Egodini Shopping Mall construction set to start in April…1,000 to get jobs

Nqobile Tshili Chronicle Correspondent—
THE multi-million dollar Egodini Shopping Mall project was launched in Bulawayo yesterday and construction is set to start in two months’ time in a development that will create employment for city residents. Bulawayo City Council (BCC) and Terracotta Trading Private Limited (TTPL) officials held a joint press conference where they spoke about the project’s planned take-off following its launch in council chambers.

Councillors, residents, the business community among other interested players witnessed the launch. TTPL director John McCormick said the $60 million project would be undertaken in three phases and create more than 1,000 jobs during the construction period.

He said TTPL is fully funding the project and will only hand over the mall to the BCC after it recoups its investment. McCormick said the project would be completed in two-and-a-half years.

He said they are yet to conduct an environmental impact assessment among other consultancy work. McCormick said they would employ Bulawayo residents as they do not want to cause unnecessary rifts locally.

Another TTPL director, Ottis Tshabalala, said once council relocates kombi crews and vendors, construction would start.

“We’re working with council to get into the actual development of the project. We need to obviously relocate taxis to the venues identified by council. Once that’s done we will be ready to commence. There’s a time factor and we need to work in close association with taxis,” said Tshabalala.

BCC acting Town Clerk Sikhangele Zhou said they would only relocate vendors and public transporters after the contractor moves on site.

“We had already sensitised them to the possibility of the move. We were waiting for these formalities to happen. We think all things being equal in a month or two we would’ve moved them depending on other things they (Terracotta) said they are still doing. We don’t want to move them and leave Egodini without any activity. Once the developer puts up things that need to be put together we will move them,” said Zhou.

She said during construction of the mall, commuter omnibuses would be stationed outside the Central Business District and would only come into the city to ferry passengers.

Zhou said some pickup points that had been identified include Lobengula Street and 2nd Avenue, Lobengula Street and 3rd Avenue and Lobengula Street and 12th Avenue.

The acting Mayor, Councillor Gift Banda, said delays in commencement were caused by the magnitude of the project.

He said the tendering of Egodini Shopping Complex started at the end of 2011 and since then they have been engaging the winners TTPL on the best way to implement the project. Meanwhile, Bulawayo residents were happy with the launch.

Bulawayo Vendors and Traders’ Association chairperson Thabang Nare expressed satisfaction that vendors were going to be catered for under the new complex.

“From the presentation by Terracotta, we’re impressed by their attempt to include vendors in their designs. The vending bays they’re proposing will solve some of the problems that are being faced by vendors of unpacking and packing their wares on a daily basis,” said Nare.

Bulawayo United Residents’ Association (BURA) chairperson Winos Dube said the project gave hope to the unemployed through job creation.

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  • jahman

    Bulawayo residents my foot, labor will be imported as usual and we will be told there are no vacancies as usual when we look for the said work…..

    • Gandanga Paruzevha

      If they are capable of doing what is required, why not being employed. Remmber Bulawayo residents include Ndebeles, Shonas, Tongas, Kalangas, Vendas and any other tribe including Nyanjas and Chewas

      • jahman

        True that’s why it’s called Mthwakazi. But it’s always one tribe that seems to dominate when it comes to employment opportunities in byo and they are not even the majority from your given list!

        • Mairos

          Maybe its because they have a better work ethic, are more educated and are more proficient when it comes to doing the assigned tasks?

          • Essexvale

            This is absolutely wrong thinking on your part. Show us tangible proof that your preferred tribe is better educated than mine and I’ll produce proof that the Pope is an atheist! What we are talking about is affirmative action for the descendants of the original settlers of Bulawayo in the face of invasions by foreigners who come here with notions of entitlement and expect to be given privileged status when it comes to investment opportunities, jobs college places etc, etc.

          • Mairos

            Original settlers or original invaders?

        • Gandanga Paruzevha

          But this is a partnership of a South African company and Bulawayo City council. Who do you think can import labour from the tribe you are talking about between the 2? Should work not go ahead if they fail to find labour ftom the tribe(s) you think should get preference? I think we should erase the thinking that if one is from a certain tribe, he is not a resident of Bulawayo.



  • vusumuzi

    The big question is ; what will this “Investment ” add to Economic Growth ? I bet they will still be selling the same Chinese plastic items of footwear , clothing , etc , and no manufacturing will take place there , or elsewhere . Back to the start , did this thing get approval from All Stakeholders ; BCC , BURA , Mtshova Associations . How long will passengers have to walk to embark on Mtshovas , since this place was centrally located ? Location of Business/Industry and town planning by those founders of our cities what just good , the best and the best we can do is make it even better , but what do we do ? Today “breathing spaces ” in surbubs have been “filled” because some morden day unkowledgeable councillors feel its space wasted. No more parks are built , no greens , parks , anymore by Councils!!. Wetlands within city boundaries were made parks but today’s councils have gone back to them and built or allocated stands/houses there. No one is Councils or Government is thinking green anymore!! We need more public hearings and contributions to be held in township hallls including at the City Hall so that we know what these concillors are up to

    • Essexvale

      Some valid points are made by you, though there are others that appear rather “grey.” For instance your concern about the greening or un-greening aspect of the project. eGodini already occupies a built-up area that will not deprive the city in terms of the environmentally friendly aspect. Additionally, from the economic point of view, the development may be viewed as a sound investment opportunity that will create much needed employment to residents of the city that is currently reeling from the effects of a badly managed national economy. The rates and other dues derived by duty bearers from the project will contribute towards improved services to residents. As for the suggestion about cheap products from the east, perhaps a robust “buy local” campaign by the city council, and other stakeholders, would assist in the revival of industrial activity in Bulawayo. The proposed development is very good for the city in the sense that among other things already mentioned, it will restore Bulawayo as a regional transport hub and attract more investment, either directly of indirectly as a result. Let’s give this great idea a chance and render support to it !!

