Khupe dumps Chamisa; joins Mujuru

Thokozani Khupe

Thokozani Khupe

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
MDC-T vice pesident Dr Thokozani Khupe’s camp has broken away from the main party led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa, a development that will see the faction going for elections under the People’s Rainbow Coalition led by Dr Joice Mujuru.

Since the death of the party’s founding president Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC-T has been rocked by a power struggle pitting Dr Khupe and Adv Chamisa.

The differences have resulted in violent skirmishes and court challenges.

MDC-T’s national council and national executive confirmed Adv Chamisa as the party’s acting president following Tsvangirai’s death, but Dr Khupe insisted that constitutionally she was the party’s leader. She has demanded an extraordinary congress for the party to elect Tsvangirai’s successor.

Addressing a sizeable crowd during a rally at Bulawayo Amphitheatre yesterday, Dr Khupe said her camp was breaking away from Adv Chamisa-led group, but would retain the opposition party’s name.

Her camp also confirmed links to ex-Vice president Dr Mujuru who leads the National People’s Party which signed a pact with other small parties such as Zapu, Democratic Assembly for Reform and Empowerment (Dare) among others.

Dr Khupe who was accompanied by MDC-T national organising secretary, Mr Abednego Bhebhe and national party spokesperson, Mr Obert Gutu, said they were no longer pursuing the same democratic interests with Adv Chamisa’s grouping.

“We have come a long way with our colleagues. However, they seem to have taken a different path. A path which is against and does not respect the constitution. A path which does not respect democracy, a path which is violent, a path which discriminates on basis of ethnicity and a path which discriminates against women, who by the way are a majority, 54 percent of the voting population,” said Dr Khupe.

She said they will not be silenced by intimidation and violence.

“We will not stand with those who have opted to use violence, defy the constitution, discriminate, and go against the core values of the MDC. With a clear conscience, we are parting from these actions and we will continue to pursue the democratic project of taking the people of Zimbabwe to the promised lands,” she said.

Dr Khupe said the party will form an alliance with like-minded political formations.

“In this respect, we shall also pursue the formation of a holistic, viable and broad based grand coalition, of all progressive democratic political forces that will face Zanu-PF in the forthcoming harmonised elections. Today we boldly declare that we are the MDC-T and always shall remain the MDC-T,” said Dr Khupe.

In an interview, Mr Gutu said their outfit was going to join the People’s Rainbow Coalition.

“Absolutely the acting president was very clear, very unequivocal. She said that we are going to form a broad based coalition with other democratic forces, it’s a clear sign we are not going to be a one party band or a one woman, one man band,” said Mr Gutu.

Mr Bhebhe said yesterday’s rally was a demonstration that even the minority and the vulnerable had a voice.


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  • aussiemigrant

    Big mistake big lady, u r now acting and looking like zanu of looters, why team up with a party covered in blood…you lose

  • Cde Hondo

    What type of illegal stuff is this lady taking now. ,shame

  • msongelwa.

    Come elections I always insisted that Zanupf will win coz MDC is in state of decay, I can’t blame madam Khuphe for all this as she understands better the party policy of which she was supposed to be the acting president of the party.

    • zibulo

      if ZANU wins , sanction s will always be around. wake up slumberer

  • Sandura1

    She has lost it. If she believes she is legitimate, why not visit provinces campaigning like Chamisa and we see how many will attend and acknowledge her then we measure her popularity. If Chamisa is to send hooligans to disturb her, if popular there are always counter hooligans to back her. Politics is all about numbers Madam.

  • Simon Muziwendoda

    I suppose she had no choice. After being violently denied the top job . The question is why did Chamisa not wait for congress to ascend to the top job. With this confusion in the MDC parties I see ZANU-PF retaining power even without rigging. Not that I like the evil party but do Zimbabweans really have a choice. 121 opposition parties Nxaa!

    • N. Sithole

      Uyitshaye ekhanda. You have hit the nail in the head.

      • Tipeiwomasanzu Garaikokozvenyu

        Shamwari don’t forget ukuthi U Nelson Chamisa wazakhela olukhulu ugazi kubathandi bepolitiki kuleli ngokwazi kwakhe ukukulumisana nesizwe, ngendaba ezihlumeza uzulu.

    • Tipeiwomasanzu Garaikokozvenyu

      She had a choice, if UThokozani could prove ukuthi u Chamisa ubonakala enecala lokudlwengula umthetho we MDC okuyiyona i Constitution kumele abenesicelo sakhe sokudlulisa icala eNkantolo eNkulu Constitution Court.

