Tsano overrules Amini

Cosmas “Tsano” Zulu

Cosmas “Tsano” Zulu

Sikhumbuzo Moyo Senior Sports Reporter
FISSURES in Bulawayo giants Highlanders’ technical team played out again in the quarter-final of the ZNA Charities Shield against Chicken Inn when technical director Cosmos “Tsano” Zulu publicly defied club committee member Wisdom Mabhena’s request for goalkeeper Ariel Sibanda to field questions from the media.

Sibanda propelled Bosso to the semi-finals of the ZNA Charities Shield with two penalty saves in a shootout after the game had deadlocked 1-1 after 90 minutes at Barbourfields Stadium.

Assistant coach Amini Soma-Phiri had given the media contingent the green light to talk to Sibanda, but Zulu overruled him. It is then that Mabhena intervened, but Zulu brushed him aside barking “No, no, I won’t (release Sibanda)”, before storming back into the dressing room.

Mabhena shook his head in disbelief and probably some embarrassment. The opaque technical set up at Bosso has been full of drama like a soap opera, with the club postponing the naming of the final 2016 squad due to squabbling between Zulu and Soma-Phiri.

The two declined to append their signatures to a 30-man squad approved by head coach Erol Akbay over the required Under-20 players as they have personal preferences and none is willing to compromise.

The Highlanders’ executive has asked Zulu and Soma-Phiri to settle their differences quickly, but judging by yesterday’s scenes outside the Highlanders’ dressing room, the fallout is flaring and probably calls for the executive to extinguish it before it spreads to the players.

Soma-Phiri has reportedly complained to the executive that he can’t work with Zulu due to his egoistic attitude.

When asked about the duo’s fallout yesterday, coach Akbay said: “No comment.”

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  • CoomsCandy

    Wisdom Mabhena was totally out of order. It was not his place to allow the press to speak to Ariel. This was purely the technical teams call to allow the interview. And again the relationship between Cosmas and Amin will cost us if it is not dealt with immediately. To my understanding Cosmas was given the overall oversight over the technical team for now whilst Elroy acclimatizes. This therefore means that Cosmas has the final say on how interviews are conducted after the matches. Amin must show a bit of respect to the structure that is at Bosso otherwise it would be best to release him.

  • Allan Moyo

    Iskolo siqakathekile, Amin must understand how protocol works emsebenzini wonke ukuze izinto zimhambele otheryz its only a matter of time before he gets fired or relegated. Consult whoever is in charge before making some decisions Amin or else you will get frustrated when you get overruled by your superior, every organization has a structure.

  • Mendeka

    It is a known fact that Cosmas Zulu if given the opportunity, will only talk about himself and not about deserving individuals. We all know that yet even his contribution during playing days at BOSSO were minimal. He is always controversial and he always has reaped where he never sowed anything. People often think he is a disciplinarian whereas he does not have it himself! Ake lisilamulele likhiphe uhlanya ngoba nantu seluchamela emkulwini nasemini. He is always a deterrent to good working and does not add value but strife.

  • Bosso

    That’s why most of our players fail to respond to media when they move to SA,

  • s

    its two people who have egos. its going to be bad for bosso. remember Amin could not even work with Kauindu because of religious beliefs. umsebenzi webosso uyafunakala. abanye bethu sizakuya ezinyangeni ukuze siwuthole.

  • Tonde

    You need proper Northern administrators to get “Bosso” back on their feet like Dembare and chicken Inn!

  • shisto99

    Struggling to understand what’s wrong with players being interviewed, its become the norm all over the world come on Tsano move with the times.

  • Bongani Dlamini

    Hey you Zulu lawe Phiri manyasaranda sebenzani lonke kuhle sizalixotsha.

  • Bosso 4 Life (the real deal)

    This thing has to be sorted out pretty quick in order to avoid hostile interests taking advantage of it !!