Jilted man stabs girlfriend to death

27 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
Jilted man stabs girlfriend to death

The Chronicle

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Gwanda Correspondent
A MANGWE man allegedly fatally stabbed his live-in girlfriend of eight years with a kitchen knife after she told him that she wanted their relationship to end as he was abusive.

A village head from Makhubu area, Mr Stanley Moyo confirmed the incident which occurred within his area of jurisdiction on Tuesday at around 10PM.

He said Cephas Ndebele who was staying with his girlfriend Lynet Siziba at Makhokhoba Compound in Makhubu Village fled after committing the offence and is still at large.

“I can confirm that there is a man from my village who stabbed his girlfriend to death with a kitchen knife. The man Cephas Ndebele was drinking at Makhokhoba Compound where they also stay and his girlfriend Lynet Siziba was at their tuckshop which is close to where he was drinking together with her young sister. Siziba approached Ndebele and told him that she wanted their relationship to end because he was abusing her,” he said.

“Ndebele wasn’t pleased by what Siziba told him and they had a misunderstanding. Ndebele started pushing and shoving Siziba while shouting that there was no way which their relationship could end as they had been together for a long time.”

Mr Moyo said the noise attracted their neighbours who tried to intervene.

He said Ndebele took a kitchen knife and stabbed Siziba several times and fled. He said people tried to administer first aid but without luck and Siziba died before she could be taken to hospital.

Mr Moyo said Ndebele and Siziba had been cohabiting for eight years.

He said Siziba was being frequently abused by Ndebele.

“This couple had been staying together for the past eight years in the compound where they were running their businesses of tuckshops. The report I received is that Siziba was frequently running away in the middle of the night seeking refuge at their neighbour’s homestead as Ndebele was abusing her.

“It’s so sad that this abuse which she experienced escalated to the extent that she lost her life. This is a tragic incident for us as a community. The last I checked Ndebele was still on the run as he fled after committing the offence. As a community we are also on the lookout for him as we want to see him prosecuted for this crime which he committed.”

Police could not immediately comment on the [email protected]

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