We’ve delivered on our mandate — President President Mnangagwa

Nqobile Tshili, [email protected]

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has expressed confidence that the positive performance achieved under the Second Republic, which rolled out massive developments projects in the last five years resulting in improved socio-economic transformation, will deliver a resounding victory for the ruling party Zanu-PF party in tomorrow’s harmonised elections.

He was addressing the last Cabinet meeting of the Second Republic at State House in Harare where he expressed satisfaction with his team’s performance in the delivery of set developments targets.

Head of State and Government President Mnangagwa today chaired the last session of his outgoing Cabinet at State House today.-Pictures-Believe-Nyakudjara

Tomorrow Zimbabweans from all walks of life will elect the country’s President, National Assembly members and councillors.

In his speech, President Mnangagwa said the Second Republic has delivered on its mandate and its proven track record will therefore deliver an emphatic victory for the ruling party.

“As I mentioned at the beginning of this meeting, today’s meeting marks the end of this session of Cabinet ahead of the harmonised general elections being held on Wednesday, 23rd August, 2023. 

“We are confident of a resounding victory as the Second Republic,” said President Mnangagwa.

“The unity of purpose and hard work exhibited over the last five years has seen us delivering on our mandate with unprecedented results across the socio-economic spectrum.”

President Mnangagwa said his Government has managed to transform, industrialise and modernise the economy while uplifting livelihoods as the country journeys towards the attainment of an upper middle-income society by 2030. He hailed outgoing Cabinet ministers for executing their duties with due diligence in line with his development agenda.

“Congratulations to you all and the respective Government ministries, departments and agencies, which you superintended over. As the curtain of the last five years comes down, it is gratifying to note that as members of Cabinet, you adhered to my calls through the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet (Dr Misheck Sibanda), for the submission of summarised achievements in your respective portfolios,” said President Mnangagwa.

Dr Misheck Sibanda

“Most of the submissions were relevant for the attainment of Vision 2030 by targeting programmes under the 14 pillars of the National Development Strategy 1. Copies of the compilation will form the basis for performance.”

He said going forward the Government will continue to identify gaps, make observations and recommendations on areas needing improvement in the future to achieve optimal performance across all ministries, departments and agencies.

President Mnangagwa said his Government’s comprehensive reform agenda produced desired outcomes across the economy while more needs to be done to make parastatals viable and contribute to the country’s development agenda.

“Increased performance and full implementation of reforms related to the State enterprises and parastatals sector are aspects that will receive urgent attention in the very near future. State enterprises and parastatals must contribute a proportionate share to the fiscus and ultimately help address issues of service delivery for the benefit of our people,” said President Mnangagwa.

He encouraged the outgoing Cabinet members to serve the country with diligence they exhibited in the past                      five years while encouraging them to remain grounded on the desire to transform lives.

President Mnangagwa said the country should remain guided by the philosophy that only Zimbabweans can develop the country.

“In whatever respect, let us all continue to wholeheartedly serve our motherland, Zimbabwe, to lift our people into a higher quality of life, guided by our defining developmental philosophy, Nyika inovakwa, igotongwa, igonamatigwa, nevene vayo. Ilizwe lakhiwa, libuswe, likhulekelwe ngabanikazi balo,” said President Mnangagwa.

He commended the performance of the secretariat team while the focus now turns to tomorrow’s polls.

“Most immediately, our focus is now on Wednesday’s elections, which our revolutionary party, Zanu-PF is poised to resoundingly win given our record of performance in the past five years. I wish all those contesting in the elections, great success in your respective constituencies,” said the President.

As the nation goes to the election, President Mnangagwa encouraged citizens to remain peaceful and to embrace unity. Meanwhile, Cabinet has said the economic policies that the Second Republic implemented have stabilised prices bringing relief to citizens.

Addressing the last media Cabinet briefing under the first term of President Mnangagwa, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa, said: “The corrective measures implemented by the Government following a spike in the prices of basic goods and services around June 2023 have seen the prices continue to go down as reported by the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Honourable Dr Sekai Nzenza. 

“The prices of bread, cooking oil, sugar and mealie-meal, among other basic commodities, have tumbled, with the price of mealie-meal declining by 27 percent,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.

“Cabinet is pleased that the measures have been effective in curbing the price increases and that the foreign currency exchange rate remains stable. This is testimony of the Second Republic’s sound management of the economy.” —@nqotshili

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