Man breaks mother’s arm over food

Sukulwenkosi Dube Plumtree Correspondent
A MAN broke his mother’s arm for not leaving him food. Gideon Sibanda, 29, of Bango in Mangwe district, viciously attacked Mavu Mathe, 67, with a log until she fractured her arm, a Plumtree magistrate heard.He showed no remorse as he was charged with assault.

“I don’t know what got into her on that day, but she knows very well not to delay     with my food,” Sibanda told a stunned  court.
“I’m sure that she didn’t leave food  for me on purpose. She just wanted to spite me. Well, she got what was coming her way.”

Magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa, after listening to Sibanda, ordered him to be checked for a mental illness under the Mental Health Act as he remanded him to March 17.

The court heard how Sibanda arrived  home at about 10PM on February 14 after a night of heavy drinking at Mambale Shopping Centre and found his mother asleep in her hut.

He woke her up and demanded food, but she told him there was none left.

Furious, Sibanda stepped outside the hut and retrieved a pick handle and launched into a vicious attack on his mother, who tried to block the blows with her arms.

Prosecuting, Elisha Mazorodze said Mathe suffered a broken arm and needed hospital treatment after the attack.

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