Top producer, Lance Hebron working on debut album

24 Jan, 2023 - 13:01 0 Views
Top producer, Lance Hebron working on debut album Lance Hebron, Master Zhoe, Diliza and DJ Dagger.

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Millicent Dube, Showbiz Reporter

South Africa-based Lance Hebron who has produced for the likes of Msiz’kay, Novuyo Seagirl and MJ Sings is working on his producer album edition that he hopes to release sometime soon.

Among those featured are Shado M who is behind the “Inhliziyo yami ithi hey” track, Tammy Moyo, Skaiva, Novuyo Seagirl and Brandon Dludlu.

“I’m super excited for the year. I’ve already worked with a couple of amazing singers and it’s promising to be electric. Powerful singers like Tammy Moyo, Skaiva, Thandeka, Khoikhoi, Novuyo Sea girl, and Reilo Viekk are featured on the album.

“I started working on this project when I was still in Zimbabwe and hope to deliver it to the people soon,” said Lance Hebron.

The producer is also set to work with up-and-coming South African musician Luluma K, as well as The Soul Café hit-maker Kaylow and SK Khoza mostly known for his role in the Queen as Shaka.

The music producer missed out on the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA) last year as the best music producer gong went to Murphy Cubic.

“Everyone deserves a moment of glory. I’ve won five awards including two from the BAAs and that makes me grateful enough. Seeing others getting the same opportunity is a great feeling because it unveils people who’re very good out there, but never get the opportunity to showcase it,” he said.

Since last year, Lance Hebron and Leslie Kampila have been working on another project that will see them feature Athena Cage from the United States of America. Cage is a well-known artiste who was featured on Keith Sweat’s “Nobody” hit.

“Lately, we’ve been doing covers of hit songs that are trending with an artist called Intercessor. They have mostly been duets and one of them has already been uploaded on YouTube,” said Lance Hebron.

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