bail pending trial to the applicant wouldn’t be in the best interest of justice. The state has a strong case against applicant and with that knowledge he isn’t likely to stand trial if granted bail. Wherefore the respondent prays for the dismissal of the application for bail pending trial,” said Sibanda.

Chikowore and his mother were tenants at the house they had moved into hours earlier on the day he allegedly killed the maid.

He allegedly asked their maid to have sex with him at around 1PM on December 31, 2015, when his mother had gone into the city to see her daughter off to South Africa.

The maid refused.

Chikowore was angered by Hungwe’s decision and tried to force her.

Hungwe then reached for the knife in a bid to scare him away and a fight ensued which resulted in Hungwe cutting his fingers.

Chikowore then grabbed the knife and stabbed her 10 times and she died instantly.

When Chikowore’s mother returned, she discovered that the maid had been killed. There was a pool of blood in the bathroom where the maid’s body was lying.

A report was made to the police and Chikowore was arrested a few days later having been on the run since New Year’s Day.

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  • jahman

    Lock him up lest he fleas from the clutches of justice

    • Blarawonki

      Spelling Jahman, Spelling! Maybe you are high on weed! The word is flees not fleas.

      • Orenthawl James

        kikiki, gud thing is you got the sense, I think that’s what is important, kikiki

        • McGyver Zee

          well said Mr

        • blarazonke

          Your avatar reminds me of a murderer, robber and kidnapper who is toiling in jail. OJ. But you remind me of the local clown called jotham.

          • Dooks

            Mr Blara please do not make this man lose it. He has been talking sense. I am terrified when he loses it.

          • blarazonke

            Kkkkk. Mr Dooks, let him lose it. He is a disciple of Jotham that has cropped up frm nowhere se hohwa. Kkkkkk…

          • Orenthawl James

            You might as well at least apologise for the above statement. Apologising doesn’t show weakness but shows that you are human.

          • Orenthawl James

            Still waiting for an apology Sir!!

          • blarazonke

            Sorry my Bro, I misjudged you. You could do good debates with Dr Dolittle who is another cool guy on this forum.

          • Jojochenjera

            Seems like you fellows could do with a cosy corner to ventilate your emotions…..just kidding!

          • blarazonke

            Kkkkkk, cosy corner!! Why in the shadows??You are a naughty boy Jojo!!!

          • Orenthawl James

            Apology accepted

          • Orenthawl James

            Mr Dooks thanks for seeing my reformed self. I won’t be dragged into some verbal fight by Bharezonke because the fight won’t even benefit both of us.

          • Orenthawl James

            Unfortunately, I no longer do that which you to start. Anyway I hope it dawns on you that, it’s of no use always fighting. Lets love one another as neighbours.

          • blarazonke

            Respect is the word. I take it.

          • Orenthawl James

            Love or respect, it’s still a good thing my brother. My religion teaches that we love one another as brothers and sisters. And goes on to teach us to love our neighbours. Which I believe you can also fall into the category of being my neighbour.

          • blarazonke

            True, true, we shld not catch the Jotham flu. Have you ever come across his comments??

          • Orenthawl James

            No I’ve never come across them, I was my own unique character. Why would I imitate anyone surely and honestly???

      • blarazonke

        LOL!!! And its blarazonke and not blarawonki. Well tried.

    • Doppelganger

      Wow, this is one of the most civil and heartening conversations I have ever seen in a comment thread. Blarawonki, Orenthawl James and McGyver Zee, you guys are my heroes today! Good start to the morning.

    • Nash

      If he wanted to flee, he would have fled after the crime. But he handed himself over to the police

  • McGyver Zee

    spellings r a prob to someppl, wat matters is e msgs

  • God of War

    Not only is this guy a murderer but he is a potential rapist. He should not get bail because he is a clear and present danger to society.

  • McGyver Zee

    he should just have paid a whoe for a good fuck, not killing a maid…i dont know how some ppl reason

  • khulu undubeko

    he should be hanged, to spare the family from the avenging spirit of the one he murdered, he is aware that there is ngozi/ uzimu, society will be better off without him, where are his manners traditionally you dont propose love to someone who stays in the same house as they are viewed as a relative, keep this man in jail he is likely to murder again or turn out to be a serial killer, life for life please

  • Nash

    This is not what happened though…..