  • thulani

    and all the sub contractors believe you will certainly not be local companies they will all come from well we all know and with their work force,we have seen this happening before and it will happen again still no local benefit in what so ever way.

    • Gandanga Paruzevha

      Have your company ready for sub contracting. Work will not stop if ever there is no competent local company that comes forward. Don’t just cry without having companies that can do the job perfectly. That’s why you remain backward. G5 of SA was given the tender to construct Plumtree Mutare Highway because it hat the means and expertise. Imagine if it had been given to an unknown someone just because he/she was a local, where wld we be? Sub standard things only! Company profiles determine who will be sub-contracted period

    • Bul-24/7

      This time you’re wrong. The principle directors of the winning contractors – Terracotta P/L are true sons of Bulawayo (with the correct names of course) who initiated the project to benefit the City of Bulawayo and its residents. Your fear of imported contractors and work-forces are unfounded, since the key clause in the contract stipulates that contractors and work-forces must come from the city where ever necessary. Bulawayo has adequate quality and competent contractors who are capable of doing the job well,, not to mention more than enough skilled and semi-skilled workers.

  • Mirrror Mirror

    wen some time in january u reported that this project was set to commence in about a week we knew those were lies, right now we dont know if it will even start in April.

  • Hlongwane

    It’s amazing that the environmental impact assessment are yet to be done so close to commencement of the project. Will the plans be revised should EIA find any adverse aspects of the project?

    • Roell

      Very true hey. I always thought faesibility and environmental assessments are done first before deciding on the right site.

    • nhamodzenyika

      Such a valid point, i wonder what they would do if the report is negative, i can guess, as always, ignore and pretend otherwise. BCC is in shambles under such leadership of corrupt self centered thieves.


    Surely some people like me are tired of lies. You reported in January that the construction would commence in a week’s time, now you are saying in 2 months time and you refer to April which only a month away. WHICH IS WHICH? Anywhere you never mentioned which year it is.

  • Suppoter

    Sokwadlalwa ngabantu kakhulu that’s y people are pessimistic. Kodwa ke asazi may be this time around they will be fair. regarding employing locals from Bulawayo that its a challenge, How are they going to do that? Ask for proof of resident? Inzimake leyo, kodwa ke guys comment may be you can come up with solutions.

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    kwangani kuyaqanda nje okuyinto lokhu … umlaza nje!!
    akuzwakali, kuyaphephuka nje….
    but what’s the point; the secret to this seeming mbhedo?

  • Mixed Race

    Malls create jobs for the rich as they exploit more poor people.I would have been much happier if we were talking about a manufacturing company being built.This project will only give cheap temporary jobs for about two years.What happens after that? We go back to square one with these cheap vending and selling jobs.
    Check the Byo Centre Mall, it has only created very cheap and few jobs.Our priorities are misdirected for cheap political gains.We carry out projects which seemingly appease the masses for future votes not for real economic advancement.We do not need malls because we are poor for these white elephants useless projects.

    • Doctor Do little

      Well said. I wonder how long this is going to go on where those in power wake up from their slumber. I have seen stubborn people but these guys are the limit. As you rightly say Bulawayo does not need malls. The industrial structures albeit suffering neglect are still standing.We need improvement to services and priority should be given to more reliable supplies of Electricity water and transport and roads.Instead they concentrate on more white elephants. Sad….

    • Slam like Hamil B4 the scandal

      Very true and well said, would have been happier if they resuscitated all those now defunct manufacturing firms like O’ Conolly, Alpha Steel and the many companies along Khami Road.

      • Patrick Dube

        you do realise all those companies relied on Ziscosteel for their existence ..right?

  • nhamodzenyika

    You see the problem with black Africans will always be one: CORRUPTION, for those like the chronicle who don’t seem to understand journalism or rather investigative journalism will be quick to run such a farce of a story disguised as a job creation opportunity. TTPL is one of those black empowerment companies with close to zero credibility in such ventures done above board. I say this because, Gift Banda who is deputy mayor and TTPL director Otis Tshabalala ( who by the way isn’t a Tshabalala) but another disguise to throw people off, are old buddies. They speak of a tender process, these guys where offered the job long before it went to tender. Again, its the people of Bulawayo being taken for a ride and made to believe this will transform the city. You also hear that they will hand over the mall to the BCC once they have recovered their investment, this is 100 years later gentleman, again this is cause on that payroll you find City Council bosses who made this deal happen. Its beyond corrupt to mislead the people and people of bulawayo MUST demand a review on this issue and name the culprits behind such fraud. Has anyone seen the proposed images of what this so called Mall will look like? It is nothing like what quality Malls found in places like SA or Dubai look like. The budget alone tells you a lot $60mil for a Mall are you serious? There are some houses that costs more than that. The government must be called upon to explain this to the public and judging by our attitudes to corruption i see this farce going ahead anyway and only to be another white elephant down the road.

    • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

      A $60 million project ?? This company is not even listed on South Africa’s CIDB
      ( Construction Industry Development Board) database . So CIDB grading cannot be established to determine their financial capabilities & experience . What successfull projects have they done ? When was the invitation to tender advertised ? When was the tender closed ? Where is the tender box situated where bids where submitted ? When was the tender briefing held ? Which other companies tendered for this project ? What were the other bid amounts from other bidders ? Which 3 companies were shortlisted ? How were the shortlisted bids evaluated & other 2 disqualified ? S’funukwazi.

    • thulani

      Otis Ndoro from bulawayo, if the guy is able to lie about his identity how can he be trusted to deliver for anyone , let’s not be fooled by gold diggers.