Pardoned thief corrected

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Pardoned thief corrected

The Chronicle

Lingani Nyika , Chronicle Reporter
AN unrepentant thief who was recently released from prison through the Presidential Amnesty is back in jail just a few days after being pardoned after he stole a bottle of face lotion from OK Supermarket in Victoria Falls.

Raison Chenjere (23) of 1084 Chinotimba was pardoned while serving a sentence for unlawful entry and theft at Sawanga Mall in Victoria Falls.

He had served more than a third of his jail term when he was recently released on Presidential Amnesty.

A few days after his release, Chenjere entered OK Supermarket and stole a bottle of lotion.

He was arrested after alert security spotted that he was hiding something under his armpit and searched him upon which the lotion valued at $690 was recovered.

Chenjere pleaded guilty to theft when he appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Ms Linda Dzvene yesterday.
Ms Dzvene sentenced him to six months in prison before bringing into effect one month that was suspended in November.

In mitigation, Chenjere said he stole because he was hungry and wanted to sell it to raise money to buy food as he had not eaten anything since his release from prison.

Prosecuting Mr Asher Chindedza said Chenjere stole from OK Supermarket on Independence Day.

“On 18 April at OK Supermakret in Victoria Falls, the accused person entered the shop and took one bio-oil skin care lotion and put it inside his shirt under the armpit and walked outside the shop,” said Mr Chindedza.

The court was told that a security guard stopped and searched him leading to the recovery of the stolen lotion. — @NyikaLingani.

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