Lecturer launches e-learning platform Mr Charles Massimo

Andile Tshuma, Chronicle Reporter

A Zimbabwean lecturer has launched an e-learning school offering internationally recognised courses with an option to pay fees in local currency.

Premium Access offers internationally accredited academic and professional courses in fields such as business management, occupational health and safety and cyber security.

This comes at a time when most Zimbabweans are struggling to access online education, which primarily requires them to pay in foreign currency. 

The majority of Zimbabweans do not have access to forex after the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development did away with the multi-currency system last year as Government is working to rebuild the economy and the value of the Zimbabwean dollar. 

The director of the online establishment, Mr Charles Massimo, a lecturer at the Bindura University of Science Education, said the platform was in line with Government’s SMART Zimbabwe 2030 masterplan.  “Our platform offers various affordable and internationally recognised professional skills courses in various academic disciplines. It contains over 300 courses which people can access and pay using local currency through various gateway systems (EcoCash, TeleCash, OneMoney, Zimswitch). Our client will enjoy instant activation, and instant access to expertly prepared learning material,” said Mr Massimo.

He said students are examined online and certificates sent to them online. 

“We are thus basically talking about a total classless platform with allows one to enhance their skills capacity in their respective comfortable place, anytime. This platform also offers various organisations an opportunity to partner with us to create their tailor- made capacity building programmes which can be offered through our user-friendly e-learning platform and can be accessed in their various branches throughout the country,” said Mr Massimo. 

He said the platform will serve the majority of Zimbabweans in formal employment who lack time to attend conventional school due to work and other commitments.

Mr Massimo said the courses were structured in a flexible manner to allow the students to work at their own pace according to their needs. 

“Time is a scarce resource and as such not many people can afford time to attend classes particularly to enhance their skills. Our platform brings total convenience to both the employers and employees and this will improve company productivity.  We have courses in various categories including Leadership and Management, Business and Entrepreneurship, Health and Safety, Health and Social Welfare, IT and Cyber Security, Human Resources Management and Project Management among others. Premium Access E- Learning presents a serious ultimate link to our success as a country because increased productivity requires a trained workforce,” he said.

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