Zimplats sets record straight

11 Oct, 2018 - 00:10 0 Views
Zimplats sets record straight Mrs Busi Chindove

The Chronicle

ON October 3, 2018, we published an article in our business pages titled: “Zimplats, partners to fund base metal refinery”. The article in concern indicated that the largest platinum miner had joined hands with other platinum mining firms to raise $134 million to finance the establishment of the country’s first base metal refinery under the value addition thrust.

It has come to our attention that this article contained inaccurate facts, which were mistakenly taken from background articles and attributed to the Head of Corporate Affairs at Zimplats, Mrs Busi Chindove. Part of the inaccurate facts included the acquisition of refinery equipment at a cost of about $23 million and delays in implementing the project as a result of unavailability of cash due to depressed metal prices.

In actual fact, Zimplats had only said it was “fully supportive of the Government’s beneficiation policies and its desire to see more beneficiation of the country’s mineral resources being undertaken in Zimbabwe”.

“In this regard, through the Chamber of Mines and the Platinum Producers Association, Zimplats is contributing to dialogue towards a sustainable framework for the development of a local national facility. Discussions are still at a conceptual stage, and therefore it is too early to talk about project costs or any other detail,” said Mrs Chindove.

Outside this response, no further information was issued by Zimplats. In the interest of accurate reporting and truthful information dissemination, we sincerely regret the error and unreservedly apologise to the company and its stakeholders for any inconvenience caused. – Editor

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