UPDATED: Britain dismisses Prof Moyo’s ‘absurd conspiracy theories’

Professor Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
THE British Government has dismissed as “absurd conspiracy theories” claims by former Cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo that the United Kingdom is backing President Mnangagwa and his party Zanu-PF ahead of the country’s harmonised elections.

Instead, the UK said it was impartially advocating for a free and fair electoral process and was funding civil society organisations to promote a credible election.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Prof Moyo— who fled into exile during Operation Restore Legacy in November last year — accused the British Government and its Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ms Catriona Laing of supporting President Mnangagwa’s administration.

He even attacked Ambassador Laing for wearing a scarf with Zimbabwean flag colours claiming it was confirmation that she had endorsed President Mnangagwa.

The scarf shot to fame in January when President Mnangagwa started wearing it at various public engagements.

Ambassador Laing and the United Kingdom Government used the same platform to dispel Prof Moyo’s “absurd” theories with the British envoy saying she was one of the first people to own the scarf after it was presented to her as a Christmas gift by its designer in December last year.

“@ProfJNMoyo Sorry to put a spanner into your absurd conspiracy theories but my scarf in Zimbabwe flag colours was a Xmas present from the designer so I had it long before anyone else. I’m not supporting anyone or anything other than a better future for #Zimbabwe,” tweeted Ambassador Laing.

The UK Government also shot down Prof Moyo’s claims that it was supporting President Mnangagwa to win the country’s elections.

Prof Moyo had claimed that the BBC Hardtalk interview with MDC Alliance presidential candidate Advocate Nelson Chamisa was biased against the MDC-T leader.

The UK government pointed out that if it did not want a credible election — as Prof Moyo was claiming— it was not going to pour millions to capacitate civil society organisations towards the holding of free and fair elections.

“@ProfJNMoyo knows the BBC is ruthlessly impartial and takes pride in giving all politicians — including and perhaps especially British ones — a hard time. The idea they would take instructions from @ukinzimbabwe is laughable,” tweeted a spokesperson for the UK Government.

“Any actual substantive evidence of bias? We are spending £24 million on support to civil society this election cycle — to try and support #freeandfairelections. Would we bother if we wanted one candidate to win?”

Prof Moyo, one of the G40 kingpins, went into self exile last November at the height of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Operation Restore Legacy meant to target criminal elements that were surrounding former President Mugabe who resigned in the same month.

He has been rabidly tweeting from parts unknown, attacking everything pro-Zanu-PF to the point of paranoia.


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  • Daddy va Natsie

    Lets suppose they are as alleged by Jonathan…what’s the crime?

    • Chokwadi

      A foreign government should not interfere in the elections of another country, or else the whole process seizes to be democratic. Russia used social engineering to shift the political opinions of Americans towards voting for Trump. Recently France made a law forbidding any local party from accepting money from any foreign entity towards election campaigning.

      Britain is known for destabilizing elections when they intend to make a regime change.

      • Nkunzemnyama

        udakiwe you zany stooge.

        • Chokwadi

          What ?

      • Ndlukula Ye Sizwe

        Support for a particular party and interference in elections are two wildly different things. Whats sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. When Britain used to support and fund the Mugabe era MDC is was all good, now that they may be biased towards ED sokuyi interference…kkk

  • Rod Strictland

    You ni ggas iz tripping huh?? ah done did it ni gga, you need ta recognise dat you dealing wit uh crook. Remember ah’m Five part criminal, Two part felon.. otay buh-weet

    • Galveston

      Roddy boy; a criminal and a felon are the same thing; the only difference being that one is Brit English and the other is US. Hope that is of assistance to you, seeing as you failed your ECD entrance exam?

