Nolisa reflects on Voice of Poland stint

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Nolisa reflects on Voice of Poland stint Nolisa

The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Reporter 

DAY in and day out, the world’s creative sector is introduced to new budding names and Zimbabweans are not being left out. The latest to be exposed to the international music scene is fast-rising songstress Nolisa who has risen to fame following her stint on The Voice of Poland.

 Born Nobesuthu Lisa Khumalo, the artiste managed to showcase her talent on the talent show’s season 13 last year, a move she believes was the breakthrough point for her career. The show was won by Dominik Dudek. 

 Chronicle Showbiz caught up with Nolisa who told us more about herself and her journey in the music industry.

“I was born in Umzingwane district and did my education in Harare. I’m a sister to three siblings and mother to one baby boy. Apart from music, I’m passionate about culinary arts, culture, fashion, modelling and craft designing. I find joy in preparing experimental dishes, shopping, beading and travelling,” she said.

 Nolisa who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Vincent Pol University in Lublin shared why she joined the creative industry.

“It was due to the need to be heard, not just for my vocal skills and abilities, but also to play an inspirational role in other people’s lives. I’ve always created superstar fantasies since childhood, performing on big stages for a large audience. My family and friends support me every step of the way and push me beyond my comfort zone,” she shared.

 She said as a versatile artiste, she focuses on genres that include Pop, Soul, Afro-beats and RnB.

“My art is centred on life experiences, personal and other acquaintances,” she said.

 The up-and-coming artiste said when she went to Poland, she only had a voice but had little knowledge of music. She said she tried to pursue her passion for music when she was in Zimbabwe, but due to lack of recognition, she was deterred. The spark was to be later ignited during her stint on The Voice of Poland. 

“I tried my hand at music when I was still in Zimbabwe as I recorded a single that I ended up deleting on all platforms. I felt the lack of recognition so it just didn’t work out, but that didn’t stop me. It instead triggered the flame in me to start somewhere even better and I landed on The Voice.”

 On how she landed on the reality show, Nolisa said: “I solidly did my homework by binge-watching the previous seasons of the Voice of Poland, taking notes on all proceedings. My partner who witnessed the growth of my obsession and passion helped me enroll in the music school, Rhythm in Melodia in Lublin. 

“Without thinking twice, I decided to take the step further and got into The Voice after my few classes and concerts,” she said.

 “Initially, a lot of people close to me didn’t really believe in me pursuing my musical dream and only started taking me seriously after seeing the results.”

 Balancing music and school during the time that she contested in The Voice of Poland was a tall order but she managed to juggle the two.

“As a singer, finding a balance between my studies and music was exhausting but satisfying. It wasn’t easy as a student balancing more than one career at the same time,” she said.

 Nolisa is now working on launching her first official project which she hopes will get enough credit.

Giving advice to up-and-coming artistes, Nolisa said: “As an up-and-coming artiste, and from the angle of my own experience, I’d say it’s a long road where you need to equip yourself and be able to act accordingly when faced with a challenge or an opportunity.

“You need to be prepared to work under pressure and have a great deal of fortitude dealing with various opinions and criticisms from people.” – @mthabisi_mthire

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