Zupco, CMED approach council over urban routes

Nduduzo Tshuma Senior Reporter
THE Central Mechanical Engineering Department (CMED) and the Zimbabwe Passenger Company (Zupco) have approached the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) over an arrangement that will see their buses plying the city’s urban routes.
The move could be an indication of the beginning of the phasing out of kombis in line with government’s programme to decongest urban roads as announced by Transport and Infrastructural Development minister Dr Obert Mpofu recently.

Giving a vote of thanks at a council transport workshop last Friday, Ward 23 Councillor Thobani Ncube said the local authority had been approached by the two organisations inquiring about the city’s infrastructure.

“CMED and Zupco have been in touch with us, they want to bring their buses here and were asking about our infrastructure but we told them that they need to fit within our transport policy,” said Ncube.

Yesterday, BCC chamber secretary Sikhangele Zhou said the proposal was still in its infancy.
“There are no finer details at the moment but just to say that they approached us indicating that they wanted to bring buses. We told them that they needed to fit into the city’s transport policy,” said Zhou.

“The whole thing is at its initial phase. They did not say how they intend to operate. If there are any details that will emerge with time, we will let you know.”

Dr Mpofu recently said the proposed phasing out of kombis in urban areas was irreversible and urged operators to start investing in big capacity vehicles.

The minister said the phasing out of kombis was necessitated by congestion that the commuter omnibuses were causing in cities and towns, a development also blamed for the upsurge in traffic accidents.

He, however, said the government was not shutting out kombi operators but was prepared to assist them buy the required vehicles.
Dr Mpofu said the ministry would soon stop issuing road permits to low capacity vehicles to encourage investment towards big buses.

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  • Jotham

    I like this proposal. We need well organised transport operators of repute. CMED and ZUPCO should be allowed to operate transport services in the city. The current scenario is not sustainable at all. Haphazard , dangerous driving is currently the order of the day. Passengers being ill treated – insults and dehumanising treatment has reduced passengers to the “singenzani” syndrome. Worst forms of corruption and accidents is what the passengers are subjected to on a daily basis. I wish to thank Dr O Mpofu for the non- issuance of new permits. Enough is enough – amaKombi kakhitshwe endleni .

  • Doctor

    Madoda this idea a noble one but its a long term. I have doubts ofcoz at to whether they can work like what ZOC used to. After all how did Zupco get to a stage where it is now? Buses and used to move on time and were charging as per distance. Bus-stops had shelters and by the way `who removed the shelters? Lets revive the industry first so that those purported buses ferry people to and from work. There should be a wide choice for commuters to choose from.The advantage with kombis is that they drop you by your doorsteps. A train journey to Harare and Plumtee used to be marvellous. There was an electric train to Harare which was cherished by a lot of people years back,is it still there? Are there powerlines along the railwaylines still in tact?

  • Jotham

    You enjoy being abused by less educated Kombi crews who use foul language on commuters , endanger passengers’ lives with their bad driving habits. These kombi guys are uncultured , rude coupled with their bad driving , please Khumbulani spare us this loss of jobs mantra to these kombi crews- they deserve to go. Leave O. Mpofu to implement his resolutions without any hindrances. If I had the powers – I would have kicked them out long back. Singabantu thina ungabokuthaza ukubana siphathwe njenge zinja.Rabitshi hawu nxaaaaaaa.