      • Rod Strictland

        Yo I also hope what I’m ’boutto share wif you will be o’ assistance given dat you also fond o’ plagiarizing da internet. da main difference between me an’ you iz dat, whilst you read ’boutwhat you write, I live/lived what I right about. ma motha fckin first misdemeanor wuz when I pushed a Bully off a moving Bus, I did git acquitted though I obtained a criminal record. When I stabbed ma motha fckin neighbour I did do tyme, like 4 months at Tryon an’ I wuz then labelled a one part criminal an’ a one part felon fo’ those two incidences. Given ma motha fckin life o’ crime mainly in the Queens and Staten Island Boroughs, I gots since graduated myself ta a Five part criminal, Two part felon otay ba-weet, mad Stupid like Orenthawl James!!

        • Galveston

          Tell me Roddy dear; what’s wrong with surfing the net for supportive material to write about things? You do it all the time, as witness your above claims to have been in certain New York boroughs, besides your fake accents which are supposedly associated with those boroughs. I doubt that you’d ever been anywhere near the places you claim to have lived in other than viewing these in third rated movies on television or during visits to questionable websites. I’d say that I have an advantage over you on this thing, considering that I spent a significant time in the US while on a sabbatical. And yes, I did visit NY, although, on specific advice, I chose not to visit your boroughs. My favourite city however, is Galveston Texas; the place where I studied, hence the choice of this city’s name for my profile. And you? Seems like you have to make do with your fantasies in order to satiate your multi-charactered alter egos. That; Roddy dear, makes you a schizophrenic. You need a good shrink: boy. Go see him/her quickly!

          • Rod Strictland

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            Yo I wish you wuz here so dat I let pull one Drag off Blunt, ta make you streetwise!! Jus’ like Orenthawl James.

          • Rod Strictland

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      • Hernandez Mustafa

        In various US District courts, Criminals are charged and labeled according to the felons and crimes they commit, hence the famous 3 part felon, 2 time criminal among US convicts Law enforcement agents.

  • Chokwadi

    He is right, you don’t need to be a professor to notice it. Even Chamisa’s interview on Hardtalk and reviews of his speech were strongly biased towards discrediting him. Their support was bought for a very corrupt price, Mnangagwa promised them what they wanted, he made a deal with them. He is going to rig the elections and the British are going to turn a blind eye – these guys have only their interests in mind and nothing else.

    • Galveston

      I’m with you on this one, guy!

      • Rod Strictland

        Yo Try an’ Chill an’ don’ be quick ta jive o’ things you know nuttin’ about, Actually if you wuz in New York, would gots uh given you muh motha fckin pass ta Caesar’s Palace so you could go eat some Crabs!! Sho ’nuff!

        • Yebo yes

          Kids are meant to be outside while adults are discussing important matters. On way out take your toys with you.

          • Portia

            Why don’t you get yourself a younger lover!!

          • Yebo yes

            Go play outside n take Rod with you

          • Rod Strictland

            Yo wants a successful marriage? Learn how ta lie. Yeah you look amazing in dat dress!!

          • Sphia Mlambo

            sometimes better off divorcing for the sake of the children!!

    • Joy

      When did the British fall in love with Zanu PF, the truth of the matter is that there is something good Ngwena has done that earned him favour and or respect unlike Mugabe who created enemies the world over and in his own backyard? Respect is earned you do not force is on yourself like in the army file and ranks. Chamisa and jonso can also do the same.

      • Chokwadi

        They call South Africa a 1 world country, and yet the black people in there are suffering. Malema said it : when ever you see the white people praise a black leader know that he has sold out and betrayed you.

        The same thing Mandela did. They are busy criticizing Kagama right now…a leader who has done nothing short of wonders after the Rwanda genocide.

        Be very worried that they like ED, be very worried…the worst thing is to have them involved, they don’t like us, they never did and they never will.

