National Customer Service Week launched

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Week, which will be celebrated in the first week of October (3 to 7).
The theme of this inaugural event is “Promoting a culture of service excellence”.’

Speaking at the launch, CCAZ president Mr Owen Vere said the National Customer Service Week celebrations will afford local businesses a chance to focus on improving customer service
“The main thrust of National Customer Service Week is to create a positive message that lasts all year long, and to provide a productive opportunity to generate an even stronger commitment to customer service excellence.

“The National Customer Service Week will also serve as a platform for businesses to appreciate loyal customers as well as developing and fostering the culture of service excellence within the country at a time when the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry is at an intensive marketing drive to promote our country as a preferred global tourist destination.

“For the past years, tens of thousands of businesses around the world celebrated Customer Service Week and few companies in Zimbabwe were aware or took part in this global celebration,” he said.

The National Customer Service Week is being organised by the Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe, which is the sole association for call centres and customer service professionals in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

The event is expected to become an annual event.
Consumer Council of Zimbabwe executive director Ms Rosemary Siyachitema said her organisation backed the initiative, which seeks to empower customers.

“We look forward to the establishment of a symbiotic relationship between the CCAZ and CCZ because we both believe that the customer is king,” she said.
Also addressing delegates at the event, Safari Operators’ Association of Zimbabwe representative Ms Sally Brown said although Zimbabweans were generally known as friendly there is always room for improvement.

“Foreign tourists that visit the country have expressed their pleasure at Zimbabwean’s friendly and welcoming nature. However, there is always room for improvement, especially if as a country we can learn to embed the culture of respect in our young ones,” she said.

Local firms will have an opportunity to inform their customers on company products through a customer service expo that will be held in Africa Unity Square in the capital on Day 3 of the event.
National Customer Service Week is an extension of the International Customer Service Week, which was initiated by the International Customer Service Association in 1988 and this event has been normally celebrated within the first full week of October and has become a global week to celebrate and promote customer service excellence and to appreciate the role of customers in business growth and sustainability.

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