CABINET NAMED: 22 ministers, 6 deputies

Minister Patrick Chinamasa

Minister Patrick Chinamasa

Felex Share, Harare Bureau
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday appointed a 22-member Cabinet in a move that saw some line ministries with functional duplications being merged.

He also brought in some new faces into Government.

Six new deputy ministers and 10 Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs were also appointed.

The appointments, announced by the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda, were made in terms of Section 104 (1) of the Constitution.

Cde Patrick Chinamasa is now the substantive Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, while Cde Obert Mpofu was appointed Minister of Home Affairs and Culture.

Cde Mpofu was the Home Affairs Minister in the last Cabinet.

Air Force of Zimbabwe Commander, Air Marshal Perrance Shiri is the new Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement, while Dr Lazarus Dokora remains in charge of the Primary and Secondary Education portfolio.

Air Marshall Perrance Shiri

Air Marshall Perrance Shiri

Dr David Parirenyatwa remains Health and Child Care Minister.

Dr Kembo Mohadi is the new Minister of Defence, Security and War Veterans.

Cde Sydney Sekeramayi, the last Defence Minister, was dropped.

Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi takes over the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs from former Central Intelligence Organisation director-general, Major-General (Retired) Happyton Bonyongwe who superintended over the portfolio for less than two months.

Maj-Gen Bonyongwe was appointed a Cabinet Minister in a reshuffle by former president Robert Mugabe in October.

Major-General Sibusiso Moyo is the new Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, with Cde Kazembe Kazembe coming in as the Minister of Sports, Arts and Recreation.

Cde Chris Mutsvangwa

Cde Chris Mutsvangwa

Cde Kazembe Kazembe takes over from Cde Makhosini Hlongwane.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) chairperson, Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa is now the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services.

Dr Mike Bimha is the new Minister of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development, while Cde July Moyo comes in as the new Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.

Cde Sithembiso Nyoni is the new Minister of Women and Youth Affairs.

Head of the University of Zimbabwe Geography and Environmental Science department Professor Amon Murwira replaces Professor Jonathan Moyo as the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Development.

Cde Supa Mandiwanzira retained his portfolio which has been merged with cyber security. He is now the Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security.

Major General Sibusiso Moyo

Major General Sibusiso Moyo

Former National University of Science and Technology (Nust) pro-vice chancellor Professor Clever Nyathi is the new Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, and Dr Joram Gumbo remains Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister.

Mimosa Mining Company executive chairman, Mr Winston Chitando, is the new Minister of Mines and Mining Development, while Cde Simon Khaya Moyo now heads to the Ministry of Energy and Power Development.

Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri was appointed Environment, Water and Climate, minister.

Cde Prisca Mupfumira, who was dropped in the last Cabinet reshuffle, bounced back as Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister.

Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi is the new Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Monitoring of Government programmes.

Cde Angeline Masuku

Cde Angeline Masuku

The six deputy ministers appointed by President Mnangagwa are: Cdes Terrence Mukupe (Finance and Economic Development), David Marapira (Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement), Paul Mavima (Primary and Secondary Education), Victor Matemadanda (War Veterans), Pupurai Togarepi (Youth Affairs) and Joshua Malinga (Social Welfare).

Cdes Miriam Chikukwa (Harare), Martin Dinha (Mashonaland Central), Webster Shamhu (Mashonaland West) have retained their positions as Provincial Affairs Ministers.

The new Provincial Affairs Minister for Bulawayo is Cde Angeline Masuku; Manicaland will be headed by Cde Monica Mutsvangwa, while Cde David Musabayana will be in charge of Mashonaland East.

Cde Cain Mathema heads back to Matabeleland North as Provincial Affairs Minister, while Cde Josiah Hungwe replaces Cde Paul Chimedza in Masvingo.

Cde Owen Ncube replaces Cde Jason Machaya as Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister.

Cde Abednico Ncube will superintend over Matabeleland South province.

Dr Mushohwe, a long-serving director of the Presidential Scholarship Programme, remains the Minister of State for Government Scholarships in the President’s Office.

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  • Zanu will always be Zanu

    What a disappointment!!!!!! The same deadwood has been recycled and the only new appointments areally from the military. Vey clear that this is only meant to reward those who propelled Mnangagwa to the presidency and nothing to do with our suffering. Mnangagwa and Mugabe safe fanana. Aluta continue

  • Sad

    Same same no change, so what is going to change??

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Hopeless! GIGO if you ask me or U(ungraded!)

  • frank mauchaza

    we are boomed. military junta in politics nxa, ED disappoints with just two day in office

  • RadioActive


  • dead wood

    no hope here


    so disappointing…. no investment coming our way..


    hit the ground running my foot, you fooled us ED

  • ED

    this is a crocodile in muddy waters…

  • Thabani Moyo

    i had so Much hope

  • Tongai Hamandishe

    apa garwe ratadza

  • Prof Jonathan Moyo

    i told you guys that this man is not your saviour, he is just a mirror of Mugabe

  • Makhosini Moyo

    from mdidi to mdidi nxa…

  • Comrade Fatso

    same guys who have failed to delivery for the past 7 years …..nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • bh

    Ummmmmm….. ok….. so now we realise that kutonga kwaro kwakaipa. Vele bekungasilungela eZimbabwe? So much for being hopeful!

