Murder, he wrought: In-laws demand 10 cattle Mr Bruce Sibanda shows the remains of the hut that was torched by Christopher Gotore

Leonard Ncube in Binga

ONE of the families of five people who were axed to death in Binga last Friday has demanded 10 head of cattle or they will dump the bodies at the killer’s family homestead.

The family has said failure to deliver the livestock will mark the end of their relationship with their in-laws, whose son Christopher Gotore (20) allegedly committed the gory killings.

Gotore allegedly killed Mr Admire Nyangarai, his wife Ms Bibeat Munsaka (23) and the couple’s one-year-old baby Loice Compassion Nyangarai, who was axed while on her mother’s back.

Others are Ms Chiravigwa Shumba, from Makope Village under Chief Sayi in Gokwe and seven-year-old Shan Sibanda.

Gotore allegedly torched a bedroom hut before butchering a cow and a calf belonging to his brother-in-law, Shan’s father Mr Bruce Sibanda in whose homestead he stayed.

Mr Sibanda’s father Mr Wilson Toindepi Sibanda is demanding a herd of 10 cattle before he buries his sister Ms Shumba and grandson Shan.

“Killing my sister and grandson marked the end of our relations. We want them to pay 10 cows or else we won’t bury her. If they don’t pay, we will dump their bodies at their homestead,” he said.

Mr Sibanda told our news crew that Gotore appeared disoriented when he was arrested after showing up at a funeral wake for his victims, asking for matches to light a fire to roasting mealies.

He said Gotore was still carrying the blood-stained murder weapon and allegedly said he thought he was killing pigs.

He reportedly later claimed he acted in self-defence after his aunt threatened to kill him.


Mr Wilson Toindepi Sibanda who is demanding a herd of 10 cattle before he buries his sister and grandson

Mr Sibanda said on the day, Gotore suddenly turned violent and approached them with an axe in his hand.

“He came straight to us and I thought he intended to put the axe down but he immediately struck my aunt once on the collarbone and she collapsed,” he said.

Mr Sibanda said he and his wife fled in different directions as Gotore charged at them.

He said he went to Nyangarai’s homestead intending to seek help but found a hut on fire.

When he returned with neighbours to his homestead, his aunt was already dead.

Out of fear, Mr Sibanda and other villagers covered the bodies and went to sleep at a nearby neighbourhood watch committee member’s homestead. 

They only realised in the morning that Nyangarai’s wife and child had been killed as their bodies were in a maize field. 

Gotore allegedly disappeared after committing the heinous crimes and later returned to the same homestead and mourners who had gathered scurried for cover in the maize field.

He allegedly charged at armed police officers who were at the homestead threatening to axe them.

Mourners gathered at the homestead

The officers allegedly shot him on the leg to subdue him before arresting him.

“He still had the bloodstained axe and when he returned home in the evening, he wanted some matches to make fire so he could roast some mealies. When we asked him why he did that, he said our Nyangarai and aunt had threatened to kill him. His speech was incoherent, at some point he said he thought he was killing pigs,” said Mr Sibanda.

He said Gotore neither drank beer nor abused drugs.

A Grade Seven school dropout, Gotore relocated to Lusulu in 2017 after working at Sacred Heart Mission in Esigodini as a general hand. 

Gotore’s brother Elvis said the accused was not a violent person.

He said they allowed him to relocate to stay with his sister as he didn’t show signs of causing trouble but wanted to help his in-laws in the fields.

One of his aunts, Mrs Siphilisiwe Tshuma said Gotore could have been influenced by evil spirits.

Munsaka and her baby will be buried at her parents’ homestead in Mswazi in Lusulu, while Shan will be buried at his parents’ homestead.

Shumba will be buried in Gokwe once the two families settle the dispute.

All the five bodies were expected in Lusulu yesterday evening.-@ncubeleon

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