Expect more explicit dance moves: Married Bev Beverly Sibanda

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent

RAUNCHY dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda, who recently got married, is certainly not leaving her trade for anything as she has lined up a series of shows in Bulawayo and Victoria Falls where she has vowed to showcase extra erotic moves.

After her marriage to United Kingdom-based Chambuka Mufudzi at the Harare Magistrates’ Court last month, some thought Bev would quit her dancing job to focus on her marriage, but with this latest line-up of shows, it is clear she is not slowing down.

Bev, who is popular for her suggestive dance moves, is expected to perform at Comfort Pub and Grill in Victoria Falls tomorrow followed by a performance at Zansibar in Bulawayo on February 29. For the Bulawayo show, she will be accompanied by her Sexy Angels crew and will share the stage with Afro Queens. 

Through her manager Hapaguti “Harpaz” Mapimhidze, Bev said she will not leave her trade for anything and will instead, be adding more flavour to her routines.

“After marriage, I’m back in the game and with a bang. I’ll not be changing my dances because I’m married, but I’ll be rolling out more explicit dances,” said Bev.

Harpaz also supported Bev saying: “We’re continuing with her shows. This (dancing) is what she does and that’s her job. Just because someone is now married doesn’t mean they’ll stop going to work. That’s where we are with Bev’s career, it’s moving forward”.

After images from her marriage surfaced, some were convinced that Bev was pregnant as her stomach had a bulge. She however, dismissed the pregnancy rumours, saying she has gained weight.

“I’m not pregnant at all. It’s only that I’ve gained weight so these rumours should be dismissed,” she said.

Harpaz said the pregnancy rumour would be dismissed when people see Bev live in action.

“When we come to Bulawayo at the end of February, people will see whether Bev is pregnant. They’ll also see that she’s still the real deal in terms of dancing,” he said.

Since Bev always has a busy schedule, Haparz said she and her supportive husband would be shuttling between Zimbabwe and the UK, visiting each other from time to time. – @mthabisi_mthire.

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