WATCH: Magwaza junior rakes money on stage

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WATCH: Magwaza junior rakes money on stage Minenhle ‘‘Magwaza’’ Ncube (centre) on stage with Macrey Super Sounds last weekend

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Mkhululi Ncube,Showbiz Reporter

WHILE it is a struggle for many musicians to bequeath their legacy to their children, nine-year-old Minenhle “Magwaza” Ncube, son of rhumba star Clement Magwaza is not waiting for that as he has stepped onto the stage as a livewire.

The Grade Three pupil is now part and parcel of his father’s dance team and he is good at it.

This past weekend, the Dingumuzi Primary School pupil wowed revellers at Blue Lagoon where Macrey Super Sounds was performing. So good was his act that rhumba lovers, captivated by his dancing skills, showered the young sensation with loads of money.

“I want to be a cross-border driver when I grow up,” the youngster said when asked about his future plans.

In fact, his knowledge of cars is no match for many adults. He even knows that for one to move a car, they should engage it into gear one.

His mother, wife to Magwaza, Pawada “Pah” Moyo who is also part of Magwaza’s dancing team said they have decided to let their son do what he loves, but they are guiding and protecting him because of his age.

“Ukwenza kwakhe usenyaweni kamdala (he’s taking after his father), but he’ll surpass him from the way that I see it. But for someone his age, he’s certainly ahead of time because he can do anything on stage.

“He started dancing when he was two years old. We never taught him, in fact, we were trying to discourage him from it due to his age as we feared that it may distract him at school, but it was too late because fans had already fallen in love with him and they urged us to let him be,” Pah said.

She said so talented is the young Magwaza that most people hiring the band are demanding that he be part of the entourage.

Clement Magwaza

Due to his dancing skills, Pah said he gets the most money on stage compared to the senior dancers as fans cannot believe his skills on stage.

“With the money that he gets, he can actually pay his school fees, buy uniforms and everything needed at school. But we’ve opened an investment account for him in Botswana and all the money he gets on stage, we’re depositing it into his account so that it helps him in future,” she said.

She said the young dancer is able to balance his school work and passion for dancing as they make sure that school work comes first before the band.

“We want him to put education first and the band second. He must have a profession first and while at it, he can do music part-time. He also has a great interest in playing drums and always makes his own drums when home.

“At school, he does a number of extra-curricular activities like playing soccer and modelling. He’s talented in many areas,” said Pah in a brief interview during a break from their performance.

While their other children love music, Pah said their talents do not reach Minie’s level, hence they do not make up the travelling team.

The young dancer was busy counting his money during the break before handing it to his mother for safekeeping.

When the band returned on stage, Minie went toe to toe with seniors, matching their skill and precision.

During one of the dance routines, he skilfully overtook them to lead the line with crowds whistling and clapping in support of the young star.

Speaking on the sidelines of their performance, senior Magwaza said he is immensely impressed by his son.

“He’s coming up nicely and I’m banking on him to lead the band in future as I’m giving him guidance but I want him to be committed at school first,” Magwaza said. – @themkhust

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