        Look at the things going on in America – blacks are being killed under a free country by the police, blacks in jail, poor school funding in black communities….etc

        Do you know that they nighted Mugabe after the war, Mugabe was referred to as SIR MUGABE a prestigious honor in Britain, but what happened later…

    • Doctor Do little

      I think the current situation is that this particular election might just prove to be unrigable. if there is such a word. My reasoning here is that there will be an attempt to rig but even with that when the situation is as it is these guys might be wrong in thinking they need a certain number of votes to rig because they do have a large support. The British and the Americans are well know for backing the wrong horse. This election might be about a weary people that are tired of the same old same old. Who is to say we don’t have a weary Army as well ? Chiwenga might be totally wrong in thinking the Army are behind them all the way. Talk about Chamisa’s dreams? Don’t we all have dreams? Who is to say that 20 years from now Zimbabwe will have not achieved his dream of “bullet trains”. In the past we dreamed of Electric trains and all that came true just to be reversed by an incompetent Government. We have to continue to dream rather than to have the British attitude that Africans are too stupid to have an advanced rail network. Give us more dreams Mr Chamisa. Even if 1/4 of them come true you will have beaten these losers hands down.

      • Primrose Mgutshini

        Unfortunately, trash scavenging is still frowned upon in our society for various,valid reasons though you have managed to do it successfully for years. You have managed to harness a fortune of abandoned keepsakes and edibles, mainly slightly overripe bananas and tomatoes tossed out carelessly by unsympathetic neighbours.

      • Yebo yes

        Chamisa doesn’t dream, he hallucinates big time

  • QB

    Hehehe now BBC is a Zim gvt’s source of information.

    • Mwalimu

      They are now the trusted allies to the new dispensation

  • Ntombi Tshabangu

    Moyo of all people. He is an “Enos Nkala” and should better keep his mouth shut.No I don’t support Chamisa but the “bomber of the Daily news’ needs to find another university and stay off the public.

  • The Observer

    Britain is well for its confusion, it was involved in the training of the fifth brigade to protect its white-farmers!

  • Galveston

    Where there is smoke; there must be a fire! And yes, the perfidious Brits are renowned for their deceptiveness. In fact the buggers have developed deceptiveness into a fine art!!

  • Major Musango

    Whatever … elections will not be won in the newspapers. We are the electorate, we know what we want and what the majority wants is change… and change is coming with Chamisa.

    You can blurt and blurt but come election day…. we are the electorate ……. X on Chamisa!

    • Douglas Shoko

      And if you generalise all people as supporting Chamisa I will shock you. I am not one of them

    • Chenzo

      Chamisa will never win be it rigging or no rigging chamisa will never ever be the the president of Zimbabwe. Just mark my words please.

    • takunda nigel

      Previous elections were not without electorates .
      Previous elections never had such a battered , stripped ,exposed lying Trump lapboy like troubled Chamisa .
      Even if he were to win , the country does not want a pitted head of state . The Army might demand a constitutional amendment to create a respectable CiC .Do not hide behind ” it never happened ” because most of our legislation is mischief legislation . When a situation arises , we rise to the situation resolutely .

  • Professor CMoyo

    Sacker said Zimbabwe now needs ‘mature’ leadership in reference to Mnangagwa. he went on to praise Mnangagwa on a number of things. what then do you call that?

    • Joy

      Seeing the situation as it is.

      • Doctor Do little

        Maturity is not about age Joy. Maturity is a ripeness. It does not necessarily mean age. And it definitely does no mean old age. If you want to spin it that way and then we have to suggest that those in power now have passed that stage and have now decayed . Definitely all passed their shelf life..

        • Dani Boy

          Stay calm, control your anxiety and pay attention to keep your balance over the slippery wet floor.

    • benjamin

      Having gone through 3 decades with a leader who openly disdained the international community (including neighbours just across the borders) together with its calls and recommendations, I do not see anything bad or biased about praising a man who is trying to convince the world atleast by his word that he want Zim to re-engage with the international community, to fight corruption, to work hard to address issues that have had us in this quandary for decades. Mugabe could have gone a long way in regaining the people favour given his charisma had he only started talking positively, and I said “TALKING”….

  • Joy

    Pro Jonathan Moyo is the criminal that surrounded the former president, what would you expect from the criminal?

