Munch & Sip gears up for another unforgettable event Mandipa Masuku

Mbulelo Mpofu, [email protected] 

MUNCH & Sip, the country’s premier culinary event has embarked on a delectable journey of food tasting, engaging with diverse stakeholders to anticipate the delights awaiting attendees at the upcoming event taking place at the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre (ZIEC) grounds next week.

As a highlight of the pre-event activities, an exclusive tasting affair convened ticket holders for the upcoming event, members of the press and aficionados proudly sporting Munch & Sip merchandise at the Kings Kraal restaurant in Bulawayo last Friday. The gathering, titled “Beer and Food Pairing – A Castle Lite Activation Evening”, aimed to provide attendees with a preview of the tantalising African cuisine, set to take centre stage at the inaugural Munch & Sip event of the year.

The food tasting was necessitated by Munch & Sip’s partnership with Castle Lite, a brand that was recently unveiled as the official beverage sponsor for the second-year running. 

Patrons enjoying food at the Munch & Sip food tasting event held on Friday

At the event, Munch & Sip curator, Mandipa Masuku, said: “We are happy to meet here to sample African cuisines. We’re satisfied to see that over the years, we’ve been able to create jobs through such initiatives. Food is our community indeed and coming together to celebrate food, makes us happy.

“We’re also grateful for the support that we’ve been offered by Castle Lite for the second year running. It shows that we’re doing something worth sponsoring.”

On Saturday, another similar event was held at The Smoke House restaurant. 

In Africa, food is not merely sustenance, but an artform that connects people, celebrates their roots and tells stories of those before them. Munch & Sip has been able to capture and wet taste buds through collaboration with food stall owners who offer a unique culinary experience, filling the air with the sizzle of grilled steak, the rhythm of pounding mortar and pestle, and the laughter of people coming together to enjoy a vibrant communal feast.

Some of the gastronomic goodies served at the Munch & Sip food tasting event

Masuku affirmed that preparations for the upcoming event were well underway, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Notably, she said a camping site has been established in the upmarket Hillside suburb for both local and visiting attendees. The official Munch & Sip travel partner, Better Drive Car Rental, is set to ferry people to the venue from the camp site.

 The last Munch & Sip edition was held on New Year’s Eve at Queens Sports Club last year. At the ZIEC grounds, patrons are set to enjoy entertainment from Jason le Roux, MoT from Micasa, Dolly Ya Mama, DJ Feel G, DJ Sibbs Apollo and, Tino Chinyani as the host. – Follow on X @MbuleloMpofu


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