Bulawayo-born Model Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa shines in Miss World Head-to-Head Challenge Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa

Mthabisi Tshuma, [email protected]

BULAWAYO-born model Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa is flying the country’s flag high at the Miss World competition after she managed to be named among The Top 5 World Head to Head Challenge on Friday.

The challenge had 25 finalists from countries namely Zimbabwe, Brazil, Puertorico, Trinidad, United States of America, Botswana, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, South Africa, Belgium, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Wales, Australia, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Top five winners are from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, England and Botswana.

A Head to Head challenge is more like a public speaking setup.

The five Miss World Head-to-Head Challenge won the book “Swallowing the Sun” written by one of the judges Lakshmi Murdeshwar Puri.

Swallowing the Sun is an epic feat of remembering and storytelling. Through the eyes of its feisty young heroine, Malati, the novel recreates one of the most tumultuous periods in modern Indian history—the struggle for Independence.


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