      Zvakawoma izvi

      • Simon Muziwendoda

        Yini ndaba oka Chamisa esebenzisa udlame?Wesaban ukuya ku Congress ?Manje thina abanye sesibona I tribalism !!!Sad but true

  • Madala

    that’s the end of Khupe , lets go Chamisa usachaeuka muridzo , if you carry each and every sign posts you will not get your our democracy destination , we need vibrant people not those old useless baskets , Weshman Ncube will fill the gap , don’t worry woman will always perform like a woman and they will never lead us ; Khupe is too slow to match the situation on the ground ;

  • S B DUBE

    Its your democratic choice ( Khuphe , Gutu and others ) to part ways with people you dont agree with. Its the end of Chamisa. Poor fellow ….very charismatic but lacking in character.

    • Terabyte

      You wish !

  • malume Makhovula

    I wish Khuphe bad lucky any were she goes may the precious lord hear my prayer ..may KHUPHE fail until she see her own grave coming…may she never do anything and succed in life …..may she lose everything she has…..may she be in and out of hospital until all her brest are removed of cancer

    • Joy

      God does not grand your wishes, may be ask your father the Devil he is the one who can grand your wishes

    • musa

      what a wish!

      • Tipeiwomasanzu Garaikokozvenyu

        Anopenga uyo

        Mina akukho okuningi engingakuphawula ngeqembu le MDC-T ngoba bengivele ngingeyona ingxenye yalo. Owami umsebenzi wukumaketha u Zanu PF.

    • QB

      The ‘lord’ will hear your prayer but the Lord shall have mercy upon our sister.

  • zibulo

    she has made The Mother Of All Blunders . So the ZANU machinery of dis intergrating the MDC always when its election time is still well oiled ?? Remeber Welshman left at the same crucial time too, bought most probably, and wehen asked he said they wanted to fix MT for being a dictator. Now Khuphe & Co have “reason” to also bolt out, going to share bed with ZANU in disguise Mjuru . Vote splitting of the highest order !!!!! and do the general population in zim see this? Is this the work of the “missing millions” , being dangled to oppositions to splinter, and to also-rans to add numbers and split votes ? If The Opposition Party Leaders, all of them, if they do not see the REASON for going to elections as a coalition , they are not worth the salt they claim, because the challenge has been to remove ZANU,have a fresh start and Free The People from Tyranny . Maybe each Province should have its own Provincial Party as we seem to be dis united as a country-FEDERALISM !! am now tempted to vote Mthwakazi Liberation Front, arent you ???

    • N. Sithole

      You raise pertinent observations. Be that as it may, I wish to start by stating that Madam Khuphe has a democratic right to form or belong to a political grouping of her choice. The question perhaps is, “Does she stand a chance to dislodge MDC-T from Matabeleland? If history is anything to go by, I do not see her doing so. But will she have a huge chunk of votes? Yes, and those votes might cost MDC-T? The sad reality of our politics is that of self-ego among our politicians and this includes both Khuphe and Chamisa. There is also this mentality that ‘if I can’t have this toy, then nobody else should have it, it must be destroyed”. I am yet to understand why Madam Khuphe was so strongly opposed to a coalition in the first place. Sizoyicela isivuthiwe.

      • Tipeiwomasanzu Garaikokozvenyu

        SEKUQUBUKE ukungaboni ngaso linye phakathi komholi wezepolitiki uThokozani Khupe neqembu ayingxenye yalo, I MDC-T angasabonakali kulona. UThokozani Khupe usematasa nokujoyina u Mai Mujuru. Ukhupe uselilaxazile iqembu le MDC –T kodwa ke Inkinga wukuthi akusekho isikhathi esanele uma kukhona okumele ayokwenza ko Mai Mujuru, kanti nabo banezinhlelo zabo. Uthokozani wenzile iphutha ngalokhu ngakho thina bakwa Mthwakazi asizukumlandela uma engayazi indaba yakhe kupolitiki.

        Zvakawoma izvi vakomana

    • Dunderhead

      If Welshman was used before then it is highly likely he is being used again as part of the MDC alliance to deliver a win to Zanu and force a GNU.

      • zibulo

        i say he was because at that election , a combined vote for MDC then would have kicked ZANU ,and all our problems out , though ZANU would have done some thing drastic to stay in power. Welshman failed to gather even one seat but he was happy as he had thwarted MT from Seat No 1, a mandate he never consulted on and got from his supporters, no difference with MT then, right now plenty of them selllouts refusing to unite agains’t the enemy,knowing very well that they are splitting votes.

    • Simon Muziwendoda

      Blame Chamisa and his hooligans. Chamisa could have simply got the top job at a congress without beating up people and arm twisting the leadership to endorse him. He may be in the payment of the state security

  • Dunderhead

    Sebenza maKhuphe sidli mali. Focus on the goal do not mind what Zanu projects are saying. Mina labantwabami sizavotela ama council and parliament candidates akho. Ku President I am still weighing between Chamisa and Mujuru.

