Come back home, Zim refugees told

Dr Obert Mpofu

Dr Obert Mpofu

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
THE Government has said all Zimbabweans who are refugees in other countries should come back home as there is no reason for them to continue living outside the country under the new dispensation.

This comes as Government is working to facilitate the return of 700 people who sought refuge in Botswana during the tenure of ex-President Robert Mugabe.

It is not clear why the Zimbabweans sought refuge in the neighbouring country.

In an interview yesterday, the Minister of Home Affairs and Culture, Dr Obert Mpofu, said he learnt about the refugees during President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s State visit to Botswana on Monday and Tuesday.

“During President Mnangagwa’s State visit to Botswana, we learnt that we’ve 700 Zimbabweans that are refugees in Botswana. We did not know about them until we visited Botswana. So we discussed with their Minister of Defence, Home Affairs and Immigration and we agreed that I lead a team to Botswana in a few days so that we understand the background to it,” said Dr Mpofu.

He urged the country’s citizens to come back home.

“There is no need for anyone to be out of the country following the new dispensation. We want all our citizens back. There cannot be any reason that we are aware of for their continued stay outside the country. We were advised that the United Nations is involved in this issue.

“It wants to assist in the repatriation of these individuals. But we don’t know who these people are. Our visit will give us further information on who they are,” the Minister said.

Dr Mpofu, who was part of President Mnangagwa’s delegation to Botswana, said he was encouraged by the level of co-operation they received from the neighbouring country.

He said through bi-lateral relations, the countries would address issues of harassment of Zimbabweans working in Botswana as most of them highlighted their plight to President Mnangagwa.

“The President addressed almost a thousand Zimbabweans living in Botswana. The complaint was that of unfair treatment by the authorities and the other issue that came out prominently was about Zimbabweans working in Botswana who highlighted that they are ill-treated and they are not even given employment papers that they are entitled to as employees of companies and individuals,” said Dr Mpofu.

He said Government would work to ensure that the country’s citizens are treated with dignity as they contribute to development in the neighbouring country.

The Minister expressed optimism over the new relations with Botswana saying the neighbouring country’s attitude towards Zimbabwe has changed.

“But generally the attitude of Botswana towards Zimbabweans has drastically changed. Botswana is quite happy that Zimbabwe is now on board in terms of regional and international co-operation,” said the Minister.

Dr Mpofu said both Governments are also working towards addressing the smuggling and trafficking of juveniles between the two countries’ borders.

The Minister said some of the issues that would be discussed between the two countries is how both States can deal with stray cattle. — @nqotshili

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  • Zarura Zimbabgwe



      muvauraye leave them alone

  • Gatsheni

    So people are expected to come back and do what exactly…sit and wait for job creation, in the meantime how do they feed their families. I don’t understand what this fat foolish crook wants people to come back and do. Life is about putting food on the table ndoda ungazodlala

    • zibulo

      bafuna lizothamela ama rallies abo, libe libalandela , lisithi chef chef !!!. bathi lizokwengeza ama queues at banks , swell unemployment ranks, belmont closed , biggest employer in Byo NRZ looted to the last , Khotama market selling used panties (yooh abafazi lamadodakazi ethu bakithi !) , lishiye i Bots leMshishi , okulesinkwa se R5.00 e shoprite, lizeokulesinkwa se usd1.00 !!. wayekhona ekuqaleni kwe corruption u ED lo Obese , namhla they are chewing ngomunye umhlathi , and bayadelela . what constitution section allows these morrons to be in power, we are supposed to have untainted ZANU people in charge, somewhere out there they are there who never agreed and participated in Killings and Looting, not those in Cabinet , Politburo or whatever . they are there, not the ex ZAPU sellouts whoi went and left us for money . Obese seems “not to know” about zim refugees in every country in the world !!! is he fit to be even in Cabinet or Parly ? he is a liar, and not supposed to be in Cabinet. Is t his first time to lie ?? And chronicle writes, deliberately ignorin g the fact that zim refugees are alll over the world . Chronicle is party to corruption

  • Act

    I am based in the diaspora and definitely wanting to come back home. Sadly with no proper plan for my settlement it would be a huge challenge for me. Ghana put a package in place to have their citizens back. As for Zim we need a skills assessment pogram to be carried out. Those without the necessary skills to be put on an up-skilling program, there is a lot to be done.
    Without wasting a lot of time for the readers, the Government should direct its energies in finding jobs for those in the country before looking at the diasporians.

  • Shlama

    Speed up passport processing and see if people want to come back or go out of your country you Zanu thugs.

  • Sikhulu

    One of those baseless statements by myopic politicians. They can’t even avail cash to those at home and now an empty drum is making noise for people living better to come back to prison.

  • Vumani

    The morbidly obese pea brained kleptomaniac is at again asking disporians to return to country with no jobs & no currency, effective monetary & banking system. Only a full would take advice from this corrupt elephant who lacks direction. The environment is still not conducive for business given the prevailing persistent currency shortages which are exacerbated by a corrupt reserve governor of reserve bank who is issuing bond notes to illegal currency changers to perpetuate black market which remains an impediment to business transactions. This fat one should direct his energy at arresting his fat colleagues who are persistently been awarded dubious tenders resulting in substantial financial losses to the treasury.

    • Xolani

      What’s your problem, Prof Butternuthead?

  • Nitram2

    Just sort out your economic mess in Zimbabwe and people will come back voluntarily like in 1980. Erectile Dysfunction should be serious and not just tell refugees to come back to what? Nothing but more suffering! They are all economic refugees!

  • preek

    fat albert still around …. ?

    • Symbol

      Kkkkk it’s a matter of time

      • fat preek

        kkkk, this fat obert dude guy is a waste of space and oxygen !!!

  • Roscoe

    Laughable indeed…


    No no wena Mpofu. Botswana has alays been consistent in its Policy towards Zim, dating back to 1980. It is Zimbabwe”s attitude towards Botswana that has changed, following the ouster of your problem thick head Mugabe, not the other way round.