Tsano weeps

Cosmas “Tsano” Zulu

Cosmas “Tsano” Zulu

Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter
HIGHLANDERS technical director and goalkeepers’ coach Cosmas “Tsano” Zulu broke down yesterday as he struggled to come to terms with his suspension by the club on allegations of indiscipline.

Zulu received his suspension letter on Friday together with assistant coach Amini Soma-Phiri.
Addressing a Press Conference in Bulawayo yesterday, Zulu claimed he was being charged for upholding “professional values” within the team.

According to Zulu, strained relations between him and Soma-Phiri have been piling up since 2015 when they were appointed as caretaker coaches after the club parted ways with Bongani Mafu.

Zulu and Soma-Phiri are said to have had a heated argument that led to the two exchanging insults in front of players on their way from Mandava after the abandoned match against FC Platinum.

The final straw was the argument the two had on the bench when Highlanders embarrassingly lost 0-3 to Black Rhinos at Morris Depot.

In an attempt to clear his name, Zulu broke down as he addressed journalists in the city centre.

“It has hurt me so much; I don’t know how to put it. I’m so hurt. All the years I have spent trying build my character and somebody comes here and suspends me for indiscipline because I am trying to encourage professionalism in this organisation. Highlanders sent me to England in 1992 to go and learn about professionalism. I come back and I try to inculcate that and I am labelled as an indisciplined person because I want professionalism.

“I want to tell people that what you read (in the newspapers) about my suspension is wrong. I am being suspended for trying to be professional, for trying not to compromise professionalism. I have got people around the world who see me as a strict disciplinarian and a role model,” said Zulu as he shed tears.

He said sports personalities and company executives know what kind of a role model he is and are privy to his professionalism and passionate approach that he takes to his work.

The suspended goalkeepers’ trainer said among football personalities who he worked with are former AmaZulu president Delma Lupepe, former Highlanders coach Bobby Clark, ex-club chief executive officer Ndumiso Gumede, Premier Soccer League chief Kennedy Ndebele and Zifa vice-president Omega Sibanda who can all vouch for him that he is a strict disciplinarian.

“After the FC Platinum game, I asked them how many times one man should be allowed to behave this way. I charged at them and asked if they didn’t have the spine to discipline him. I am a senior member in that staff not only on age but I am the longest serving coach in Highlanders’ history and with what Highlanders invested in me, I can’t be seen compromising professionalism. As a life member of the club, that is unacceptable. People pay their money to watch Highlanders, they cannot watch while people want to turn this into a boozers’ club.

“My conscience does not allow me to keep quiet when I see something going wrong. If I am going to be fired so be it. I am happy to go with the right conscience. I want to be fired for being professional. I have held meetings here with the acting chairman (Modern Ngwenya) about this and he goes on to suspend me. All these years I have spent, nearly 40 years with Highlanders and this is how they acknowledge my contribution,” Zulu said.

“I am being charged for indiscipline. Is it indiscipline? Can I be suspended for contributing when I am sitting on the bench?”.

Zulu insists that his suspension was not due to indiscipline but because he was trying to rein in Soma-Phiri whom he felt was not being professional.
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  • s

    amin caused the firing of kaindu. please tell me I am wrong. I think people don’t know how crafty this guy is? he wants highlanders for himself and possible for his religion. I am not protecting zulu.

    • Truth

      u r right, soma-phiri is indisciplined, a sabotuer and overly ambitious man. he is the real problem

  • mqhafi

    Zulu is being emotional…not commensurate to his age and experience. I understand they are to appear before a disciplinary hearing…why does he not wait for that platform to clear his name rather than go politicking in the media? Is he implying that the Acting Club Chairman unilaterally suspended him without consulting the other members of the executive? There are many questions than answers in what he says. He has inadvertently (assumption) demonstrated that he lacks professionalism by expressing his emotions before he appears before a hearing…..maybe a judgment has already been passed????????

    • Zviregedze Nkazimulo Ntuli

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          • Garayimosepanzvimbo Mupedzere

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      • koka

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  • Wellington

    Tsano you have grown too big for your shoes old man

  • Demetria Sibaya

    Tsano is certainly a bigheaded ntulo and unprofessional !!!

    • Zviregedze Nkazimulo Ntuli

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  • Shlama

    How about getting Amini’s side b4 going to print? Kumele kufe bani kanti

  • Bosso4Life(the actual deal)

    Putting the well-being of the club before ego and personal ambitions demonstrates true professionalism. Does public quarreling fall into this framework? Methinks that besides the other challenges facing the club, the spat between Akbay’s main assistants is a contributing factor to the insecurity among player’s resulting in the poor performances we’ve been witnessing of late.

    • Zviregedze Nkazimulo Ntuli

      well you can say that but, In terms of the quality of the wood itself, it makes very little difference what time of year the tree is felled. Experience has shown that timber cut in the cooler months is less likely to develop fungal infections.

  • Rude Chikabala

    i said this before that the ill discipline and arrogance of fans of a certain is clearly a reflection of their leadership. everything that has been happening at the stadia should not amuse any, if your own technical director is ill disciplined what about lower level staff. the same values are obviously perpetuated to all those associated with the club. just recently a certain Amini Soma Phiri was also convicted of assaulting a police officer, can you expect anything better?

    • Zviregedze Nkazimulo Ntuli

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    • Doctor Do little

      I doubt if it is all about Highlanders with you. You just have another agenda of hatred. There are a very few here that don’t know your views baring in mind the moderators once deleted you post on this platform because you said Gughurahundi ended to early. What sort of a person says that?

      • Bosso4Life(the actual deal)

        Wanted to respond to the rabid dog to whom you’ve replied. Yet after reading your contribution I realised there was no need to add anything more. You did it well !

        • Afghan Reporter

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          • Afghan Reporter

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            Your are intentionally abusing other users with your irrational comments. That’s against the disqus terms and conditions, which means that offended users can ask for your barring from the platform.

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      • Khanka

        Well said Doc. These are the kind of people that we should ignore off this Platform. This man is the worst type of racist/tribalist ever.

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        • Doctor Do little

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          • Garayimosepanzvimbo Mupedzere

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  • Mike Ndlovu

    Madoda lana we need fine details we need to know who insulted who and what insult was it, i guess we know zonke inhlamba.So the best will be to sit down with both of them and establish what the real problem is between these two men and probably establish the extent to which this is affecting the club maybe one of them is a sell out

    • Amature Jounalist

      you’re very right, it’s now even more difficult for George Bush to admit that the war on Iraq was not justified since no weapons of mass destruction were found.

  • Omo Gezani

    To add my views,I take no side here! Bosso management also played a part in this fracas,each individual’s role and position was not clearly spelt out. One time we are told Tsano is the director of coaching,another time he is the goalkeepers coach and yet another time he is an assistant coach??? Please clear this confusion! When these fights are rife,the performance of the team is also affected. Management should also have noticed these frictions before they exploded! Where is the substantive chairman Peter Dube? How come his suspension never comes to an end ? Looks like the powers that be at Bosso are not raising this issue with Zifa. For how long? To the two parties ,Tsano and Soma-Phiri,both of you guys love Bosso with a passion,why don’t you just bury the hatchet and move on,churning out good results for Bosso and the institution? Come on madoda you can do it,and shame the detractors!

  • Omo Gezani

    Again to the management of the team something like this happens again in future[hope not] please don’t announce it like you did here. There should be internal mechanisms that should be used to fix the problem in-house,like now the whole world knows there is in-fighting at Bosso. Please don’t wash dirty linen in public! Enemies of the club are having a ball!