WATCH: We’ll be more careful next time – Nkayi family

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WATCH: We’ll be more careful next time – Nkayi family

The Chronicle

Mkhululi Ncube, Chronicle Reporter

THE Mpofu family in Nkayi, which lost 21 cattle last week after mistakenly dozing them with a deadly grain protectant, says it will be more careful next time when handling dozes to avoid another tragedy.

Mr Dennis Mpofu was representing the family during the handover of 13 cattle in Bulawayo by 40 farmers from Matabeleland region.

Family member Dennis Mpofu

He said they will adopt new methods of keeping cattle as they would be taught by the veterinary officers.

“Words alone are not enough for us to express our gratitude for the love you have given to us as family. You have helped my children and by that you are now part and parcel of the Mpofu family,” he told The Chronicle.

“I urge all farmers to take all precautions to avoid such disasters happening again. We are starting a new life as farmers in how we view cattle and we appreciate the farmer`s field`s school that will be opened at our homestead to assist other farmers.”

Mr Mpofu said the family will make other plans for drought power so that they do not use the donated cattle for that.

He was accompanied by a relieved Mr Orderly Mpofu who administered the doze leading to the death of the cattle and Mr Lindani Mpofu who bought the grain protectant at the receiving ceremony.

“When you phoned us for details following the tragedy little did we know that it would result in this huge gift. We are at a loss of words of what has happened as we did not think that we will get such a gift,” he said.

“Thank you for sharing our tragedy with the world. It has resulted in good results. Even our mother, I know, will be over the moon when she sees these cattle,” said Mr Orderly Mpofu.

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