Killer pastor hacks family . . . Suicide after wife, daughter ‘slaughter’

The Kwekwe factory where Lazarus Dube allegedly killed his wife and stepdaughter on Monday

The Kwekwe factory where Lazarus Dube allegedly killed his wife and stepdaughter on Monday

Patrick Chitumba Midlands Bureau Chief
A PASTOR based in Kwekwe allegedly axed his wife and stepdaughter to death before hanging himself in a bush following a misunderstanding over infidelity.

Lazarus Dube, 44, brutally axed his wife Lucy, and stepdaughter Mary, 18, on Monday at around 9AM.

He allegedly committed the gruesome crime in his staff house at Sirmic Enterprises, industrial site. Dube allegedly accused his wife and stepdaughter of being prostitutes before chopping them up.

He called his uncle Nickels Sibanda barely 30 minutes after the murder, telling him he had killed his family.

Sibanda who travelled from Insiza to Kwekwe told The Chronicle at Kwekwe Police Station that his nephew, a pastor with an Apostolic Sect based in Mbizo 18, told him he killed his family because they refused to repent from prostitution.

“I can confirm that my nephew axed to death his wife and step daughter on Monday morning accusing them of being prostitutes,” he said.

“I was in Insiza when my nephew called me. He told me that he had killed them because they were involved with many men. He said he had asked them to repent but they had refused to listen to him and continued being promiscuous.”

He said he received Dube’s call on Monday at around 9.30AM.

Sibanda said he asked Dube to go and report the matter to the police.

He said his nephew told him that he was going to commit suicide behind his employer’s premises, Sirmic Enterprises.

Sibanda said as he attempted to talk him out of committing suicide, Dube hung up on him.

“I went to Mbembesi Police Station and told them about my conversation with my nephew. The police called Kwekwe Central Police Station. My nephew’s body and those of his daughter and wife were then discovered by the police,” he said.

A distraught Sibanda said they were going to bury the bodies in Kwekwe today.

“We’ve no money to take our nephew to our rural home. So we’re burying him here. He was a quiet person and I’m shocked by what has happened,” said Sibanda.

“My nephew grew up in Lochard and moved to Gweru where he married his first wife who passed on. He them moved to Kwekwe where he married the second wife that he has murdered,” he said.

Sirmic Enterprises manager, Edmore Gomera said Dube was a caretaker living in the staff quarters.

“It’s unfortunate that he killed his daughter and wife at our premises. He then hanged himself near our company,” said Gomera.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko said:

“We received a sudden death case in Kwekwe involving three family members.”

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  • fabiene montoya

    True that, but judging by how it has been reported, it’s stated that the pastor has been begging them for a while now, to repent from their ways but still they were ignoring his advice.

  • Quadro

    It goes to show that many of our new and modern Churches Pastors are not called to Ministry but invite themselves to Ministry.If they were called they would know the value of patience and persistence in converting sinners.When a man takes a life that God gave he defies the God he serves and as such it brings the whole question of calling in the picture.

  • trina

    If they had known they would not have put themselves in such a dangerous situation, at times for the love of the title MRS you pay dearly for it, l would rather remain unattached