    • Tipeiwomasanzu Garaikokozvenyu

      Kuyamangaza ukuthi umholi weMDC-T u Thozani Khupe ngeke ancintisane no Nelson Chamisa engqungqutheleni yokukhetha ubuholi bale nhlangano. Kodwa usevele wabona ukuthi aduke nezwe ayebambana no Mai Mujuru we People’s Rainbow coalition.
      Kuyaxaka ukuthi u Thokozani Khupe ohlala ezigqaja ngokuba nentando yeningi ungumholi ongeke azifake phanzi komunye umuntu engqungqtheleni yokukhetha ubuholi.

      Zvakawoma izvi vakomana.

  • Vincent Notho

    Just to say the move is politically disgusting. When power becomes the end all.

  • simphiwe2

    Relationships are never smooth i agree, but knowing that you are on the verge of losing this one person you have known for so many yrs and shared so much with is not easy, we fought constantly with my husband over even the smallest of things,we started growing apart, i had so much resentment because i had found out that he is having an affair and he started even spending weekends apart, i was going to give up but my friend advised me to fight for my relationship because of my kids, tried changing and being a good wife but he did not care anymore and started even sleeping out, i visited mama Guguu a powerful traditional healer as my last resort,and it has never been the same again,she performed a special spell for me and gave me a love portion muthi,my relationship has never been happier. Don’t struggle silently call or whatsapp Mama Guguu on {+27715529472} she has same day solutions for marital,love, financial,business problems.

  • God of War

    Khupe does not have the numbers. She is joining Mujuru because she wants to run as an MP and retain her seat. If she ran for president herself, that would mean that she would lose the election and also her seat because you can’t run for both. She is an idiot but she is also practising her democratic right to be an idiot.

    • Gatsheni

      idiot nguwe mudli wembeba…usuthe amagundwane manje angithi.

      • God of War

        ibva apa mwana we hure. Mai vako muroyi who killed your father. Mgodoyi

        • zibulo

          his mother never killed his father, coz you dont know writer and he doesn’t know you . you used to post intelligently , but are easily provoked, bakithi, you are now vulgar and tribal

          • Keith

            Maybe he was pretending and hiding his true colours kwaaaks

          • God of War

            I’m easily provoked by people who comment rubbish.

  • Wellington

    all the same zanu will still rig elections mafia style

  • magedleni masilo

    Khupe should challenge Chamisa in court for leadership of the MDC. If she loses she should accept the deputy position and enjoy the money quietly. Mujuru is worse than Chamisa, she is too power hungry. Remember Mujuru refused to join Tsvangirai for fear of being swallowed and she does not want to see anyone with a big mouth. Khupe register your own party but the court process is better because you are senior to Chamisa

    • Terabyte

      We will fire her,how can she be Vice again after all this drama, be realistic.

  • Mgandane KaMagwegwe

    MDC T is tribalistic. I believe no matter how Mthwakazi hated Zanu Pf, Mugabe made sure Matabeleland was led Matabele people as it is in Mashonaland unlike what we are seeing happening at MDC-T. If you take a look at all matabeleland provinces are now infested with shonas be it in city or town councils, MPs and Senators and that is why there is decandance of our mother languages. UMthwakazi has come to eradicate lobubumbulu, we cannot have Chigoras, Matengus,Shokos my foot.

    • Vhudzidyena

      Yes, thats true because Zimbabwe is not Zulu nation.

    • Thandi


    • Tatenda Nyan’ombe

      am from st marys chitungwiza. our MP is one Khumalo who hails from Matebeleland but resident in chitungwiza.

    • Simon Muziwendoda

      Let us not see tribalism everywhere:politicians irrespective of tribe make mistakes. This is a huge mistake that Chamisa and his hangers on are doing.. I put it to you for an example that Gukurahundi was not about eliminating a tribe the Ndeble but destroying a party PF(ZAPU) in the quest for a one-party state by that idiot who has gone bonkers

  • Wikinerri

    Khupe was right in terms of the constitution but in practical terms she couldn’t stand against ED. She was going to be defeated even by Makoni’s Mavambo party

  • Roscoe

    She needn’t stoop that low, sharing the bed with that harlot Mujuru….

  • Simon Muziwendoda

    If MDC-Chamisa wins I will quit my job in RSA , sell my houses and come live in Bulawayo!!!And eat my laptop for good measure!!

    • Terabyte

      You are not in touch with whats happening on the ground,Chamisa aenda nechinhu.

      • Simon Muziwendoda

        If he wins THAT WILL BE GREAT! We need a young man to take us out of the hole Robert Mugabe dug for us.Yes I am in RSA relying on what I read so I may not be in touch but the odds are against him. I don’t think people condone the violence we saw being visited upon Khupe and the other people

        • Republica

          Believe me she her departure is a non event,people are not easily misled.Khupe has a handful of tribal extremists to rely on but they will not suffice to give her a single seat.