‘Man, 60, puts girl, 8, through sickening sex attack’

Melody Baya Court Reporter
A 60-YEAR-OLD Bulawayo man has been arrested for anally raping his ex-wife’s eight-year-old daughter on three occasions last month.

Prosecutors say a medical report will be produced in court to prove that the man abused the girl both ways; forcibly having anal sex with her after each time he had penetrated her privates.

The crime came to light on January 4 after the girl’s brother told his aunt that at one time, the assailant, who we cannot name to protect his victim but of Old Pumula, went with the girl into his house after ordering him to stand at the gate.

The man who is facing three counts of rape pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Provincial Magistrate Abednico Ndebele. He was remanded in custody to January 20 for trial.

He told the court that his ex-wife was framing him to fix him for terminating their relationship of 15 years.

“My ex-wife made up all these lies against me. I don’t know anything about these rape allegations,” he said.

“She wanted us to work things out after our marriage of 15 years fell apart but I told her that I had already moved on with another woman. So I told her that we couldn’t get back together and for that reason she’s bitter as hell.”

Prosecuting, Maria John told the court that in December 2015, on an unknown date at around 1PM the girl was sent to Old Pumula “C” shopping centre to buy some meat.

“While at the shopping centre the complainant met the accused person who held her by the hand and took her to his place of residence. Upon arrival he lifted the complainant onto his bed and he ordered her to remove her clothes,” said John.

“The complainant removed her clothes and the accused person had sexual and anal intercourse with her. After the act, the accused person gave the complainant a bucket of water and ordered her to wash herself. The complainant left and went home but she didn’t inform anyone.”

The prosecutor told the court that during the same month the girl again met the suspect at the same shops and took her to his residence and raped her.

“The accused met the girl at the shops in Old Pumula and took her to his house where he removed her clothes and had sexual and anal intercourse with the girl,” said John.

He is said to have met the eight-year-old again while she was in the company of her brother and took her to his house.

“The accused then took the girl and her brother to his house and upon arrival the accused person ordered the brother to remain at the gate and went with the complainant inside the house,” said John.

“Inside the house the accused person removed the complainant’s clothes and had sexual and anal intercourse with her. After the act the complainant left together with her brother she had left at the gate.”

The prosecutor said a medical report can be produced before the court as an exhibit.

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  • Sipho

    This is disgusting to say the least. Can the reporter please let us know if this was his real daughter or step daughter. It says the girl is 8 years old but the man had been in love with the girl’s mother for 15 years. Yet the reporter just says that the girl was his ex-wife’s daughter meaning that the mother conceived her with another man whilst married to this sick man!!

    • Junini

      How old is the man? 60 – 8 = 52. 52-15 = 37. So the probability that the child is not his is very high and possible

  • Doctor Do little

    I see what you mean. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Ednot

    WHOW These northerners. Thanks Dabu.

  • Kongo

    The man was neutralizing the ever stupid TONDE. There is more of this happening in the Capital than in Bulawayo. But then there is no excuse. Bulawayo is less populated SO DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT THIS IS A countrywide phenomenon.