Despite losing elections, Zanu PF candidate continues with development in Lupane East under Second Republic’s ethos of leaving no one and no place behind Cde Phathisiwe Ncube

Leonard Ncube, Online Reporter

CDE PHATHISIWE Ncube, the Zanu-PF losing candidate for Lupane East Constituency has vowed to continue implementing development projects in the area despite being unsuccessful in the recent Parliamentary elections.

Before the elections, Cde Ncube drilled and installed a solar powered borehole that is serving more than 150 households from four villages in Lake Alice ward.

Villagers in Ndimimbili now have clean water


Lake Alice, especially in Luhumbe and Sentethe areas on the boundary with Nkayi, is one of the dry areas in Lupane and villagers share river water with animals, for domestic use.

She also distributed textbooks and novels to almost all schools in Lupane East in partnership with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education which was helping identify beneficiaries.

Some of the learners with books donated by Cde Ncube

Cde Ncube also paid for 250 young people from Lupane to undergo intensive first aid training conducted by Red Cross Zimbabwe.

The beneficiaries were awarded with certificates after writing competency examinations at the end of the training and have been added to a database of disaster risk management teams that will also help at various health institutions in times of disaster like accidents and floods.

Recently, a graduation ceremony was held for the first aid graduands.

Cde Ncube has also drilled another borehole in Ndimimbili after the elections as she commits to help uplift her community in line with the Second Republic national development agenda and vision of uplifting livelihoods towards Vision 2030.

Provision of clean water also helps enhance food nutrition and sufficiency and help the nation in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Villagers welcome a new solar powered borehole in Ndimimbili

The Red Cross training was meant to encourage youth to have something to do in life and shun drug and substance abuse so they get uplifted and help the country attain Vision 2030.

 “Lupane is in a dry region hence there are water shortages. The need for water is a necessity and villages are happy to have water for household consumption and for their livestock. This also encourages the community to do income generating projects like green gardening and also sell to earn a living,” said Cde Ncube.

The projects will spread to all wards and she is working with the department of Rural Infrastructure Development Agency, formerly District Development Fund.

Books donated to schools in Lupane

Cde Ncube said her focus is on every sector of the economy.

“I realised that in most schools there are learners up to Grade 7 who are non-readers hence I decided to source books for the schools. Our idea is to provide schools with learning materials and creation of libraries will also help reduce social decadency and unruly behaviour from our children.

“The first aid training course is essential to the community as it provides skill on how to handle a situation in the event of an accident. The trainees were equipped with knowledge that different accidental situations need different action responses and an emergency reaction team register made up of trained first aid personnel will be created in the wards,” she said.-@ncubeleon

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