China to help quicken Zimbabwe’s economic development

President Emmerson Mnangagwa greets Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Huang Ping while Chinese Special Envoy Mr Chen Xiaodong looks on in Harare yesterday. (Picture by John Manzongo)

President Emmerson Mnangagwa greets Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Huang Ping while Chinese Special Envoy Mr Chen Xiaodong looks on in Harare yesterday. (Picture by John Manzongo)

Farirai Machivenyika, Harare Bureau
China has pledged to broaden its cooperation with Zimbabwe’s new administration led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to quicken economic development in the country, which is expected to improve people’s livelihoods.

This was said by China’s Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister Mr Chen Xiaodong – who was acting as a special envoy of the Chinese government – when he paid a courtesy call on President Mnangagwa at his Munhumutapa Offices yesterday.

Mr Chen also delivered a special invitation from Chinese President Xi Jinping to President Mnangagwa to visit the Asian country at a convenient time in the future.

“In our talk, President Mnangagwa and I agreed that going forward our two sides will continue to maintain high-level exchanges, deepen communication, enhance mutual political trust and carry our traditional friendship forward,” he said.

“The second point is: we are going to enhance the development strategy alignment between our two countries to ensure our practical cooperation will go deeper and broader, so as to inject more impetus to economic development and the people of Zimbabwe’s livelihood improvement.

“Thirdly, we will enhance solidarity and coordination in dealing with international affairs and jointly uphold the common interest of developing countries. We both have confidence in the future development of our bilateral relations.”

Mr Chen said his visit was meant to show his country’s support for Zimbabwe’s new administration.

“My mission is to convey the message of Chinese President Xi Jinping to His Excellency President Mnangagwa to demonstrate China’s support for the people and the new administration of Zimbabwe; to exchange views on deepening our traditional friendship and enhancing our cooperation in various fields,” he said.

Mr Chen said President Xi emphasised that Zimbabwe and China enjoyed strong bilateral relations.

“President Xi Jinping congratulates President Mnangagwa on assumption of office in his message,” he said. “The President emphasises that China and Zimbabwe are good friends, good partners and good brothers who have understood and supported each other over the years, and our relations have withstood the test of time, as well as changes in international situations.”

Mr Chen said China believed that Zimbabweans had the capacity to manage their own internal affairs.

“China firmly supports Zimbabwe in pursuing a development path suited to its national conditions and believes that the Government and people of Zimbabwe have the wisdom and capability to manage their internal affairs well,” he said.

Mr Chen said President Mnangagwa would visit China at a time suitable to both countries.

“President Xi Jinping also extends his invitation to President Mnangagwa to visit China at a time convenient to both sides,” Mr Chen said.

He noted that President Mnangagwa had thanked President Xi for his congratulatory message on behalf of the Government and people of Zimbabwe, adding that Mr Chen was the first foreign official envoy visiting him after he took office.

“President Mnangagwa said the Government and people of Zimbabwe will not forget China’s support of Zimbabwe over the years, and that the Government and people of Zimbabwe will not forget the precious support of China to Zimbabwe in critical moments in the development of the country, and fully appreciated the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides,” said Mr Chen.

“President Mnangagwa also emphasises that the Zimbabwe side attaches high importance to the development of our bilateral ties and that China will become his first stop outside of Africa.”

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  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Stop mortgaging our country!

    • zibulo

      problem is , will ED and Chiwenga listen to us? Chiwenga was in China just prior to the coup (which is said not to be a coup),then now a visit by the Chinese Foreign Minister when we are still in the “coup mess” . This is a Senior Officer from China , no other high office minister from any country has come , so……

      • makhosi

        assistant foreign affairs minister. UK sent a minister for africa

        • Mthwakazi

          you wanted them to send who, your mother’s boyfriend?

          • makhosi


          • Mthwakazi

            Ok so tell them to send your Aunt’s sugar Daddy

    • Essexvale

      I completely agree with you. I could (I say this loosely, of course) deal with it if it was only me on the receiving end.

    • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

      you have mental health issues. It sounds to me like anxiety.

      • Zarura Zimbabgwe


      • Zarura Zimbabgwe

        We were together at Ingutsheni, but I left you there #election time

  • Vumani

    The Chinese are exploitive where ever they go in Africa they leave a lot of environmental damage providing loans in return for mining rights on the cheap their companies bring along their own workers at work he expense of locals these so called bilateral relations are skewed in their favour this kind of investment should be thoroughly scrutinised and any procurement processes should be done transparently to the highest bidder. The idea of monopolising deals to one country should be discouraged as much as possible , the way to go is allowing competition to other investors and creating conducive environment to foreign direct investment whilst guaranteeing protecting investors assets. What happened at Marange should not be repeated, any foriegn company should employ 70 % of the locals with legislated remuneration and transparent tax collection. The importation of cheap goods which can be manufactured locally should be strongly discouraged by charging exorbitant importation duty above all an independent commission of enquiry headed by a judge should be commissioned to ascertain the purported $15 billion lost from diamond revenue at Marange, all investments involving government should be published & gazetted to allow transparency in future. Tendering and procurement laws should be reviewed by parliamentary committees.

    • Essexvale

      You’re an adult, so to a certain extent you can manage this and cope with it.
      Parenting is bloody hard, but it’s made harder and bloodier when the two adults can’t agree on how to manage things.

    • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

      Also write everything down, so when she is not in a rage she has chance to reflect on your words.

  • The Observer

    The Chinese are the dirtiest people I have heard and known in the international arena, they behave like jackals and wolves with a dog’s smile! Do they have industries and factories in Africa, or they pump out the cheapest goods to hook every US dollar?

    • zibulo

      very exploitative people they are, check working hours and salaries earned by workers at the zhing zhong shops !!. They also took out usds out of zim during the crisis we have heard. From Lorenzo Marques/Maputo the chinese came and bought black slaves , quaranteened them at the port after castrating them, then waited for survivors of the castration to take them on board . Problem is; no leader listens to us , as Mgabe did, we do not know how we found ourselves with Chinese in Zim, when they contributed nothing to the infrastructure which we have here. All our roads , cities and dams were built by the West. Moreover we are comfortable with Western life , we live it , copy it , love it , dream it , and even Go West as individuals. Only govt goes east (for intshontsho of course)

    • Essexvale

      Ultimately, if you feel things cannot continue as they are then you need to use all your communication skills to get your wife to see doing nothing is no longer an option.

    • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

      Anger nearly always hides some other, unexpressed, emotion.

  • Ijaha leNkabazwe

    These are the guys of “MEGA DEALS” not sure why they should be trusted?Perhaps our practical approach to dealing with greed and corruption may change them

  • wendy wuno

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  • Nol

    With all their cheapele products LOL