MDC-T IN QUANDRY. . . As Nomination Court sits

Mr Nelson Chamisa

Mr Nelson Chamisa

Felex Share, Harare Bureau
ASPIRING candidates from several political parties have started submitting their nomination papers to the Zimbabwe Election Commission, amid reports of serious bickering within MDC Alliance, as MDC-T supporters refuse to recognise nominees fielded on behalf of the alliance.

Candidates are lodging their papers with Zec in a pre-nomination exercise to avoid a last minute rush tomorrow when nomination courts sit in various provincial capitals to approve contestants for the July 30 harmonised election.

The nomination court, which qualifies or disqualifies candidates to contest in an election, sits at a time MDC-T factions are fighting court battles over party ownership, name, symbols and logos.

Campaign material being used by Mr Nelson Chamisa and Dr Thokozoni Khupe’s factions bear the same symbols and logos, leaving party supporters confused.

With only a day to go before the nomination court sits, information gathered by our Harare Bureau showed that MDC-T members and their prospective candidates are reluctant to create space for aspirants from alliance partners.

Mr Chamisa leads the alliance, which is a coalition of seven fringe political parties.

The parties are People’s Democratic Party led by Mr Tendai Biti; MDC (Professor Welshman Ncube); Transform Zimbabwe (Mr Jacob Ngarivhume); Zanu-Ndonga (Mr Denford Musiyarira); Multi-Racial Christian Democratic Party (Mr Mathias Guchutu) and Zimbabwe People First (Mr Agrippa Mutambara).
Zanu-PF yesterday said it had finalised its list of candidates at all levels.

“We have started our nomination process and people are filing their papers with Zec across the country,” the revolutionary party’s secretary for legal affairs Cde Paul Mangwana said.

“So far I have not heard of any challenges and by the end of the day we will be making an evaluation to see how many have successfully filed their nomination papers. We have done this days before the nomination court sits to deal with any operational challenges on time.”

Zanu-PF will field President Mnangagwa as its presidential candidate.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Prof Ncube said they were still to finalise their list of candidates.

Thokozani Khuphe

Thokozani Khuphe

“We are working on the nomination forms as we speak in the hope that we will be able to advance-file them to Zec before the end of day, at least the ones for parliamentary elections,” he said.

“As for the local government elections, the candidates for Parliament are working with local government candidates to make sure all their papers are in order for submission at the relevant local government nomination courts on Thursday.

“All the candidates are there. It is just a question of working on the papers.”

Bickering in the alliance is rife in various provinces including Harare, Matabeleland South, Masvingo and Manicaland.

MDC-T supporters are resisting imposition of candidates from alliance partners and demonstrations and petitions are the order of the day in places such as Chimanimani, where party supporters are rejecting former Energy and Power Development deputy Minister Munacho Mutezo as their MDC Alliance parliamentary candidate.

Mr Mutezo is from ZimPF, and MDC-T members prefer local businessman, Mr Canaan Matiashe.

In Matabeleland South, power hungry MDC-T officials left out in the parliamentary race are now working on derailing the coalition.

They want seats allocated to Prof Ncube’s MDC.

In Masvingo, nomadic politician Mr Kudakwashe Bhasikiti is facing resistance from the MDC-T in Mwenezi East where he was fielded as a candidate for the alliance. MDC-T provincial chairperson for Masvingo, Mr James Gumbi, has reportedly resigned because of the infighting.  Insiders said Mr Gumbi is against the imposition of Mr Bhasikiti whom he said worked against the MDC-T since its formation in 1999.

In Harare, supporters in Glen View South have petitioned Mr Chamisa over the imposition of Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s daughter Vimbai, as the constituency’s representative.

In Harare Central, MDC-T supporters are clamouring for primary elections, as opposed to the imposition of Mr Murisi Zvizwai, with the situation not clear on who will represent the party in Kuwadzana East between Mr Chalton Hwende and youth activist Mr Shakespeare Mukoyi.

Mr Chamisa is the legislator for Kuwadzana East, but supporters have been pissed off by his attempts to impose his friend Mr Hwende to succeed him.

The MDC-T led by Dr Khupe said they were working on their list of representatives.

“We are fielding candidates at all levels from Zambezi to Limpopo,” said Dr Khupe’s deputy, Mr Obert Gutu. “It has been hectic, but we are on it.”

