The Jukwas: a short history

Baba Jukwa

Mduduzi Mathuthu-Editor

IT WAS common, when I was editor of New, to hear a reader remark that, “I just read the first paragraph of your stories, then quickly jump to the comments, they’re more fun.”

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  • Nyasha Mungazi

    If this Edmund guy is Amai Jukwa, how come the Mai Jukwa column in The Herald had a post yesterday? Did he write before he was arrested? Why can’t The Herald be subpoenaed to state who Mai jukwa is? That would clear part of the jigsaw puzzle. Then again it’s not Mai Jukwa under investigation, but Baba Jukwa. So tell us Mathuthu, where is Philip Kudzayi, the brother of Edmund. If Edmund is innocent and the Econet line was not used to open the Baba Jukwa page, then there is nothing to fear is there. I suspect Philip could be working with his brother on this one to divert police attention. Then again I could be wrong, but his presence would be very helpful to this case, don’t you think Mr Editor?

  • siza zviyi

    Mathuthu your attempt to rewrite history is pathetic… Baba Jukwa never posted comments on newzimbabwe. it was Jukwa not baba jukwa who called whites pale devils.

    • Jukwa

      I was as curious you about that ‘rewrite’ by Mathuthu who should know better about the original ‘Jukwa Brand’ and the anti-African imposter, baba jukwa. lol

      The imposter, baba jukwa has actually posted on NewZimbabwe.
      What I would like to know is why Mathuthu is misrepresenting Jukwa as the imposter, ‘baba jukwa’?
      Is Mathuthu just being mistaken?
      Or is Mathuthu trying to ‘throw off’ the investigators, while protecting his ‘friend’? lol

  • magumbo

    ini ndakutoshaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei uyu watosungwa ko vaya vakambonzi vana baba jukwa vaigara kusouth africa vakazodii

  • Seles

    I wonder what happened to my comment on this matter. Do we have someone who is responsible for sifting what has to appear on this blog?

  • Dombodema

    Am I the only dog which is not bothered about its human identity being

  • Shumba

    The guilty are afraid, Mr Mathuthu why start singing when its not your turn. Wait it coming soon and very soon.

    • Jukwa

      Ha ha ha!
      That is funny. lol
      You think Mathuthu has something to be concerned about?