Liquid introduces cloud-based data centres

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Liquid introduces cloud-based data centres

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Sikhulekelani Moyo, Business Reporter
LIQUID Intelligent Technologies is spearheading the adaptation of cloud-based data centres within the business sector countrywide for enhanced data security and flexibility in work environments.

The data centres will be backed up by Azure, which is a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft for application management and managed data centres dotted around the world.

According to Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Azure will give companies computing power over large businesses without the need to invest in a large information technology staff like servers and hardware.

Addressing business players and various IT engineers in Bulawayo, Liquid Intelligent Technologies executive head of Cloud and Cyber Security for the Southern Africa Region Mr Munyaradzi Choto said adopting cloud was effective in cutting down operational costs.

He said the technology allows companies to have reduced risk of innovation given that businesses will not run the risk associated with huge investments into experimental projects that might not work out.

“Microsoft 365 and Azure have the benefits which businesses can realise.

It helps to save cost as there is no need for stationery and also people can work from anywhere as there will be no need for specific physical works spaces,” said Mr Choto.

He said the services have data backup, disaster recovery for data mechanisms which are cost effective.

Mr Choto said following the advantages brought by their services, they have had positive feedback from their clients as they are now migrating to the cloud undertaking digital transformation.

Speaking to the Business Chronicle, Powersales IT manager Mr Sibusiso Ndlovu said business needs to invest in technologies which are cost effective.

“Businesses need to embrace such kind of technologies, and move with the times, the services brought by Liquid Intelligent Technologies have more benefits, which include cost effectiveness and convenience where you can access work place from anywhere,” said Mr Ndlovu.

“Cyber security is a very important factor because there is a lot of moving of data and there are a lot of people who would want to take advantage of weak systems that they can easily infiltrate, so cyber security is the key aspect of cloud technology.”

Hybrid cloud services from Microsoft’s Azure and Azure Stack suite is now available through Liquid Telecom’s five data centres on the continent, along with Liquid’s Cloud Connect service for Microsoft ExpressRoute.

These services are connected over its network across Africa, which is approaching 70 000km of fibre, said the company.

Liquid Telecom

The five regions where Liquid Telecom is offering Azure hybrid cloud services are South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda and more countries are scheduled to go live.

Clients will also be able to purchase cloud services in their local currencies and only pay for what they use.

– @SikhulekelaniM1

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