Econet dismisses social media reports on EcoCash

02 Feb, 2018 - 00:02 0 Views
Econet dismisses social media reports on EcoCash

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Thandeka Moyo, Chronicle Reporter
ECONET Wireless has dismissed social media claims regarding the security around EcoCash transactions after allegations that people can easily manipulate the system went viral.

In some of the messages circulating on WhatsApp platforms, members of the public are being advised to be wary of losing sight of their phones as anyone could access their EcoCash without a PIN.

Some members of the public panicked over the security breach claims.

In response on Twitter, Econet assured members of the public that their funds on EcoCash were safe.

“Kindly note that the short code on social platforms is false. Please disregard it as EcoCash does not allow access to people’s accounts without asking for a pin code. The *151*# EcoCash menu allows customers the convenience of instantly accessing the top level menu,” reads the statement.

Econet also advised members of the public to keep their PIN codes private to avoid illegal transactions.

“Please note that all transactions on EcoCash cannot complete without a pin. A transaction cannot be successfully made using *151*#. It gives you an error message that reads General fail exception at the end. As long as you keep your PIN private there is no need to worry because with EcoCash your funds are always secure.”

The EcoCash mobile money transfer service is used by more than 6,8 million Zimbabweans and more than $23 billion worth of transfers was transacted over the past five years.

One message that Econet said is false read: “Hi guys a friend of mine lost his phone as it was stolen during the past week.

“The thieves also managed to use all the money that was on his Ecocash account without a pin as it has emerged that anyone can access your account by simply dialling *151*#. It seems like a new strategy being used by thieves and I urge you all to be careful, you can dial *151*# now and prove what I am saying.”  — @thamamoe


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