  • bh

    So we all wake up in the morning and we are like … “Maybe Grace was right after all…”

    • musa

      not all of us

    • M r D ee

      Not all of us for sure

    • Donga

      Nah, Grace was wrong still

  • Lux

    What an absolute disappointment! The deadwood and thieves have been retained and recycled their positions in cabinet!Aaaaaaaaaargh!

    • pilato

      this is the same old people kanti are there no people in zanu that we have people just being recycled over two decades and doing nothing. What then does it mean if they make life better for the people ,does it mean Mugabe was responsible for the rot in this country, since its the only variable that has been eliminated

  • MaRoe

    This cabinet does not inspire any hope at all. Duplication is still there. For example Mandiwanzira and Mutswanga’s ministries seem to overlap. The same people who have failed us over the decades are still part of the gravy train.

  • nyamutake tavarwisa

    I am happy with general Shiri watching farms, this whole talk of the white man coming back to take farms will not happen under the general`s watch. He did not suffer in the war to give up land like that. He must make sure that all maize that was grown under command agriculture that is not yet harvested will be delivered to GMB and not Mbare Msika

  • latruth

    well looks like we off to register as voters to vote , out with this nonsense we expected change guess we have been fooled

    • musa

      & you are still fooling yourself if you think the army will allow zany pf to lose polls.

  • Bongani Dlamini

    ikhabhiza ka president Mangamanga kayila mnqantsho, ibuthundu. except for a few faces abanengi zinkuni zakudala ekade zala ukubamba umlilo. Soyicela isivuthiwe, yona ingavuthwa kanjani ngenkuni ezingelamlilo.

    • Mugavimbi_Naledi

      kubuthundu yena kanye upresident ongakhethwanga ngabantu … uzakwazi njani ukukhetha yena engakhethwanga, engakhetheki?

  • pilato

    shiri and sibusiso have they resigned from the army ,what wil then happen to chiwenga and Valerio sibanda are they in for the two VPS ,its disaster

    • Sikhulu

      Aaa yaaaaa! Asazi. Was planning to go back to Zimbabwe but I realise the train has no driver. I can’t afford a cabinet with Matematanda and Mutwangas

      • Question Mark?

        Why do u folks say MatemaTanda?

  • s

    ed must go. war vets will be back in rural areas to threaten our people. I hope jb sibanda will work for us now to say no.

    • lonewalker

      ED must go where,,,,,kungcono kuhambe wena or rather just die along the way

  • Roscoe

    The croc just snapped its mouth shut

  • Danny

    Let’s dust ourselves up people. We were all fooled and fell for the joke. Come on Zimbos. We’re survivors.

    • musa

      speak for yourself, not all of us were fooled.

      • frank

        my bro

      • Danny

        I meant you can only fool a person with a brain.

  • Dudu Mdlaziba

    You people are just so negative. How can you criticize the new ministers even before they execute their mandates. Grow up people.

    • musa

      only a fool will expect different results from the same experiment without any factors changing. what’s new from this recycled deadwood cabinet? what will they do that they did not do in the last 37 years? zany pf will never reform itself out of power!

    • pilato

      we know all of them thus why being negative

  • Vumani

    A defactor miltary state which will struggle to shed off the corrupt & incompetent recycled deadwood. It is predominantly Lacoste cabinet which is devoid of merit which does not inspire confidence given the history of some of it kleptomaniacs, the politics & legacy of patronage continues unabated, the military have been putting in strategic positions .Chinamasa stuttered and stammered during an interview not being able to account and explain some of the functions of his ministry by his colleagues’ daughter Ruvenko. The incumbent does is contradictory & retrogressive in his approach he stated that he would have leaner cabinet 22 is quiet significant given the average age of the ministers are way past retirement age.Needless to say the icing on the cake is the leader of the military coup who will be undoubtedly appointed VP as I have alluded to in the past. Zimbabwe is heading for another military dictatorship which operates under the auspices of ZDF freedom of expression & democracy will be trampled with impunity Aluta Coninua as they say. The bootlicking talongs will be rewarded for their efforts but a leopard does not change its spots of night. Investment will be provided by our all weather friends the Chinese who want access Zimbabwes mineral wealth in exchange for a few dubious projects which will benefit Chiwenga et al.

    • musa

      well put!

    • Doctor Do little

      It did not take long. Not much of a change. This is a club of failures..

      • Sam

        What did you expect?

      • Nsukwini

        Zanu PF does not do “Damascus moments”. Like it was before so it is now. It now has to be the pen verses the gun.

