Cal Vin, Skyz Metro FM on collision course: Rapper unhappy with delays over payment

Calvin Nhliziyo

Calvin Nhliziyo

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
Rapper Cal Vin is on a collision course with local radio station Skyz Metro FM for non payment of services rendered during the station’s successful one-year celebrations held at White City Stadium in August.

The Izandla Emoyeni hit-maker was part of the line up which also included South Africa’s Professor, Stiff, Sandra Ndebele and Madlela Skhobokhobo. He performed two songs at the show for the thousands of revellers who attended the celebrations.

After the show, according to Cal Vin, it has been a back and forth scenario with regards to payment for the performance.

“All I want is my money. I worked as I performed for them as requested and now, I just want my money. At first, I was polite about the whole issue but now I think they’re taking me for granted,” said a disgruntled Cal Vin.

He blamed the radio station’s Thandi Muringa who was in charge of finances for the delay. “I spoke to Thandi about the issue and she’s been rude to me.

She’s the one who entered the wrong account number so that they could deposit my money. Imagine, it’s now nearly two months and I haven’t been paid.”

Cal Vin went as far as asking the Skyz Metro FM team to remove his music from their playlist when he posted ranting on Twitter.

“I was serious when I put that status up that they should remove my music from their playlist. Whether they play my music or not, doesn’t change anything.

“Where I work and dispose of my energy, I should get paid for that,” he said.

However, Skyz Metro FM station manager Godwin Phiri said Cal Vin was not being truthful as they have been updating him on the plight of his money.

“We don’t deal with people through social media rants. He was the one who entered a wrong account number not our finance manager Thandi Muringa, and we’ve the piece of paper he wrote it on to prove that.

“We informed him of the problem at the same time also telling him that the transaction had to be reversed first in order for us to give him his money. Cal Vin has for the past month been told about his money every step of the way,” explained Phiri.

“Cal Vin is the only person who hasn’t been paid. Just because he went about the issue through a social media rant, doesn’t mean we won’t pay him. There are proper procedures that we’ve to follow. By Friday (yesterday) he should’ve received his money,” said Phiri.

He said if Cal Vin wants his music off air, they can accede to his request.

“It’s not as if we play Cal Vin’s music every hour, we play it once in a while like every other musician. If he wants us not to play his music, we won’t because he requested us to do so.”

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  • Brutal Truth

    Calvin is I’ll advised.Never fight with these guys from the media.They are the ones on whose shoulders you climb on your way up & they are also the ones on whose shoulders you step on your way down..Skyz should stop being sheety also.Pay these youngsters their dues, they are also trying to survive.& we also now hear they demand bribes from budding musicians to play their music.very bad

  • Ndlukula Ye Sizwe

    Yimalini kanti vele ebangwayo?