Daisy Mtukudzi stage debut a disaster

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Daisy Mtukudzi stage debut a disaster Daisy and Oliver mtukudzi

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Daisy and Oliver mtukudzi

Daisy and Oliver mtukudzi

Oliver Mtukudzi’s wife Daisy had a bad day last Friday when she made a cameo appearance at the Harare International Festival of Arts (Hifa).

She had taken to the ZOL main stage to join her husband for the performance of Haasi Masanga during the Tuku and Friends concert where Winky D, Mono Mukundu and Tariro neGitare also performed.

Despite the fact that Haasi Masanga was familiar to her and she knew all the lyrics as she was featured on the track off Tuku’s latest album Eheka! Nhai Yahwe, she simply was off key, leaving a lot to be desired. The crowd did not do much to help her too as they did not hide their discontent as her voice simply could not match the superstar’s.

The song released late last year is their first collaboration since they got married.

As if her off the tune voice was not enough, she went on to talk backstage while the microphone was still on. Her conversation with keyboardist Munya Vhiyali could be heard while her husband haplessly looked at her, but kept his cool as he played the next song.

An undeterred Daisy came back to the stage joining Tariro neGitare who served as a backing vocalist on other songs that include Madiro and still, she was off tune.

However, the whole crew on stage ignored and continued with their performances.

Music critic David Mudzada said there was need for Daisy to practise before taking to the stage while others said she was not ready for the stage.

“It’s good to have her on stage since they’ve a song together but she needs serious grooming otherwise they might be going in the wrong direction,” Mudzada said.

Another music critic Reward Muchini believes the superstar needed some time before introducing Daisy on stage.

“Studio is different from stage because in the studio, the voice can be tuned to make it sound better, but on stage you’ll be using your raw voice.

“He should groom her first before any other moves,” Muchini said.

In an interview with our Harare Bureau last year, Daisy explained that she had no intention to venture into music but did so after Tuku insisted that she collaborates with him.

“He (Mtukudzi) told me that he wanted me to add my voice on one of the songs he’d written with me in mind. I didn’t want to. But, one evening he just came and said ‘let’s go’. I love television so much so I was very upset.

“He showed me what he’d written and I asked ‘saka moda kuti ndiite sei’ (so what do you want me to do)? to which he replied ‘imba’ (sing). So I sang and he encouraged me. He told me to do it with confidence and it started making sense. The following day we came back and after three days, I got it right. It’s not easy but I must admit, I’ve an ear for good and bad music,” Daisy was quoted just after working on Haasi Masanga.

Tuku on the other hand said the song was inspired by his 2015 documentary Masanga Bodo.

“Masanga Bodo means not a coincidence. Life is not by coincidence. All along she (Daisy) didn’t want to sing, but because of the storyline of Masanga Bodo, the documentary, I got her to do it. Now she’s rehearsing a number of songs,” said Tuku. – Harare Bureau/Showbiz Reporter

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