  • zibulo

    Britain has always had a close affinity with Zimbabwe, way back to the days of Cecil Rhodes. The English culture was so instilled in Zimbabweans that just by looking at names of people , few blacks have african names !!!!. Also because of the “sleeping”but peaceful population (instilled by the colonisers for decades) Zimbabwe is a mini Britiain a country ready to spring up anytime someone Right-minded is in charge, maybe they are using a worm to catch ED ??

  • libertyatliberty

    Njabulo.libertyatliberty at gma il dot com.This guy is very controversial .Why did he not complain during Mugabe’s time in office that the British were allowing him to violet the human rights of Zimbabweans?.Why did he not ask Mugabe to step down since he was not running our country well?’Why did he not ask Mugabe to apologise and compensate those who lost their loved ones during the Gukurahundi era?Ironically ,his own father was killed by the same men he is trying to revive his legacy?What a big shame.Profesor Moyo is judas to the people of Tsholotsho.All this complain about not treating advocate Chamisa well by the British media ,is not a genuine complaint,as he has never /does not like any rival of Mugabe.Professor Moyo is desperate to restore Mugabe to power in Zimbabwe.It has never dawned to him that that will never happen.Further,that man is now very old.Why not stop humiliating himself by writing all that rubbish on twitter.Who in the world in their right mind would listen or tolerate any complaint about Mugabe being removed from power?After all the whole world wanted him out.And they are not even happy with his (Mugabe’s )protege,Munangagwa because he was part of what destroyed Zimbabwe’s goodwill and economy .More so ,he was part of those that made the decision to unleash Gukurahundi on innocent people.Because of his support of the Gukurahundist Professor Moyo must be indicted for his crimes which he committed while serving under the Gukurandist regime.The incumbent Gukurahundist president of Zimbabwe must request have him extradited ,so that he face the consequences of what he did.There is no doubt in one’s mind that Professor Moyo knows about the missing diamonds and the proceeds from them.Fair comment.

  • John Musara

    Can Professor Jonathan come hime and sacrifice himself for good governance. Why trying to lecture everyone everywhere everyone. BBC, British government and British Ambassador don’t worry about this big headed, long mouthed professor. Let him keep talking because the Internet will eventually help us to discover his hideout. He did not learn anything when they killed the innocent daughter down South, and when he was missed by a bullet here. Definitely If l am the one to get him everyone will know it with a death report

    • Martin Makanza

      ….find our his hide out and then do what? If he is spewing out nonsense as you suggest is the nonsense hurting anyone? The Prof never killed anybody so why would anyone want to silence him? Is it because there is some truth in what he is saying? The British rigged the 1980 elections in favour of RG….so the truth hurts that’s why you are frothing at the mouth wanting to silence the Prof. The first rule of Aftican politics is …get power. The second rule is once you get the power keep it at all costs. It’s naive to think that people staged a coup putting their lives on the line so that they could hand over power just like that. Think again.

      • Madluphuthu

        Well said

      • takunda nigel

        Why falsify recent history so ruthlessly ? How could UK have rigged in favour of a self-declared Marxixt Leninist when America was so closely involved on the Colonizer side of the Liberation Equation ? I believe it could still be posible to disagree with 1980 election result without disgracing Zimbabwe by suggesting so low thinking capacities for its citizens , Mwanawepasi .

    • takunda nigel

      Before they report him dead could we not have some time with him so he tells us to spot when the BBC is biased as he claims they were biased against 15 billion bulletTrains Chamisa ?
      Bitcoin fan faction leader Chamisa went to UK ” on the British Queen`s invit ” and ended up stripping himself naked of own volution .
      But we must not be diverted by the professor`s rumblings . He is a coward who can`t sleep until Mugabe grows young and makes a political comeback .
      As my Nigerian friends say : snake na ground , foot na ground – one day they go meet ho !
      Moyo will be back singing eventually .