Dr Joice Mujuru-led National People’s Party (NPP) could not be reached for comment, as her assistants said she was busy. Zimbabwe Development Party (ZDP) and the Voice of the People (VOP) said they were no longer contesting the elections.

They said the elections would not be free and fair because of “numerous electoral practices.”

“The outcome of these elections won’t be a reflection of the true will of the people of Zimbabwe, but of the manipulated, hoodwinked, suppressed and helpless electorate,” reads a joint statement by the party’s leader Mr Kisinoti Mukwazhe (ZDP) and Mr Moreprecision Muzadzi (VOP).

“Observer missions like Sadc and Comesa have already indicated that elections will be free, fair and credible without mentioning grievances and ignoring concerns raised by most political stakeholders.”

Mr Mukwazhe and Mr Muzadzi recently approached the constitutional court seeking to be considered for funding under the Political Parties (Finance) Act, despite the fact that they did not qualify.

Chief Justice Luke Malaba dismissed the application, saying a political party was not an income generating project, hence upstart political outfits should not burden the courts with claims of a share from the election campaign fund awarded in terms of the Act.

According to Zec’s election roadmap, the electoral body has appointed constituency election officers and was yesterday busy holding nomination court training and set up.

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  • Vumani

    This Khupe & Gutu faction are a distraction one wonders how she will be able to meet ZECs criteria of having nominations from 10 provinces it gives credence that this lot a a paid ZANU project who exist to create confusion amongst potential voters. Their irrationality vindictiveness and incongruous presentation to reality only serves as nothing but an impediment to a national transformational agenda. Thokozani Khupe and Obert Gutu are not popular with the electorate they should do themselves and their handlers a favour and desist from creating an unnecessary farce the financiers ZANU will only dispose of them in the near future.

    • zibulo

      so does MDC Ncube welshman. why is it that at the other election where MDC could have toppled ZANU , it was Ncube , from Mthwakazi a region that has suffered so much from ZANU ills, and now it seems another Matebele MaKhuphe is at it again ? uMthwakazi akazange abe labathengisi, kwaqala ngabobaba ababekuZAPU abaya kuZANU bodwa betshiya abantu dengwane. these minor parties are not really for the interest of People, they just want to be there for selfish reasons, like those in MCD-Ncube, why are they in a party that decided to give ZANU another term back then ,instead of allowing CHANGE to come to Zim as a whole ? we would not be in the mess if they had the country at heart. Esp thina koMthwakazi we have to support any organization that has the capacity to remove ZANU,so that we have an opportunity to BRING THEM TO BOOK FOR THEIR SINS MDC Ncube must do what is right

      • S B Dube

        You need help. You cannot impose your choice party on other pple who believe in so-called small parties. What makes you think your choice party needs the blessings of Khuphe and Welshman’s parties to unseat ZANU_PF ???? Are you not overating ZANU_PF or admitting that ZANU_PF is more popular than your MDC

        • zibulo

          by splitting from MDC back then , bathengisa ngathi abe MDC Ncube. as one ,MDC would have unseated ZANU then, and lawe you would not be on me about multi-partyism, which wont help remove the elephant in the room. ZANU uses all means to stay in power, even wena you seem to be “captured”too. dont you need a change of governance ? dont you need to have a LIFE ?? U busy on my case yet i speak about freedom and real life, not this 37 years of slavery esiyiphilayo. maybe awungizwa ukuthi ngithini, dont post hastely , qala ufunde udle amathambo awengqondo. Those who insult abanye here are usually irrational, ZANU-minded. like uyise uMgabe owayedelela amanye ama leaders, lawe uyadelela, i do need help , to get out of the mess we are in but we have to hold each others’ hands

    • silungisn

      You so stupid. a call a Political Led Miss Thokozani Khuphe a distraction. ..that is Nonsense. utters rubbish. .

  • Major Musango

    All this confusion is all but in the ZANU PF controlled media …. Go Hang! Chamisa for President!

  • S B Dube

    The rigging of the 2018 election might be in allowing Khuphe’s and Chamisa’s parties plus disgruntled alliance candidates to use the same names and symbols so that there are multiple candidates with similar party name and symbol to confuse voters to their advantage

  • Bakwena

    Khuphe is real practising political witchcraft upon the Gukurahundi orphans and widows ,wait till after elections and see what suffering she will have psychologically.