Govt rejects MPs, chiefs’ vehicle requests

Minister Patrick Chinamasa

Minister Patrick Chinamasa

Auxilia Katongomara, Chronicle Reporter
GOVERNMENT has turned down requests to buy vehicles for ministers, MPs, chiefs and other top officials that would have cost the country over $300 million.

Finance and Economic Development Minister, Cde Patrick Chinamasa said this yesterday while presenting the 2018 national budget in Parliament.

He said a number of measures outlined in the budget mark a paradigm shift that represents movement towards a New Economic Order as first enunciated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa when he assumed office last month.

“As the country strives to mobilise funding for critical projects and programmes, it is imperative that we deploy the resources to priority areas that address the needs of the country in a cost effective manner. Treasury is in receipt of requests for procurement of utility and conditions of service vehicles amounting to $169 million broken down as follows: Parliamentary vehicles, $21 million; chiefs’ vehicles, $14 million, Independent Commissions, $9 million; Civil service members, including Ministers, $93 million; and utility vehicles, $32 million,” said Cde Chinamasa.

“Furthermore, requests for procurement of furniture for Government Ministries and Departments amount to over $50 million. Clearly, the fiscus cannot sustain the above demands, if we are to achieve the objectives towards a ‘New Economic Order’. Hence, the 2018 Budget took account of value for money and affordability as guiding principles in the allocation of resources, and is unable to provide for the above vehicle requests.”

The Minister said there are outstanding requests for condition of service vehicles in the public service amounting close to $140 million, which the economy in its state cannot afford.

“Currently, too many grades in the public service are provided with vehicles as a condition of service every five years, with the vehicles being licensed, insured, serviced and repaired at Government expense. The total outstanding request for condition of service vehicles is now close to $140 million, which the economy in its state cannot afford,” he said.

“Government, therefore, has reviewed the vehicle scheme as follows: permanent secretaries and equivalent grades, one personal issue vehicle; commissioners and equivalent grades, one vehicle; and principal directors, directors and deputy directors and their equivalents, vehicle loan scheme.”
Cde Chinamasa also said some ministries and Government departments are circumventing Treasury Order to suspend the purchase of vehicles by hiring from both the private sector and CMED.

The Minister said it is important to note that the cost of hiring one vehicle per month goes up to $8 000, translating to an annual charge of $96 000, which is adequate to buy a car.

“Treasury, will therefore, in the 2018 Budget institute commitment control measures that put a stop to this practice,” he added. — @AuxiliaK

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  • Msongelwa.

    Good move Mr Chinamasa politicians are earning better salaries too, I think they can afford to buy their own vehicles, we need infrastructure development especially in rural areas where majority people lives .

    • tanaka


  • Mthwakazi Wabantu

    If Mnangagwa continues to make the right judgement calls like this one, I will vote for Zanu PF. Forget MDC Alliance a bunch of selfish opportunists.

    • Njomane

      Am with you on this one

      • mbijana mbijana

        me too

    • Black Mambazo

      That is the silliness of Zimbabweans. You should not Vote for a particular Party but for the best candidate. That is why got in this mess.If everyone starts voting for their candidate because some one has removed benefits to chiefs that were not supposed to be there that is stupidity. For a country to have true democracy either way you need a strong opposition the check bad moves made by those that rule. You need a candidate that can go against his own party if they are not serving the interests of his constituents as a whole and the country at large. This new order is going in the right direction but they are far from convincing any straight thinking person that they are the real deal. MILES AWAY.

  • Tawanda

    Eish! So what will our chiefs say now?..don’t vote zanu pf

  • lord.jesuschrist

    very promising i hope its not all talk


    now you are talking

  • Dumakude

    As a Zimbabwean I want a dismantling of the system that disenfranchised Zimbabweans and made them poorer, if ED can make Zimbabweans better then let be it. Opposition has to come up with a better campaign to get the popular support

  • QB

    I still insist that ilizwi kaligcwalelwa mfula, nango uLimpopo ugcwele amazwi akho Chinamasa loMongameli uMnangagwa asemchaphile sesilinde lina lazo impahla zethu! Kanti nxa lisiphathele kambe semukela akwehluli lathi ukuthi sigcwalise amazwi ethu simfake u-X ngaphansi kwamagama enu.

  • me

    minicipalities are now giving solders atest of the curruption and looting entrepreneuers money …. we are in the same trajectory remember jomic was ruling all along and its aluta continua exept that police after attempting to arrest junta have been clept wings

  • Ijaha leNkabazwe

    Where can I get a ZANU-PF card?This is what we have been calling for

  • mataba

    zanu pf will never change whether it is under water, in space or land. just a move to capture myopic individuals and make them believe that they changed. Watch out for the coming elections. The soldiers whom you were dining with few weeks will be beating u thoroughly

  • Guest

    Zanu Pf you have earned my vote

  • Masuku Zikode oweBhelingwe

    Mina ngizakholwa ngokubona njengo Thomas.
    It is a good start, but we would want to see the implementation of this fiscal measures. We have had these promises, ZimAsset, what-have-yous, but we are still stuck in poverty and sickness. For me, I am not interested in vote-buying promises, I want to see and experience it in our life-time, real change and new Zimbabwe.
    Words are hollow without deeds. If Chinamasa thinks that his words alone are enough to earn my vote, khohlwa ndoda. Sifuna izenzo, hhayi amazwi.

  • tshayekhanda

    The budget is realistic n makes me feel rejuvenated…at least its a red flag for a strong political will. It sounds like the beginning of a new era. Thank you ED.For the record noone was taking advantage of RG. All the current economic, social & political mess on the ground reflects RG’s policy thrust. We point fingers at his subordinates just to protect his legacy & other contributions he in the war of liberation. Chinamasa as finance minister have been contradicted by RG to gain political milage at d expense of economic recovery. Former public service minister Mupfumiri fired youths & ghost workers only to b over-turned by Bob so that he makes his youth interface rallies relevent. Now i see why ED returned the old horses. They know whats good for Zim but were never given a chance for the past 37 years. People didnt believe Joice Mujuru when she spoke of reviving Zim. It seems Bob has been dictating bad policy and people would just do it! Bob used to what would u expect people under him to do? ED & others were sent to execute gukurahundi. So why dont we first direct questions to Bob? Yes participants should take responsibility. Mark my words ED might be a product of Bob but this guy means well..ECONOMICALLY, for Zim. Have u ever seen such a budget for since 2000?

    • Masvingo Zimuto


  • mt darwin

    Thanks very much Chinamasa, keep up the good work. You are spot on. They should buy their own vehicles using their own money.

  • Frank

    Buy some cheap Chinese [email protected] from your buddies, not from your hated western enemies!