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Today’s SMS/Whatsapp reader feedback Tendai Biti

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Tendai Biti

Tendai Biti

Response to “Biti pledges sanctions on Zim”. Then they say they have people at heart, I will never waste my vote on MDC Alliance never. To them power is what is at stake not the people. — MacweanS.

Elections are done, let’s move our country forward. We will deal with our differences as we go! “Zimbabwe cannot be held to ransom by the ambitions of few political opportunists who would rather step on dead bodies on their way to State House. — Tich Tichaona.

Response to “Zambia denies Biti asylum”. My sixth sense makes me query the genuineness of Biti’s political asylum claim in Zambia, rather it appears to be an MDC Alliance ploy to bring maximum damage to Zimbabwe through bad publicity. The MDC Alliance is challenging results in the Constitutional court and at the same time senior members are fleeing the country, the two do not add up. Zimbabwe must be wary of the Odinga effect. — Gilbert Bete.

Response to “Chamisa guns for Mwonzora’s head”. Chamisa and his unthinking supporters say Zanu-PF is bad but people will discover that MDC is worse. Chamisa disowned his supporters, the same people who voted for him and died for him, after inciting them to carry out a violent demonstration just one day after elections. He forgot them before he even got into office. People should wake up. — Samuel.

Political players that undermine the importance of chiefs in governance should listen when the rural voices speak. They might hear and understand their socio-political and economic arguments thereby gaining insight of the aspirations of their subjects. They must stop complaining when they don’t understand who they vote for. — Shangwa.

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