Tsholotsho DA held for fraud

Auxilia Katongomara Chronicle Reporter
ACTING Tsholotsho District Administrator, Gloriah Raundi, has been arrested for allegedly duping a land seeker by selling her a plot which was already allocated to someone. Raundi, 31, was appointed acting DA after Tsholotsho DA Nosizi Dube was fired in January this year for allegedly embezzling about $10,000.

The acting DA and two accomplices Mavuka Nkomo, 69, and June Masango, 76, appeared before Bulawayo provincial magistrate Tinashe Tashaya for bail application on Friday.

Raundi is facing two counts of fraud while Nkomo and Masango face one count each. The three accused who are represented by Lison Ncube of Nyoni, Majwabu and Partners were each granted $300 bail.

Tashaya ordered them to report once a week to Bulawayo Central Police Station, reside at their given addresses and not to interfere with witnesses. She remanded them to March 31.

Prosecuting, Nkathazo Dlodlo told the court that sometime in September last year, Thembelihle Ndlovu of Paddonhurst suburb heard that Raundi was selling a piece of land in Umguza.

“Ndlovu went to Raundi’s office and found her with Nkomo and Masango who convinced her to buy the plot. The trio said the plot cost $5,000 and an initial deposit of $3,000 was required,” said Dlodlo.

The court heard that the trio told Ndlovu that the remaining $2,000 was to be paid after relevant paperwork for the stand had been completed. Dlodlo told the court that Nkomo and Masango took her to view the plot.

“On September 18, Ndlovu went to Raundi’s office to pay the initial $3,000 and found her with Nkomo and Masango. They assured her she could develop the plot while awaiting the paperwork,” Dlodlo told the court.

The prosecutor said on December 18, 2014, Ndlovu was approached by one T D Dube who told her that he was the legal owner of the plot and had an offer letter from the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement.

“Ndlovu notified Raundi of the development and she started giving her excuses. She later realised that she had been duped as the plot was not supposed to be sold as it is state land meant for resettlement of the landless,” said Dlodlo.

On the second count it is alleged that Raundi called Ndlovu and told her that an additional $150 was required to sort out the certificate of occupancy. The following day Raundi gave Ndlovu the receipts where she noticed that only $130 was paid and $20 not accounted for.

Ndlovu was prejudiced of $150 and is yet to get the plot she paid for, the court heard.

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  • Bambanani

    Raundi in Tsholotsho!!!???

    • MakhosiXamu

      A thief is a thief and this knows no tribe. A Ndebele was fired for stealing $10 000.00 and now Raundi sales land already in someone’s hands. I will not protect a tribes man/woman who engages in corrupt activities.

    • Gandanga Paruzevha

      Raundi is similar to Phiri. It’s not a Shona name as you might think. After all, what’s surprising about that? Don’t you find Ndlovus in Kadoma or Bindura? You are lost

    • blarazonke

      Yaaa Round in Tsholotsho, she will get enough rounds in jail..

      • xhiba

        is round the first name or surname

        • blarazonke

          I am not sure really. I will check with my malawian drinking mate.

  • theza

    kanti abantu sebesenzani, kabasalandeli okubhalwe phansi imithetho yokugaba umhlaba, sebeqhuba ubuhwaba phambili, ngani phela limgabele lapho okungela mnikazi

  • vusumuzi

    Stupid and tribalisic Zim Administration made at ZANU HQ. How can a Liberation Movement fail to Empower all communities in Zimbabwe and make each community take charge of its own Development and Administer Local Councils? So Tsholotsho or even Matebeleland cannot and does not have qualified people to run Local Affairs, hence they have to employ Shona people. I am not a tribalist but i say EMPOWEREMENT to all communities. Only thieves , crooks, cheats and opportunists can advocate for ‘EQUALITY” ZANU style and leave some people as slaves to some TRIBE. SAME AS SMITH ; BLACK WERE MADE SUBSERVIENT TO WHITES. IN ZIMBABWE SHONAS ARE MADE MASTERS EVEN UP TO BINGA, with claims we are not educated. These thieves never lived in Tsholotsho , hence they are in Bulawayo. Never had Tsholotsho in their hearts, only in it for Money. These economic refugees do not add to local development as they repartriate Earnings back to the East , leaving the region dry and under-developed. Power to all locals in their areas. Affirmative action is needed so that we all benefit from the blood lost during the Liberation war.

    • Gandanga Paruzevha

      Your head is full of tribalism and Shona hatred. Does the name Raundi sound Shona to you? It’s associated with foreigners especially of Malawian origin meaning Round. Where do Shonas come in? After all vacancies are competed for by every Zimbabwean, and not filled according to tribal lines. Competence first madala.

      • vusumuzi

        obviously you sound like a beneficiary of this Evil Inequality which is another Apartheid by black on black. Most countries in Africa are not ripe for your so called “competency”. Tribalism is a realty except for its Beneficiaries. Its a FACT that Africa is in conflict due to tribalism. Here we are in the same boat but ZANU asnd Beneficiaries want to paint a false picture to the world , they hand pick a few of locals to use as window dressers. Every Govt dept in this region is controlled by Shonas , question is ; is this FAIR? is this sustainable. What then becomes of our children. So are all those who staff Mhlahlandlela – COMPETENT., Police stations. i wish we could all be brave here and FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN. THEY WILL SEE US AS FAILURES. Those who say i am tribalist , what do they say is the Reason why all Govt Stations are manned by them with a few subordinate Ndebeles/locals under them with no meaningful authority?? zIMBABWE USES sECURITY FORCES TO SILENCE THE POPUL;ATION and we claim to be independent. I would nt like to see Shonas oppressed too as they are Zimbabweans but all have their Traditional Areas where they have to lead in Development issues, so do we here

    • Tonde

      Vusu has a point! These Easterners need to be kept in line! They have too much Ndabaningi Sithole blood in them!

  • my zanupf

    4 years doing Honours degree, two years doing masters only to get fired. STUPID IDIOT ACTING DA. NDIPEI BASA IRO NDIRI RAKASHE INI