Man kills 7-yr-old for phone charger

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Man kills 7-yr-old for phone charger

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Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD boy from Fort Rixon was allegedly strangled to death by a man who sneaked into his bedroom in the middle of the night after he had earlier during the day refused to give him a cellphone charger to charge his phone.

Nqobizitha Zulu died on the spot when Kelvin Nyandeni of Insango village, under Chief Jahana allegedly sneaked into his bedroom and strangled him at around at around 1 AM on Wednesday.

Nyandeni escaped when Proud Tshuma, a herd boy who was sleeping in the same room with the minor, woke up.

When family members rushed into the bedroom, Zulu was already dead.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident and said the suspect had been arrested and was assisting police with investigations.

“I can confirm the arrest of a man who allegedly strangled a minor following some unclear misunderstanding. He is assisting police with investigations,” he said.

The boy’s body was ferried to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for post mortem.

A source who preferred anonymity said Nyandeni had earlier gone to the homestead when Zulu was home alone, and allegedly asked to charge his cellphone there.

The boy allegedly refused to help him.

“The boy, who was alone at home, refused. After midnight, Nyandeni returned to that home and attacked the minor with his bare hands. We are in shock and disbelief as we are trying to figure out the main reason for this attack.

“Was it just the cellphone charging issue or there is more to it? We are also wondering what grudge a 22-year-old man could have been holding against a seven-year-old to the extent of strangling him,” said the source.

“When we got word of what had happened, as a community we quickly embarked on a search for the suspected killer, whom we found relaxed at his homestead and we apprehended him. He was arrested and we want him to give us a proper and reasonable explanation for what he has done.”

Chief Jahana expressed concern with the increase in cases of murder and assault in Fort Rixon.

“I am very much worried about the increased cases of violence in Fort Rixon. I am urging villagers to put an end to such behaviour because it only lands them in jail. People should learn to live in peace and harmony. When there are misunderstandings, they should learn to consult and engage third parties like family members, police, community leaders and churches,” said Chief Jahana.—@winnie_masara

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