2019 looting was a blessing in disguise for DJ Sweeto DJ Sweeto

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
The looting orgy that happened in Bulawayo at the beginning of 2019 forced popular wheel spinner, DJ Sweeto to change careers and take up photography after almost all his deejaying equipment was ransacked during the frenzy.

In 2019, there was some looting by opposition activists in some parts of the country, including Bulawayo, Harare and Chitungwiza.

During that orgy of violence, shops, bars and other places of business, especially in the high-density areas, were looted by criminals.

One such establishment was Mqombothi Sports Bar in Bulawayo’s Nkulumane suburb where DJ Sweeto used to operate. Following the mishap, DJ Sweeto (real name Walter Ncube) decided to take up photography, something he had always been passionate about, but never quite took seriously.

“Photography was something that I always wanted to do. It’s just that I’d never thought about it as an income-generating career,” said Sweeto, adding that he used to take pictures of events he hosted.

One particular picture he took in 2018, was admired by many with some encouraging him to try out photography full time.

“There was a picture that trended in 2018 that I took during the All-White Party at Mqombothi koBullet. I took it with a simple phone, but the angle I’d taken from, is what the people loved,” he said.

So when his deejaying equipment was stolen, DJ Sweeto decided to sell the remaining equipment and bought a camera.

Thereafter, he set up Sweeto Media which is now offering various shoots including indoor, street, couples, wedding, funerals, parties, family portraits, maternity and graduation. The pictures are quite impressive showing how talented DJ Sweeto is in this area.

This is a long way from the days he was a DJ at Bulawayo’s only strip club, Private Lounge as well as Club 263, The Lounge and Mqombothi.

Reflecting on his photography journey, DJ Sweeto expressed gratitude to experienced photographers in the city for showing him the ropes.

“I’ve been mentored by experienced photographers from Veins Media and Brooklyn Films whose assistance has really gone a long way. I’m doing just fine and just need to polish up one or two things,” he said.

Through photography, DJ Sweeto said he has been able to raise funds for another PA system.

“Things are looking up as I’m getting bookings as a photographer. I’m also offering the PA system for hire as well as my deejaying services.

This is convenient for the clients as they get a total package when they hire me,” said DJ Sweeto.

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