    • frank

      i sense zim has jumped from a hot pan # munangagwa wants to impose a law same as in china watch it zims

    • Essexvale

      Excellent take on this issue Vumani Bro! We are so gullible! I mean; we legitimised their coup by flooding the street in our numbers singing their praises while giving soldiers kisses and hugs! They must be falling about with outrageous laughter at our stupidity. And they are not the only ones laughing; old RG is also rocking with mirth. Then of course there will be the police who in the recent weeks walked shamed faced through our streets. Well you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll be back on our roads with a vengeance. What about the thieves in government (ZIMRA, ZINARA etc), the banking sector, business and individuals? Yes they too are laughing wildly, because this has given them a break after a few weeks of uncertainty! Cry the beloved people who are so, so stupid!!!

      • Vumani

        Our optimism was driven by the desire for change, what we witness presently is Lacoste cabal which has strengthened is grip on power at the expense of the masses through deception. The composition of cabinet reflects the sense of entitlement these guys possess with an no inch of self introspection & moral compass.It will inevitably render our younger generations in perpetual unemployment & poverty. Zimbabwe needs a complete leadership overhaul, the next seven months is crucial but all hopes have irrevocably diminished.

  • Jimbas

    kkkkk we are fucked!!!!!!!! maybe Dr Amai was right

  • JR Wezheve

    Mr President…so these are the best that you could find from our lot? Like seriously?

  • Seles

    So the nonsense happening in Education has been given a seal of approval.

  • musa

    #CoupCabinet. rewarding the plotters of the coup & lacoste members who stood by him through thick & thin. i see chiwenga coming is as VP. prosecution of G40 criminals will continue while know lacoste criminals like obert mpofu remain scot-free. so much for a leopard changing its spots. zany pf is sh!t.

  • Michael

    Lets give this cabinet time comrades. These guys had no supervision before, thats all what makes the diffference. Their experience under good management MIGHT be rewarding. 90 days is the yard stick. It is the president who must remove his suite and supervise his team. This time we are not worried about the type of english you speak, and the tie you put on, that does not feed us. Farmers were always in their shorts, but they could feed nations. Away with your suites comrades. Lets get busy.

    • Mr Dee

      Correct, I say give them 100 days

  • Wellington

    Zim has no hope, l wonder what those who were saying EDM is a reformist are saying

  • Muchadura

    I am so filled with anger.why but why munangagwa to bring back the same old thieves thats been stealing from us.chinamasa, mpofu, dokora, mandiwanzira.its sad very sad indeed.and what are provincial ministers for???????So what ha you refuced E.d.You just brought back those bootlickers so that they will be bootlicking you soon.thats the politics of zanu bootlicking and looting.shame on you E.d you just killed all the hope we had got.You just killed our dreams, we just went back to square one.To run this country you need to put hope in zimbabweans.hope and confidence not doubt.Chinamasa wants to read the budget that has never worjed already.kkkkkkkkkk.its a big shame i am angry and very dissappointed and i guess so are majority of zimbabweans including even your fellow comrades in zanu.madoja honaiwo zvakadai

  • s

    new call comes as of today, ed must go. the president is starting to show his true colours. we don’t need mpofu. we don’t need an army cabinet. supa, dokora.should have gone. chinamasa is arrogant. so the new campaign is , ED must go and I think the G40 can agree with me in that. As said before for me and mnangagwa it is a case of ‘while the storm lased two bad men were friends” now that storm “Mugabe” is gone he cant be my friend. he must go.

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    nanto phela iGukurahundist lenu ebeliliqakezela izolo likaBula leli … amanyala nje

    you are tight Mthwakazi … keep away from this Shona thingy … its going nowhere, never been going anywhere


  • Martin Chipimo

    I hope HE ED. would not have rewarded the military the way he has just done. This is a receipt for coups in the future. Why not just separate the military from the politics of the country. Cdes do you think if the opposition Presidential candidate wins, the same military will allow him to be declared? So sad, maCdes. I agree with the sentiments expressed on this platform.

  • Owen

    Nxaaa..amanyala la.doti rubish .it stinks.but why God Why . Why

  • Nkunzemnyama

    One day we will look back and say that monster (Bob) was better. In the same way South Africans celebrated when the ANC recalled Mbeki,,,,,,,,,namhlanje bayakhala. ED is kak. Period.

  • Mr Dee

    Lets give them a chance, if the engine is on the rail then all the coaches of the train will follow

  • The Watcher

    ED has been doing well so far. He had inspired optimism across the country and we were all hopeful that just maybe, just maybe things will get better. This cabinet will prove to be his undoing. Chinamasa, Obert, to name a few tried and failed in the cabinet. Chinamasa in the finance ministry is just disappointing.

  • Sibangilizwe

    One lesson from all this, register to vote today!!!

  • khulez nyathi

    ubuhlanya esibubonayo bunzima. Kanti nje ziphapha ndawonye zimbila zantabnye, Dokora and ED are one in mind, thought and everything. Good bye to best Zimbabwean education, nation and peronality. We will see u when ZANU PF dies.

  • Je M’appelle Kindness Khupe

    zimbabwe is yet to suffer

  • Kanje

    Birds of the same feather flocking together wake up Matabeleland