Cyber Ministry a high security brief: Charamba

Mr George Charamba

Mr George Charamba

Harare Bureau
THE newly created Ministry of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation is a protective portfolio aimed at protecting the nation from cyber threats posed by the abuse of social media, Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba has said.

Mr Charamba said the Ministry, which is being headed by former Finance Minister Cde Patrick Chinamasa, was a high-security brief given the gravity of the threat posed by social media abuse.

He said the appointment of Cde Chinamasa to the portfolio was informed by his rich history as a lawyer since there was need to develop laws to deal with cyber crime and set up new structures in that area. “I want to give these words from the President. He said that Ministry, one, it’s new, will help us in nailing those who do mischief using cyber space,” he said.

“He (President Mugabe) is very clear because this is a new Ministry; it needs law development, which is precisely why he thought of no other than person with legal competence to handle that area. Then, of course, he also wants the new Minister to be able to draw from the experience from other countries.

“He specifically made reference to Russia, he made reference to China, and he made reference to the Koreans as countries who have done exceedingly well in terms of ensuring some kind order and lawfulness in that area.

“He then spoke about the structures to make sure that the Ministry then takes a workable form. And of course, to use his (President Mugabe) words again, it’s called a protective Ministry, which means to protect the interests of the State.”

Mr Charamba said the Ministry comes in the wake of social media mischief aimed at causing instability in the country.

He also dispelled social media reports suggesting that the Ministry was useless and was some kind of demotion for Cde Chinamasa.

Said Mr Charamba: “This is coming against the background of the abuse that we saw not too far back on social media, where the social media then causes some kind of excitement to the country, not on the basis of fact, but generation of copy which is in fact calculated to trigger a sense of panic in the economy, and that in itself suggests that it is indeed a major threat to State security.

“But you also recall that when we were doing the Bi-National Commission in South Africa, that subject matter came up and it was also a subject of discussion between the two Heads of State of South Africa and Zimbabwe, because we need to evolve a joint strategy to deal with that mischief.

“So the mischief makers be warned. It is actually a very strategic responsibility that the Minister has been given. He has been given that responsibility precisely because he has legal skills. It’s a new area that needs to develop a body of law.”

In the Cabinet reshuffle announced on Monday, President Mugabe appointed eight new Ministers and reassigned 10 others.

Three were dropped.

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  • Cetshwayo kaGodlwayo

    There u go again threatening people who have told u over and over again that they don’t want you. You have created this ministry so that you can silence the people of Zimbabwe who have been ruled by a regime that stole elections from the opposition and a regime that is illegitimate and that has presided over the deaths of close to a 100 000. Who would want such, your only option now is to force people to support u and not speak out, but guess what wena Salamba loMabiri wakho loyo ongasakwazi lokuhamba sizokhuluma…..Sizomemeza vele Asilifuni njalo asifuni bumbulu…To héll with you

  • mtshayazabhotshe

    the whole cabinet of this goblin is a bunch of will never learn or you just dumb!the problem with these morons is they still stuck in 1960′s! technology has frustrated them so much they even don’t know where to start!…they must wake and know times have surpassed their understanding and they should learn to accept the inevitable …..they don’t have the capacity to undo technology !it’s beyond their low level thinking………social media is here to stay and is getting complicated every sec!by the time they erect a law against anything technologically it’s outdated. to make matters worse for them they put China-mass imbecile a guy with no I.T background who studied donkeys years ago when there was still Rhodes Syllabuses! baqinisile abkwethu mabethi..’imbuzi yomyanga ikhala isiya emakhankeni’!

    • zibulo

      just wait another year, the rate/pace of technonolgy will render them “out of work” soon. soon teachers will be jobless, so will cashiers in civil service and private biz, no bank tellers. more is coming , Chinamasa is too old to keep pace, even the young chaps he employs wil soon realize that he is up to oppressing their fellow young peers, and turn agains’t him.

    • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

      It is not “a theory” it is a finding from a piece of research. Genetic background was found to be a much stronger predicter of divorce behaviour than family environment.

  • Bra Neo

    Simply put, he is the minister of WhatsApp.

  • Chipoto Vhaivhai

    This Charamba fool is singing for his supper ater that tongue lashing from Dr Fugu. These so called educated guys never cease to amaze me. They think everyone is a fool.

  • Devolution

    Lets see how you detect and mitigate the so called threats posed by social media with smith’s technology. A whole government should be ashamed of creating a ministry responsible for policing social media…lets see if you will arrest the whole country.

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    by laughables who can only be laughed AT
    laughables who have created and presided over a zimbabwe ruins!!

    • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

      No need to worry, most children end up doing the opposite of what their parents did. It’s your children you need to think about

  • Essexvale

    My opinion on this? It’s just an attempt by the government to suppress free expression by citizens on the social media.

    • The BOSS

      Essexvale in Esigodini :-0

      • Essexvale

        Not clear. Please explain?

  • Khandatshisa

    izinja lezi

  • Ton van Der Parker

    He has no shame to even mention Russia, China and North Korea in one sentence.