Government serves nurses with dismissal letters

Dr Gerald Gwinji

Dr Gerald Gwinji

Paidamoyo Chipunza and Sibongile Maruta, Harare Bureau
Government has served nurses who disregarded its exhortation to return to work on Tuesday with dismissal letters, Health and Child Care permanent secretary Dr Gerald Gwinji has said.

In an interview with our Harare Bureau yesterday, Dr Gwinji said a number of the affected nurses were applying to rejoin the public health sector.

“We are also quite aware that as of today, many of those who participated in the industrial action turned up at their old workplaces inquiring as to how they can be taken back into the system.

“We are saying there are processes and procedures to that. They were served with their letters of dismissal but they can reapply,” said Dr Gwinji.

He said those applying for recruitment would be assessed for their commitment to serve.

“In that re-application, naturally there is going to be re-vetting of suitable and unsuitable cadres not only in terms of professional qualifications, but in terms of suitability to serve in the public sector considering what has been happening,” he said.

Dr Gwinji said institutions had also been directed to start the recruitment process on a first-come, first-served basis.

He appealed to those handling the administrative work to speed up the process to allow nurses to start their duties immediately.

Dr Gwinji said there were hiccups in the recruitment process on Thursday as officials were unsure of how to handle the applications.

“Quite a number (of nurses) have turned up at various institutions and we clarified the issue this morning (Friday) for them to go ahead and recruit,” said Dr Gwinji.

He said Government would continue recruiting until it filled all vacant posts.

“These nurses are already trained and qualified as far as we are concerned, but we know some of them might not have been practising, so they will undergo some orientation.

“However, many of them have been practising in the private sector, some on a part-time basis, but also others on a full-time basis and might want to come back to the public sector,” he said.

Zimbabwe Nurses’ Association (ZINA) secretary-general Mr Enock Dongo confirmed that some of their members had received dismissal letters.

“We are not yet sure of Government’s position because some of our members have received the dismissal letters but in some provinces, they have withdrawn the same,” he said.

Meanwhile, the fired nurses yesterday tried to conduct free health check-ups in Harare’s Africa Unity Square as part of a publicity stunt, but the response from the public was poor.

The gathering, which began at 1PM, dispersed soon after lunch.

Speaking to our Harare Bureau on condition of anonymity, one of the nurses appealed to Government to reconsider its decision.

“We are committed to our work and we still want to go back to work. We hope Government will reconsider its decision and allow us to go back to work because we care for our patients,” she said.

Nurses downed tools on Monday demanding a review of their remuneration and working conditions, but refused to take heed of Government’s call to return to work after they were given a commitment that authorities would attend to their grievances.

Before the dismissal, Government had availed US$17,1 million to cover the health workers’ allowances.

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  • Gatsheni

    Bloody gukurahundists, that’s all they know, we don’t need these bloood suckers from Zanu, vote them out as a matter of urgency. People strike for better conditions they are fired and other strike and they get a pay rise

    • Fogmaster

      Kuya ngokuthi ungubani. A nurse cannot apply the same pressure as a doctor. Dont think even if Mthwakazi becomes the ruling party these strikes will stop, they wont! Its time a ckear cut labour culture is cultivated than acede to blackmail politics. Nurses are essential services they cant go on strike and leave people to die not withstanding that people were already dying for various reasons but a nurse must stay there. We have a new gov’t that agrees the voice of nurses is the voice of God. However people must be conscious of the state of the economy post Mugabe the dictator. Democratization of the country is not an overnight activity there are checks and balances. So be patient we will get there either with this junta gov’t or another democratic gov’t.

      • mtshayazabhotshe

        i want to be so optimistic and believe you my country mate as i am a hopeful person but this ‘Command this command that ‘ approach to everything is denting my hopes.To me the army terminologies being used in all aspects of our existence makes me doubt the sincerity of this military self imposed junta that professes democratic values outwardly but doing the opposite with their actions!Yes nurses and doctors must approach their industrial strikes with caution as they are a pillar of public sustenance,but so is the police and everyone else!if it were the police or the army to strike will the same approach befall them?let us put ourselves in the nurses shoes sometimes before judging them from our position of strength.

        • Fogmaster

          If it were the police my friend, they would go what is called COURT MARTIAL. I am not objecting the nurses expressing their rights. I am against the timing. It’s a political timing which doesn’t auger well with the democratic processes the junta is bringing. It’s time we people of Zim be wise in our dealings within this period. Why agitate a military junta unless you want to bear the brunt of its actions? Our salvation is in voting them out not toy toying

        • Mthwakazi

          You again, has someone impregnated your wife for you??

          • House of Dimari

            Mthwakazi yours is actually Dunusaring for me right now .

  • Willy

    We will miss uncle Bob I tell you. Kunguye ngabe nurses have negotiated in good faith. Lapha madoda sibuswa ngodlame serious. If people can do this now going towards elections, what will happen after elections sebewinile since vele bezariga. Mugabe was better I tell you.

    • Fogmaster

      Mugabe would have printed more bond notes for you and that’s what you call better. You are so used to Bundu economics lajwayezwa kakhulu. Hlalani pansi liqale libone lingawalazeli njengaboKhamisa

    • Thabani and Getrude

      Kkkkkkk, Mugabe better?? This is his mercy afterwards 37yrs of misrule… Uyawumana ndoda. Kulomuntu obuka umbuso ka Mugabe? Ziyabezithanca.

      • Thabani and Getrude


    • Macdonald Chigubhu

      You will miss him not me. Start by increasing your maid’s salary then come here and say what you are saying. Having received some very poor service from these so called nurses, and considering the timing of the strike, they should go home and rethink

  • Concerned

    This is how ZANU PF does it’s things!You vote ZANU PF into power at your own risk!All they know is command agriculture, command healthcare, command civil servants,command price control, etc.With ZANU Pf in power Zimbabwe is doomed for good!Soldiers who use the command approach have taken up posts in strategic areas of govt using the Soviet command style.Mnangagwa is a puppet of the army I tell you.Come September people will cry after this useless party of thugs wins!


      Agreed. People are in for their biggest shock the next five years. Watch the space!

      Ever heard of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing?


    I think the only solution to the problem is for Dr Parirenyatwa to step down and VP Chiwenga to take a pay cut

    • Raven

      Its good that we see the true colours before we vote. i’ll gladly take the alternative.

  • Brutal Truth

    Mhata dziripanyanga.ungadzidii?

  • Vusumuzi Mlilo

    Gore rino totobaiwa DEPO tirivarume, under the new dispensation.

  • Sandura1

    Chiwenga must concentrate on his and wife’s camouflage bodies and leave Zimbabweans alone. Ambi kuzora. bharanzi.